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Moon phases and crystals

Phases of the Moon

For thousands of years people have used the moon to spiritually guide them while keeping track of each month in the year.

Although the moon takes 27.3 days to orbit the earth, the lunar cycle follows a 29 day pattern. The energy transmitted over these 29 days affects the ocean’s tides and the water in our bodies, along with, of course, our spiritual and emotional energies in every aspect of our lives.

Contrary to the sun, the moon represents our inner selves. Hidden emotions and desires are called upon by the strong lunar energies. Our shadow selves are brought forward, bringing up unconscious feelings and beliefs along with happenings of the past and the feminine Goddess archetype. It is the yin and the sun is the yang.

At the start of the lunar cycle comes the new moon and with it brings the opportunity to set new intentions. During this phase the moon is sitting between the earth and the sun and we cannot see it as it is not illuminated on the side that faces our planet. Astrologically speaking, at a new moon, the sun sign and moon sign are the same. This means that there is an abundance of that particular energy, making it very strong and powerful. This point in the cycle is all about new beginnings, making it the best time to set new intentions and manifest desires. This can be done by writing out goals, starting a new path in life and recognising desires. Personal meditation should be ceremonial – a time to recharge yourself and your crystals with the visualisation of your intentions.

After this comes the waxing moon. This is the transition phase between the new and full moon. It will increase in size, growing from a crescent, to the first quarter, to the gibbous. During this time, intentions set in the new moon phase come to light. This is the time to be curious and let your intentions manifest in whatever form they may take – make sure to release any fear surrounding loss of control. Trust and surrender to the moon’s energy.

Next comes the full moon, halfway through the 29 day cycle. The moon is positioned in a way that means it is fully illuminated by the sun. The moon and sun are opposite on the zodiac wheel at this point, meaning there is a contradictive and clashing energy. This creates an intense yin and yang between the two. The energy at this time causes heightened emotions, meaningful dreams and inner thoughts are intense and amplified. Negative friction or greater positive vision can both be outcomes of this energetically complex time. Meditating under a full moon allows the strong energy to warm your heart, and the soul can expel what needs to be released. Full moon ceremonies can be done individually or as a group to heal emotions. During the ceremonies it is important to be present and let the wave of loving energy pass through you. This is also an excellent time to cleanse crystals.

The final phase in the lunar cycle is the waning moon. This is when the full moon transitions back into a new moon by decreasing in size, following the pattern of gibbous, last quarter and crescent. The energy is beginning to retreat inwards, calling for self-reflection – a time to review the past cycle and what you would like from the next. It allows us to honour our own along with others’ growth and achievements and also recognise negative patterns and habits to work on in the next cycle. A time to see your potential.

When working with lunar energy, great crystals to accompany you are opal, moonstone, labradorite and selenite. An excellent book to personally guide you through the cycle is “Moonology- Working with the Magic of the Lunar Cycle” by Yasmin Boland. For sale in our store at £10.99

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