Our shop is now open 10am - 6.45pm 7 days a week. Julia is now available for face to face appointments on Tuesdays, Fridays and Saturdays. Brian, Roz and Saira will continue to work distantly by telephone, WhatsApp or Zoom video call until further notice. For appointments please call 02088532733 or email store@steppingstonesgreenwich.co.uk.


For over 20 years, Nita has supported clients through their awakening and understanding of self without judgment. As a powerful and compassionate intuitive, she blends the power of palmistry and astrology in her sessions.  She coaches querents through present life conundrums and upcoming transitions. Her private clientele base is global and even includes top-level executives and celebrities.  Palmistry and astrology tell your personal stories including hidden gifts to possible vocation, love language to possible future outcomes. What better instruments to guide you through life than your own design?

If you are ready to invest in cultivating transformative healing in your life, then you will gain in-depth, invaluable advice from your session. Nita delivers practical and precise predictability of timelines. You will obtain ample information to then use free will and choice to achieve positive results in your life. You cannot change the past. You are ultimately responsible for how you navigate your future. You can create a harmonious life by knowing your own life cycles and sync life with the celestial bodies’ transits.

Nita’s speciality is working with Star Seeds. She only works in the spectrum of love and light with her co-creative oracular cosmic beings.

-          For email or palmistry readings, please provide DOB and clear pictures of your palms and specify if you are right or left-handed

-          For astrology/palmistry in-depth readings, please email clear pictures of your palms and specify if you are right or left-handed. (45 mins, 1 hour)

To generate an accurate natal chart, please provide your DOB (Format: Dec 20, 1990), exact birth time, and place of birth (city, county/state, country). If you are unsure about your birth time, please send your DOB (Format: Dec 20, 1990), and place of birth (city, county/state, country), as a session is still possible.

Availble on Wednesdays only by Whatsapp or Zoom until further notice.

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