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Common signs that angels are around

Do you believe in angels? If so, you are one of many people that believe a guardian is looking over them. Certain signs and symbols are attributed to the presence of angels, learn a little more about the signals and there’s a good chance you’ll be able to tell when an angelic presence is around. We’ll explore the common angel signs in our latest blog, look around you in the future and see if you can see any of these symbols.


Ever wondered where the expression ‘pennies from heaven’ comes from? There’s a strong belief by people who believe in angels that lost pennies are no coincidence.  If you find a penny it’s a symbol of good luck, it normally lightens your mood, this is an angel’s way of cheering you up!

White feather

Find a white feather or see one fluttering towards you in the breeze and this is another symbol that an angel has visited you. Believed to have fallen from the angel’s wings, a white feather is reassurance from your spiritual guardian, they’re just letting you know they’re around and watching over you.


Do you see sparkles of light shimmering on water, in the air, or perhaps you have captured a sparkling light source on film? This could be another indication that an angel is close by, the messages are from angels and they want to tell you they are helping you through a difficult patch.

Soft touches

Ever felt like something has just brushed against you when really there was nothing there? This could be an angel, making their presence felt, a subtle brush against the skin is their way of telling you they are there and all is well.

Experience one of these symbols or spot ALL of these signs in one day and you should feel blessed, an angel is looking after you and protecting you from harm.

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