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Palmistry – the lines that guide your life

Palmistry is an ancient form of divination used to predict the future of a person by studying the lines in the palm of the individual’s hands.  Look at your palms and you’ll see a series of lines bending, sweeping and criss-crossing each other, have you ever wondered what some of these indentions mean?

We provide a brief breakdown of palm lines in our latest blog post. Read this guide and it’ll give a good indication of what your hands are trying to tell you.

Heart line

This major line is easily found just below the base of the fingers. Look an inch or so below the digits for a line that starts just below the little finger and runs horizontally towards the other side of the hand.

The heart line is strongly tied to emotional living. It can be used as an insight into the emotional section of the mind. Palmists use this line to learn more about the person’s emotional and physical relationships with others. This line is also used to determine the health of the heart and it’s revealing in more ways than one.

Life line

Contrary to popular belief, the life line doesn’t predict how long you are going to live. In reality the life line reveals your path in life. It explains some of the encounters you’ll experience along the way including relationships, health and physical state and it is also linked to wellbeing.

The life line is the curved line that sweeps along from the base of the hand from the inside edge of the thumb and arcs around to the middle of the hand again.

Head line

This is often referred to as the wisdom line. Palmists read this to ascertain how your mind works. It can also be used to interpret the individual’s intellect and intuition. It reveals how they communicate and provides a strong indication of their passion for knowledge.

Look for the head line between the thumb and index finger. It runs across the palm towards the outside edge of the hand.      

If you are interested in palmistry why not have a professional reading? You can book one here at Stepping Stones of Greenwhich. 

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