Ros is an amazing psychic! Really got in touch with the issues I was worried about and reasssured me that I was on the right path! 29.01.2019

Shanelle (Ros/ Tarot Card ReadingsClairvoyant ReadingsThe Emotion Code Healing)

I had an E.F.T. session with Gabrielle at a time I was feeling suicidal, I was in a very low place. I wasn't sure how she could help but I had no other options. Straight after the treatment my mind changed, straight away I stopped hearing those thoughts. I am so glad I found Gabrielle at the right time. 21.01.2019

Bessa (Gabrielle/ EFT Emotional Freedom Technique)

I would like to send a message to Gabrielle. Yesterday I came to her in a frantic mess after my flatmate ditched me and I was out on my own. Confused, frantic about how I would get a new place on my budget out on my own she told me very soon I would find a place on the river that exceeded my expectations. Today everything she predicted came to light. The place came to me unexpectedly, on the river, exceeding my expectations. Thank you so much Gabrielle, you deserve all the positivity and light in the world. You brought me out of an anxious and dark place. I was totally lost after being ditched but I no longer feel like I am abandoned, and am able to let go of that feeling. 17.01.2019

I. C. (Gabrielle/ Angel ReadingsClairvoyant ReadingsMedium ReadingsEFT Emotional Freedom Technique)

Thank you Saira for the very interesting reading. Although rather emotional for me, your information was spot on. I shall heed your advise and make the necessary changes. I look forward to what's coming. 12.01.2019

Ami S (Saira/ Clairvoyant ReadingsNumerologyPalmistryTarot Card Readings)

Gabrielle was hugely insightful and incredibly accurate. I left feeling reassured and very positive, being aware of how to deal with all situations better. I would highly recommend her. 09.01.2018

Rita (Gabrielle/ Angel ReadingsEFT Emotional Freedom TechniqueMedium Readings)

I have been seeing Brian for the last seven months, he has helped me on my healing journey whilst undergoing treatments for health issues, he is an amazing healer. 06.12.2018

Monica M. (Brian Walsh/ Clairvoyant ReadingsReiki Healing & Chakra BalancingSpiritual Healing)

I have been coming to Stepping Stones for a long time. A very nice psychic shop and beautiful crystals and gifts to treasure. First of all I want to say: Amazing and wonderful Julia, she has made my journey so much more beautiful. Her warmth and understanding is really pure and spiritual. It is wonderful to find yourself in her sacred space to truly experience your uniqueness. Julia is truly the real deal. Love. Janet. N.B. The staff are all beautiful in their own way, friendly and kind with a vast knowledge of crystals and their uses. Love to you all. 01.12.2018

Janet (Julia Feeney/ Clairvoyant ReadingsSpiritual HealingReiki Healing & Chakra BalancingTarot Card Readings)

Brian was precise, accurate and blew me away with specifics. He is amazing! 20.11.2018

Angela (Brian Walsh/ Clairvoyant ReadingsMedium ReadingsPalmistrySpiritual Healing)

I saw Brian at the beginning of 2017 and at the end of 2018. Both his readings were accurate and predictions have happened or are still in the process! A couple of days before my reading I asked a loved one to come through... it was incredible my grandad was there in spirit at the end of my reading. I would highly recommend Brian and will have a reading with him every year without fail! 15.11.2018

Helen D. (Brian Walsh/ Medium Readings)

Gabrielle was very helpful in giving me an insight into who I am and what really is important to me . Many thanks. 15.11.2018

Alex B. (Gabrielle/ Clairvoyant Readings)