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Numerology by telephone or video call

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Esoteric Numerology highlights concepts behind numbers to reveal the inner mysteries of life and the universe. Numbers are not solid objects but are moving energies or vibrations. These vibrations influence your life and each number carries with it the potential for many different experiences. In numerology each number highlights qualities, strength and challenges, which are carried within its potential. From your date of birth to the time of your death numbers influence your every move.

Your date of birth and the name on your birth certificate carry the most significance and have the most influence on your life. The numbers in your date of birth provide you with your maximum potential in life. Your names are karmically given to you by your parents and these energies can help you to learn the lessons that you need to learn.

Numerology, along with being a useful and practical guide that can help you with day to day situations in your life, and it can be a wonderful personal development tool.

It can also determine compatibility with other people or auspicious dates for important enterprises. Furthermore, Numerology can explain why certain areas in your life don’t work for you. In some cases it can take a simple action as adding a letter to your name or to your house number to fix the problem.

Saira combines Numerology in her psychic tarot sessions, making the experience more complete and unique, she has been practising numerology since childhood; this art has been handed down to her by her beloved Guru in Pakistan.

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Saira is amazing! Got things on point. She raised awareness of things that were blocking me, and provided guidance and support. With her gentle approach Saira helped me with processing and moving forward in my life. 06.01.2020


Saira made me feel very confortable and everything she said make so much sense. She made me realize that I have been holding back and not used my creative talents out of fear. With her help I have put things in order and I will follow my dreams. 23.05.2019

Helena T.

I had a cord cutting with Saira. At first I was nervous but Saira was very reassuring and professional. I felt that she took care of my needs as a client and I feel hopeful and renewed for my future. I would recommend her to anyone, anytime (which I have done). 10.10.2018

Asha S.

Wow! I have had all of my life answers lovingly channeled to me by the wonderful Saira. She is caring, informative, patient, and extremely talented in her readings. I highly recommend Saira to anyone who is facing hardships. Excellent! 30.05.2019


My psychic reading with Saira was very useful and insightful. I will definitely be back! Saira's extensive knowledge helped me a lot! 26.02.2019

Hainal M.