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Angelic Reiki Course - Practitioner Level with Monica Fizelle

Angelic Reiki Course (Practitioner Level) Workshop 3 with Monica Fizelle
3 days (non-residential)

Day 1 - Sunday, 18th of February 2018 - Practical components of setting up as a practitioner.

Day 2  & 3 - Saturday 3rd of March & Sunday 3rd and 4th of March 2018.

About Monica: Monica Fizelle, originally from Ireland, grew up believing in Angels and has always been intuitive. However, her healing and psychic gifts were not apparent to her till later in life after spending many years working in the United States where Monica started on her journey into the spiritual world and found her true purpose in life. She is Clairsentient, Clairvoyant and Clairaudient and a qualified Angelic Reiki Master teacher and healer. She is also a practitioner in other healing modalities: Atlantean Healing, Divine I AM transmission and Precious Wisdom.

Professional Practitioner Level (Workshop 3)

Duration: This workshop is taught in two parts and covers both the further attunements needed to qualify as a professional practitioner, plus the practicalities of setting up your business.

Part 1 covers aspects of advanced healing, including the causes of disease, and focuses on the spiritual principles underpinning Angelic Reiki as a healing modality.  It includes 2 attunements, and 2 new healing methods. As such, Part 1 attracts not just those who wish to operate as a professional practitioner, but also those wishing to advance their knowledge, understanding and usage of Angelic Reiki on a personal level and in connection with family and friends.

Part 2 covers the practical and spiritual issues involved in working as a healer. Anyone who is already an experienced professional practitioner in another holistic/complementary therapy can apply for exemption from this part.
Certificates are only awarded when an agreement to embrace the Code of Ethics has been signed; this confers status as a Registered Angelic Reiki Practitioner.