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3 steps to nurture positive thinking

Everybody gets down from time to time, if you feel sad because you worry about the future a trip to a psychic can provide a few answers to any questions you might have. However, the real power lies within your own mind and body, you can make positive changes in life if you want to, here are ways to get rid of negative thought patterns and improve the way you feel.

Write a list of good things

Work out reasons to be happy with life. Are you fit and healthy, do you have a good job, is your family the best family in the world? Take stock of what you have in life, bet there will be plenty for you to shout about if you start to jot things down.

Write a list of bad things

Compile a list of the things in life you don’t like. Are you unhappy at work, is your love life lacking, do you hate where you live or feel like you don’t have a life outside of work? Make a note of all the things you’re not happy with right now and this can be the basis of a new battle plan.

Create a ‘moving forward’ plan

Okay, once you have a list of things you are unhappy with think of ways to make this better. If you hate your job for instance, work out what the main reasons for disliking the job are. Is it money, the role, a lack of responsibility or are you simply looking for a fresh challenge? If so look around for new opportunities, get your CV up to scratch and look for a position that gives you greater satisfaction. Whatever the problem, work it out, form a plan to improve the situation and think of a solution to enhance the way you feel.

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