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The many uses of Essential Oils

The benefits of aromatherapy

For thousands of years essential oils have been used by many cultures for their copious healing properties, their benefits being abundant. Due to more and more people seeking alternative, holistic therapies over western medicine in recent years, the popularity of aromatherapy has increased rapidly.

Due to their calming, antibacterial, detoxifying and antidepressant properties and the vast range out there, essential oils are used for many different things. They can be used for massages, to inhale, for topical application or even just an addition to your bath water to spruce things up a bit.

Many have even taken to making their own oil blends to use on pulse points to calm or uplift or even as a perfume, also certain blends can be applied to the face. Each essential oil has its own properties, for instance Frankincense is used for its antianxiety, anti-stress, anti-aging and arthritis relief benefits, Lavender for its antiseptic, calming and antiviral properties…. and so on 

A good book to help you create fabulous blends for all sort of uses is “The Frangrant Pharmacy” by Valerie Ann  Worwood, we always keep a few copies in our shop.

Use a carrier oil as a base to ensure no irritability is caused when applying it to your skin; as a rule of thumb you can use around three drops for every teaspoon of carrier oil when making a blend for application onto pulse points or face and also for making massage oil. There are many different carrier oils available such as sweet almond, peach kernel, apricot kernel, jojoba, grapeseed, hemp and avocado, some of these are more suitable for the face and some for the body. In our store we can advise you of which ones are best for your intended use.

Magical Use of Essential Oils

Aromas can evoke memories, trigger emotions and give you inspiration. Incorporate aromas in your meditation. They can be particularly useful in visualization work and when setting intentions. As you inhale the scents you give form to your goals and images. Whenever you smell that scent again you will remember and fortify your intention. This is how magic works! Make sure your intentions are pure and are always for the good of everyone involved.   

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