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Chakra Balancing with the Pendulum. How does it work?

Chakra Balancing is a process that has the power to change lives. We hold all kinds of emotional blockages inside the chakras, once these blockages are removed the person often feels lighter and in harmony with the world.

The client is asked to lie down and the pendulum is held over each chakra starting from the root chakra upwards. The healer asks the pendulum: “Is this chakra healthy?”.

Before beginning to test the chakras, the healer asks the pendulum which movement indicates positive energies and which negative. The pendulum will give a positive or negative response by turning in circle or sideways.

If the response is positive, the chakra needs no treatment, if negative the chakra needs to be worked on. After determining which chakras are out of balance the treatment can then begin with the chosen method of healing. 

Most healing methods involve rebalancing the chakras, when the negative chakras have been worked on, the healer goes through all seven chakras again to get a positive reading from each one.

Sometimes it will not be possible to restore complete balance in all the negative chakras in one session, this depends on how long the chakras have been in the negative and on personal attitude.

All healing processes require a collaboration from the recipient to make the necessary changes in their lives and their mental attitude, the healer will also be guiding the recipient through this process.

The healing process can be repeated until complete balance is restored. The chakra balancing is not complete until you receive a positive reading from each chakra.  

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