I am truly in awe of Brian’s clarity, accuracy and kindness, our session was exactly what I needed and I already feel a big shift in my energy and mindset. Thank you Brian, you are truly amazing! 05.04.2019

Nicky (Brian Walsh/ Spiritual HealingClairvoyant ReadingsMedium Readings)

I had a really good reading by Ros. I related to a lot of what was revealed to me. This visit will help me move forward in life. Thank you. 29.03.2019

Michelle (Ros/ Clairvoyant ReadingsEFT Emotional Freedom TechniqueTarot Card ReadingsSpiritual Healing)

I would warmly recommend Saira's psychic services. I had three spiritual cleansing sessions with her and the experience was absolutely amazing. Saira is very friendly and quickly identifies issues. I feel great, just like a new woman. 27.03.2019

Nicole W. (Saira/ Emotional Cord CuttingSpiritual HealingClairvoyant ReadingsTarot Card Readings)

My psychic reading with Saira was very useful and insightful. I will definitely be back! Saira's extensive knowledge helped me a lot! 26.02.2019

Hainal M. (Saira/ Clairvoyant ReadingsTarot Card ReadingsNumerologyPalmistry)

I had an angel reading with Gabrielle yesterday afternoon. She was absolutely amazing and really put some clarity into my life. I am glad I went to her and would 100% recommend her to anyone. I am so grateful. 27.02.2019

Veer (Gabrielle/ Clairvoyant ReadingsEFT Emotional Freedom TechniqueAngel Readings)

Saira always makes me feel at ease and her wisdom and good advise makes me feel so much more positive when I leave. Thank you Saira from the bottom of my heart. 18.02.2019

Dee (Saira/ Clairvoyant ReadingsTarot Card ReadingsSpiritual HealingPalmistry)

My psychic reading with Gabrielle was the most amazing one I have ever had, very informative and so true. Thank you. 13.02.2019

Charlotte W. (Gabrielle/ Clairvoyant ReadingsAngel Readings)

I did the past life regression with Lorraine today, and I wanted to say thank you again for what was a truly profound, healing experience, it was so beautiful, it was so much more than I'd hoped for. Lorraine is an amazing healer with a real gift, thank you from the bottom of my heart I hope to see you again, I'm so happy to have met you on this journey. With peace, love and light xxx

Tessa (Lorraine Flaherty/ Past Life RegressionInner Freedom Spiritual Life Change ProgrammeInner Child & Ancestral Healing)

This is my second time seeing Saira. I found my session very informative and I have many things to reflect on now. Saira was also able to give me some advise on healing stones and oils that could help me. Always a pleasure.

Stella (Saira/ Emotional Cord CuttingClairvoyant ReadingsTarot Card ReadingsPalmistryNumerology)

Ros is an amazing psychic! Really got in touch with the issues I was worried about and reasssured me that I was on the right path! 29.01.2019

Shanelle (Ros/ Tarot Card ReadingsClairvoyant ReadingsThe Emotion Code Healing)