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Top four psychic myths

When you think of psychics what thoughts immediately spring to mind? If you know nothing about the subject area your mind could easily wander and quite wrongly interpret misconceptions about people that have the ability to connect with your spirit guide. We’ve listed a few misunderstandings about psychics in our next blog just to set the record straight.

Psychics are mind readers

Actually this is nothing like the truth. They can’t read your mind like a book the moment you make contact with them, they don’t know what you are thinking but they can detect how you are feeling and they have the ability to contact your spiritual guide to find out key information.

Psychics are always ‘switched on’

Again this is a common and wrong belief. Psychics don’t walk around listening to strange voices in their head, they tune in when the moment is appropriate, conduct readings for clients then tune out again afterwards. Tuning in and out at the right time helps to keep a psychic sane!

Psychics map out your life

Don’t expect to visit a psychic and walk away with your life mapped out in front of you. Psychics read your current circumstances, they can sneak a peek into your past and they can generally give you an idea of where you might be heading in the future. Remember though, you have the power to make changes to prevent things from happening, a psychic merely provides you with the details and they leave it to you to steer the right path.  

Psychics simply ‘read you’

That’s not the case either. Sure, there are plenty of sceptics around that believe psychics are simply good readers of people but you’ll know when you visit a genuine person who has the ability to contact your spirit guide. They tell you things that other people can’t, the information is personal and there’s no way they could know the details without some other influence revealing the details.

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