I want to thank Ros for the reading the other day. I feel so much better for it and all the advice she has given me. I feel empowered to step into my purpose and confident. That seed I've planted will come good and abundant. Ros is supreme at what she does and I feel blessed to have been guided to her. Thank you so much again for all the messages and guidance.09.07.2019

Clare (Ros/ Angel ReadingsClairvoyant ReadingsPsychometryTarot Card Readings)

Gabrielle got the heart of my question immediately and helped me see the answer was what my intuition had been telling me. She also was contacted by my father who is guiding me, which is good to know. 30.06.2019

Donna E. (Gabrielle/ Angel ReadingsClairvoyant ReadingsMedium Readings)

I had a clairvoyant reading with Brian and he picked up on everything. I got a lot of answers in the reading. I then had a lovely healing session. After that I saw amazing results beginning with my marriage, healing of pain that I had carried for a long time. I can only say that if you need balance, love and healing Brian really does work! 18.06.2019

Samantha C. (Brian Walsh/ Clairvoyant ReadingsMedium ReadingsSpiritual HealingTarot Card Readings)

I had an amazing reading with Julia a few weeks back. I myself am a reader and have to say she was so very very impressive, psychic, shamanic and it really was a transformative experience. I entered Stepping Stones Greenwich feeling very drained and I left feeling ready. Today I continue my path with a pocket full of Julia’s insights and renewed vigour and creative fire.Thank you for the spark! 18.06.2019

Linda M. (Julia Feeney/ Clairvoyant ReadingsMedium ReadingsShamanic HealingTarot Card Readings)

Saira really made me feel at ease and comfortable. She gave me really helpful advise and the real kick I needed to start my life out. She was welcoming, warm and caring. 30.05.19

Sarah (Saira/ Clairvoyant ReadingsPalmistryTarot Card ReadingsEmotional Cord Cutting)

Wow! I have had all of my life answers lovingly channeled to me by the wonderful Saira. She is caring, informative, patient, and extremely talented in her readings. I highly recommend Saira to anyone who is facing hardships. Excellent! 30.05.2019

Martha (Saira/ Clairvoyant ReadingsNumerologyPalmistryTarot Card ReadingsEmotional Cord Cutting)

Saira made me feel very confortable and everything she said make so much sense. She made me realize that I have been holding back and not used my creative talents out of fear. With her help I have put things in order and I will follow my dreams. 23.05.2019

Helena T. (Saira/ Clairvoyant ReadingsNumerologyPalmistryEmotional Cord CuttingTarot Card Readings)

Gabrielle is great at making you feel comfortable and talking about the issues that need looking at. She is very attuned to the message you need to hear. Spotless experience! 15.05.2019

Amaia A. (Gabrielle/ Angel ReadingsClairvoyant ReadingsMedium ReadingsEFT Emotional Freedom Technique)

Brian was very effective in channeling my mother's energy, thank you. 15.05.2019

Abi S. (Brian Walsh/ Clairvoyant ReadingsMedium ReadingsSpiritual HealingPalmistryPsychic Surgery)

Gabrielle was very warm and I immediately felt comfortable, she was able to squeeze so much into a short space of time without me feeling rushed. All my questions were answered and my mind was put at rest. I recommend Gabrielle to anyone who needs direction. 08.05.2019

Georgina (Gabrielle/ Angel ReadingsClairvoyant ReadingsMedium Readings)