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Emotional cord cutting and how to move on after a relationship

Everybody goes through heartbreak at some point in their life and people often say, if you haven’t had your heart broken at least once, you haven’t really experienced love.

That’s scant consolation for anyone that’s trying to recover from a relationship though, simply severing the emotional attachment can seem like an impossible mission.

Emotional cord cutting is a good healing process, this is one of the services we provide at Stepping Stones Greenwich, it’s a productive way to repair the energetic body and leave you free to love again.

Plus there are other self-help ways to move on from a relationship, as well as working with a healer, try these ideas if it feels like you are clinging onto the past.

Find support from friends

A breakup is the time you need all your friends around you, under no circumstances try to deal with this alone. Hopefully your pals will be able to read the signs, they’ll know when you need company and when it’s best to leave you alone. Arrange a night out or a night in with pizza and wine/beers, get your mates around, they’ll make you laugh, you can shed a few tears and with their help you will get through this.

Have a clear out

Don’t hang onto personal items for sentimental value, there’s no point crying into one of their old cardigans until the wee small hours, this isn’t going to bring them back. Sadly you have to face facts, the sooner you can accept they’re gone for good the faster the healing process begins. It’ll be tough but box up all the stuff they have left behind, get your ex to collect it, or drop it at a neutral place if you can’t face seeing them again.

Alternatively if they don’t want their things back, donate it to charity and some good can come out of your breakup.

Join a gym

Put your heartache into a workout, get fit, tone your body and feel better about yourself. Join a gym and it’s a good way to meet new people, plus you never know where this might lead! Working out helps to take your mind off recent events and it gets you out of the house for a few hours each week. See if a buddy wants to join the gym with you, at least you’ll be doing something positive instead of moping around the house.

Go on holiday

A little time away will do you the power of good after a breakup, catch some sun and visit somewhere you’ve always wanted to go. Book a break with pals and it gives you the chance to let off a little steam without worrying about commitments. Top up your tan and it’s a real tonic, if you still feel like you need to cut the cord when you land back into the country, make an appointment with one our healers and reap the benefits of an emotional cord cutting process.

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