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Reiki, Spiritual Healing, or Emotional Cord Cutting by Zoom or Whatsapp video

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Spiritual Healing is an energy that is channelled through one person to another, the Source is not that  of the Healer but it is Pure Universal Energy channelled by the Healer. It does not replace orthodox medicine, but complements it. It is neither prescriptive nor diagnostic. Healing embraces all religions and none, there is no need to have faith in anything other than yourself to feel the benefit from a session.

What does Spiritual Healing mean?

Spiritual Healing represents how we are not limited to space and time. We may be in physical bodies, but we are still spiritual beings with a mind and soul that defines us more than our height or our weight. This is why it is important to keep our spirit in good health, in the same way we might count calories or limit sugar.

Psychologists call this type of healing “non-rational”, but that does not mean Spiritual Healing is not effective. In fact, there are several scientific studies that prove this is a legitimate practice with legitimate results. For more information, we would recommend looking at this paper titled “Meditation, Prayer and Spiritual Healing: The Evidence” by Marilyn Schlitz, PhD. In short, it supports in detail and with reference to other studies, that biological systems can indeed be affected by consciousness; whether it is the consciousness of us affecting our own physical health, or the consciousness of one person affecting the physical health of another.

How does Spiritual Healing work?

Energy levels are easily depleted when you are tired, stressed or ill. In life, this pain may be all too familiar to us as we can often forget to love and care for ourselves as much as we do others. By receiving healing from a trained person however, your own healing process can be stimulated and a healer can help restore balance to your life.

The act of Spiritual Healing requires, first, a faith in the person wanting to be healed. This is not a religious faith, and instead simply faith in the healing itself. One cannot enter a home with closed doors, and energy cannot enter a being with a closed mind.

Once the correct mindset has been established, a trained healer will act as a conduit for the energy. By using the chakra points in the palms, a healer can channel positive energy from the world the Universe and pass it into anyone, bringing balance to their chakras as a result and thus stimulating their own healing.

You can scroll further down to see testimonials from people that have used our Spiritual Healers before, and have found the healing to be a very positive experience. If you  are interested in our Spiritual Healing services, then please contact us and our people will try their best to help you with any questions you might have.

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When I went to visit Brian 5 years ago, I was 28 and, in a place where I felt lost and needed some direction. At the time, what Brian said in the reading made no sense at all to me. He told me that I would marry a colleague and that he would be a good businessman. At the end of the reading, he said: “Send your husband to me so that I can help him out with the business side of things”. Four years later, I did marry a colleague, we had children, and when my husband started his own business, I sent him to Brian. Brian has changed our lives with the insight that he was able to give my husband in his readings and we cannot thank him enough for helping us to make the right choices and decisions. Even if you're not a believer at first, you may be surprised at what happens later on, down the line. Thank you, Brian!


Lovely little shop, I bought a lovely piece of raw blue lace agate before my reading. Lovely, helpful staff members. I had a reading with Julia, from whom I received great advice on how to develop my spiritual journey. Julia was spot on regarding facts. And created a calm atmosphere, the energies in the room was immense. This was my first reading and so glad I chose Julia, this reading has really helped me. Thank you stepping stones team. (Google Maps 8.12.23)

Darcie M.

I just had a reading with Brian and i have been left speechless! Utterly gifted man and i cannot thank him enough for answering all my questions and clarifying so many things! I will certainly be having another reading from him! Thank you Brian! You’re amazing!

Renata R.

Amazing reading with Brian. I have felt so much lighter since he was able to confirm what I have always hoped was true. He is very accurate and easy to talk to and I am so grateful that he shares his gift in this way. I will definitely return for another reading in the future.

Kathryn R.

I’m grateful that I chose Brian for my reading. He’s kind and genuinely enlightening. Thank you Brian x