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Consult Psychics in London

Stepping Stones is one of the oldest and most established London psychic shops. Since 1993 we have offered quality mediums, clairvoyants, Tarot card readers and healing in a friendly and magical environment.

Situated in one of London’s best locations, our online psychic store offers everything you need for psychic protection, psychic clearance and magic tools for attracting love and prosperity.

Open 7 Days a Week

Our Mediums, Clairvoyants and Psychic Readers are on site seven days a week to give you answers and advice on relationships, love, career and finance. If you’re looking for Mediums in London, Clairvoyant London or Psychic London, Stepping Stones offers many choices.

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After your psychic reading you can chose to purchase remedies as advised by your Medium or Psychic such as healing crystals, jewelry, pendulums, smudge sticks, magic candles, angel and fairy figurines and more.

We stock a large selection of books on psychic development, psychic protection, meditation and angels. We also stock oracle cards, tarot cards, tarot books and CDs. If you are interested in becoming a Medium or Psychic yourself, this is the place where you can find material, inspiration and guidance.

Free Advice

There is always someone on site you can talk to if you don’t know which service or product to choose. Our receptionists are experienced in most aspects of spirituality and psychic matters and are always happy to advise you on our products or direct you to the right psychic or medium service.

Our Location

Our Greenwich location is easy to reach. From central London trains run from London Charing Cross or London Bridge station. Although situated in Greenwich, our nearest train station is Maze Hill which is literally two minutes walk from us. Alternatively you can arrive to Greenwich by DLR and walk down the river bank to get to us in about 15 or 20 minutes.

Email and Telephone Readings

If you live outside London or you can’t find the time to come to Greenwich, we offer psychic and clairvoyant or medium and clairvoyant readings by telephone. Telephone readings are just as good as face to face ones and there are no huge telephone bills to pay. By using our FREE LANDLINE OR MOBILE PHONE NUMBERS, you pay a fixed price for the reading without any phone charges!


What our customers say

Ros's photo I have been going to see psychic readers for years but this is the best reading I have ever had. Ros is an amazingly gifted psychic and clairvoyant. 08.12.14

S.A. (psychics - Ros)

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More Law of Attraction Workshops 2018

Law of Attraction Workshops 

“Happiness is Choice”

Workshop 1: Saturday August 11th
Workshop 2: Saturday September 8th

10am-2pm, Fee £60 per workshop

To book online follow this link:

If you have any questions regarding these workshops please call 0800 1601061 or email

What is the Law of Attraction
The Law of Attraction, also called The Law of Resonance, is a law of energy. It is based on the simple principle of ‘like attracts like’. Everything around us is made of energy. Our physical world, is made of energy. Even we, including our thoughts & emotions, are energy.

What to expect from the workshops:
• Meditation
• Law Of Attraction Teaching
• Writing exercises 
• Chakra Sound Meditation
• Sharing & Discussion

Workshop 1 is an introduction to the LOA teachings, with a combination of LOA theory and practical exercises.
Workshop 2 is a follow-on from workshop 1, with more focus on practical exercises and a deeper understanding of the LOA principles. Both include a powerful Chakra-Cleansing Sound Meditation to help us raise our vibrations and align with our goals and desires.

Suitable for first-timers or those wanting to refresh their practice.
No previous experience required.

More info & bookings: