Psychic readings

At Stepping Stones Mind Body & Soul We have provided psychic readings and healing since 1993! Our reputation is one of integrity, accuracy and caring. Our readers and healers are the most talented, accurate and caring people. Discretion and accountability are guaranteed!

What’s a Psychic Reading?

Psychic readers have the ability to use their extra sense at will. They might use tarot cards oracle cards or a crystal ball as a focus for this sense to be turned on. Once this sense is turned on, it allows them to access information and ‚see‘ into your past, present and future. Often the information they access is fragmented and it’s relevant to the needs of the client; once the reading is over the expert psychic will turn this sense off.

What happens during a Psychic Reading?

The Reader may lay down tarot or oracle cards and will give you some evidence that she is tuned in to you, the seeker, by telling you something about your past and present. Once this connection is made it is advisable to ask questions so that the reading can focus on the areas of your life that you are seeking guidance for.

Whatever your questions, our Psychics are ready to offer their guidance and insight, bringing proof and validation about your life.

Who can benefit from a Psychic Reading?

Anyone can benefit from a Psychic Reading as they can help you answer so many different types of questions. A Psychic can help you clarify problems that have been troubling you about love, relationships, health, career, finances or just advice and guidance.

Can telephone Readings and Email Readings be as good as a face to face reading?

Psychic readings usually occur in the presence of a Psychic, but as technology has developed over the years, so has the art of psychic readings. Thanks to the internet and modern telephone networks, Psychics can provide readings from great distances. Our true Psychics can make just as accurate readings over the phone and via email as they can from a one to one session.

Choose a service

Angel Readings

Your Guardian Angel or Spirit Guides can communicate with you with the help of one of our Angel Readers.

Clairvoyant Readings

Clairvoyants via the gift of ‘Clear Vision’ can access information and ‘see’ into your past, present and future

Email readings

A convenient way to have your questions answered without having to take precious time out of your busy schedule.

Medium Readings

Mediums can channel messages from your Spirit Guides or Someone dear to you in Spirit to comfort and guide you.


Esoteric Numerology highlights concepts behind numbers to reveal the inner mysteries of life and the universe.


Lines on our hands contain our personal life map, Psychics can interpret them and read your past present and future.


Our Psychic Readers can use an object or a photograph to obtain insights about a person or a place.

Tarot Card Readings

Psychic Readers and Mediums use tarot cards as a focus which allows them to ‘switch on’ their psychic abilities.

Telephone readings

Our Psychics and Clairvoyants can give you some answers and helpful advice from the comfort of your home or office..