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A brief guide to palmistry

Palmistry is the art of reading the shape of the hand and the lines on the palm to understand more about who you are and where you’re headed in life. It’s not about fortune-telling, but more about developing self-awareness and shaping our own fate and future. We all possess different energies, and the palm of the hand provides a map that shows us which way these energies flow.

For right handed people it is the lines on the left hand that indicate character traits, personality, and destiny, while the right hand shows the direction that a person’s life has already taken. The opposite applies for those who are left handed.

The major lines

The palm of your hand has three major lines – the life line, the heart line, and the head line. The image below demonstrates where each line typically sits on the palm:

Palm lines diagram

The minor lines

There are also a number of secondary lines on the palm that can reveal things about you such as talents, interests, strengths, and weaknesses. Minor lines can cross over mounts and bumps on the hand, and can appear very faint, or may not be apparent at all. If they do appear then they offer a greater insight into the person.

The mounts

The bumps of flesh on the palm of the hand are known as mounts in palmistry, and they play an important role in palm reading. Mounts are related to the influences of the planets, and tell us a lot about our physical and emotional selves. The palm has seven mounts that coincide with the sun, moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, and Saturn.

The markings

Markings on the palm symbolise positive or negative interruptions and blockages in the normal flow of the lines, mounts, and fingers. Palm markings can indicate warnings of things like difficulties in life, separations, trauma, and health problems. Some markings may indicate problem resolution, healing, and recovery too. The meanings of each marking are dependent upon their location on the hand, either enhancing or diminishing the energies from their location.

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