Our shop is open 10am - 6.45pm 7 days a week. Julia is available for face to face clairvoyant readings and healing on Tuesdays, Fridays and Saturdays (11am-6pm). Brian and Roz continue to work virtually by telephone, WhatsApp or Zoom video call until further notice. Saira is back for face to face clairvoyant readings on Thursdays and by telephone or Whatsapp on Mondays and Saturdays. And Lorraine will be available in person, see dates on her profile.For appointments please call 02088532733 / 08001601061 / 07554535415 or email store@steppingstonesgreenwich.co.uk.


Roz’ gift is truly inspirational, I feel so lucky that our lives have crossed. She is wise, insightful, kind and a Clear Healer. Thank you so much Roz, you are amazing. 09.03.2021

Sarah B. (Roz/ Tarot Card Readings by telephone or video callThe Emotion Code HealingClairvoyant Readings by telephone or video callDistant Healing )

Brian was incredibly accurate and thorough in articulating the situations that I have been in, while restoring my confidence by effectively endorsing my thinking and my plans for the future. I am grateful to him and those who allowed this session to happen.28.02.2021

M.J. (Brian Walsh/ Clairvoyant Readings by telephone or video callTarot Card Readings by telephone or video callSpiritual HealingMedium Readings)

I had to leave a review for Brian, after my amazing telephone consultation with him today...Brian has such a lovely, warm presence. A person who feels like a good friend straight away.And his insights are incredible! He sees not only with mind-blowing accuracy, he also interprets with wisdom. He gave me so many gifts today, I am so grateful to him.God bless you always, Brian! 17.02.2021

Sarah Clark (Brian Walsh/ Clairvoyant Readings by telephone or video callMedium ReadingsTarot Card Readings by telephone or video callSpiritual Healing)

I had a life between lives session with Lorraine a couple of weeks ago and I wanted just to express my thanks for such a wonderful session. I saw Lorraine in August for a past lives regression session and the information I got in that session changed my life so much for the better. It motivated me to take a new approach to my physical health which has been so beneficial for me, it's quite incredible. I think it means that I will not have to have radiotherapy - pretty miraculous! The life between lives session was just as healing and empowering. I was able to see relationships and my own patterns of behaviour from a new perspective and since the session I have been able to live more fully and more in line with what I want to get out of my life. I see that I have to appreciate the family that I have and make the most of the people around me that I love or could love. Since I made that realisation in the session, I have spent such a wonderful Christmas with my family and with my new partner and his two young daughters. I have really enjoyed it and appreciated it. The session allowed and encouraged me to see and appreciate what I already have. I also realised that there is nothing wrong with being wealthy and having money. I really feel that both sessions have had a huge positive impact on my life, and will continue to do so for many many years. Mainly I feel inspired and empowered. I am so very grateful to Lorraine - thank you so very much! 15.12.2020

Kate (Lorraine Flaherty/ )

Brian was incredibly perceptive and accurate during the reading. I came away from the reading feeling far more relaxed and confident about a work related situation. He was kind and very helpful. He was very accurate about numerous things which was incredible. Thank you Brian.05.12.2020

Fiona C. (Brian Walsh/ Reiki Healing in personDistant Psychic SurgeryClairvoyant Readings by telephone or video callMedium Readings)

I loved my reading with Saira today and will definitely book again! Thank you. 31.10.2020

Bonnie P. (Saira/ Numerology by telephone or video callTarot Card Readings by telephone or video call)

Brian is such a warm and kind man and really made me feel at ease during my online consultation. I did not reveal anything to Brian before we spoke but he told me things about my past, present, and loved ones, that were accurate and impossible for him to know without his special gift. I would highly recommend him! 25.10.2020

Louise K. (Brian Walsh/ Medium ReadingsClairvoyant Readings by telephone or video callEmotional Cord CuttingTarot Card Readings by telephone or video call)

I recently had emotional healing sessions with Julia. After the first visit i felt as light as a feather. Julia helped me to release a lot of negativeenergy and to see the bigger picture. Since my first session,bigger and better things are happening for me. All i want is to feel peace, i don't want to feel anything negative emotions, I crave for positivism. I am continuing healing with Julia. I highly recommend emotional healing to everyone. Don't spend your money on expensive counselling, book a session with Julia instead. Thank you Julia! 21.10.2020

Yana K. (Julia Feeney/ Medium ReadingsReiki Healing & Chakra BalancingShamanic HealingTarot Card Readings by telephone or video call)

Julia was brilliant and I highly recommend her. She was warm and friendly and said things that were accurate and had a lot of information. Just being in her presence, I was overcome with emotion. 06.10.2020

Ayla (Julia Feeney/ Medium ReadingsReiki Healing in personShamanic HealingTarot Card Readings by telephone or video call)

Saira is very kind and insightful. Had a really wonderful reading with her, I highly recommend her. 08.09.2020

Molly J. (Saira/ Clairvoyant Readings by telephone or video callNumerology by telephone or video callTarot Card Readings by telephone or video call)