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Distant Healing

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With this type of Healing, the client does not need to be present either by Video or by phone. Healing energy can be sent anywhere in the world or directed to a specific person at a great distance. Absent healing is already practiced across the world, Spiritual healing is especially important in this troubling times we face and many people could benefit from our online remote healing. Our spiritual healers have many years of experience in many forms of Spiritual Healing and Reiki and already boast a high success rate with distant healing. 

If you or someone you know would like to receive energy healing in this way, please book a spiritual healing session online now or call us on 0800 1601061 or 0208 8532733.

What is Distance Reiki Healing?

Absent healing is already widely practiced in Reiki circles around the world, with Reiki practitioners already sending healing energy across countries and continents. Distance Reiki works on the Hermetic Law of Similarity: an ancient belief that states we are all connected. 

During training, healers learn about the three symbols of body, and spirit. It’s the spirit symbol that spiritual healers focus on for distant healing. When a healer invokes this symbol, they can direct healing energy through space and time to someone in need. 

Normally, this type of healing ritual is performed at specific times of the day or night when the planet’s energy is more at peace. The healer may need a photograph, the person’s name and date of birth, and a description of symptoms and issues. But it can also be performed over a video call by Zoom or Whatsapp

Does Energy Healing Really Work?

Energy healing has been successfully practiced for thousands of years before modern medicine existed and now there is some scientific proof to back up what spiritual healers have known all along. 

In a 2013 study, scientists found that just ten minutes of energy healing had the same effect as physiotherapy in helping people with mobility problems. They even observed changes in electrical energy in people undergoing spiritual healing techniques.

Our clients have noted considerable improvements in their emotional and physical wellbeing as a result of our healing practices. 

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I came to see Brian for healing in a moment in my life where I was feeling lost, scared and fearful. I have had two readings with him so far as well as two healing sessions. Brian has helped me realise my path in life and also helped remove some blocks. His readings are extremely accurate and his healing is truly amazing. Whether in person or distant - his healing capabilities are truly astonishing but most importantly they come from the purest source. I still have a journey to go on for my own healing and to be a healer myself but now I am no longer scared and know that I need to go through this journey. I will definitely see him again in future but for now I am so grateful. Thank you so much! Gabrielle

Gabrielle C.

I just want to say - Brian is one of the most accurate and sensitive mediums I have ever met! He amazes me every time I talk to him and I recommend him to everone I know.


I have Covid19 and self isolating. I asked Brian for Distant Healing, I believe that Energy exists beyond time or distance. The following day I felt different and have improved day by day physically and emotionally and feel like myself again! Thank you Brian for your loving, healing energy! With gratitude. Suzanne


Brian has helped me with healing and other spiritual issues that most people would probably never believe. Thank God for Brian. Even his presence is calming and peaceful and of a high vibration. Which as a guy makes it easier to talk as you know most guys don't really talk about such things with other guys, Lol. I am so amazed by his talents that I plan on seeing him again when time allows if Stepping Stones is not so busy. Thank you Stepping Stones, thank you again Brian.


I had a healing with Brian today and it was one of the best most healing sessions I have ever had. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Rita P.