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How do tarot readings work?

Despite popular believe, tarot cards on their own cannot be used to predict the future.  The purpose of tarot cards is actually to help individuals to gain insight about themselves and their lives and to help them to make important decisions and choices in their lives.  When used by a psychic tarot cards serve the purpose of helping to provide a focus for a psychic reading and act as a tool for your reading.

There are many different kinds of decks of tarot cards.  However the traditional deck generally contains 78 cards.  Each card in a deck of tarot cards will have its own meaning, the image on the cards may change but the meaning of each card remains the same throughout all tarot decks.

The standard deck of tarot cards is made up of two parts called the Minor Arcana and the Major Arcana.  The Major Arcana represent long term, important life events and they feature pictures that represent concepts, ideals and principles.  The Minor Arcana is made up of four suits; wands, swords, cups and circles (or pentacles).  The cards represent aspects of day to day ups and downs and approaches to life.

If you go to a reading where tarot cards are being used then you may be asked to have an area of your life that you need guidance in mind.  Your psychic will then shuffle the deck of tarot cards before laying them out in a specific pattern called ‘the spread’, each position in the spread has a specific meaning.  The psychic will then read the cards by looking at which card appears in which position in the spread.  There are many different variations of the spread that may be used.  Your psychic will usually choose the most appropriate one dependant on the question or the area that you wish to focus on is.

Tarot readings can be extremely insightful and helpful in untangling any problems or issues that you may currently be struggling with in your life.  They often help people to make informed decisions about which path they should take next in their life and also offer some fun and exciting predictions about the future.  At Stepping Stones we have a number of talented and gifted tarot card readers in London available to help you to gain some insight into your life and issues that you are currently facing.

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