I’ve seen a number of psychics previously but I never went back to them more than twice.However I have stayed with Brian for 3 years now as he’s been ‘spot on’ every time. I have also had a number of healing sessions with him and I can truly say that Brian healed me of long standing complaints that I’ve had medical treatment for without success. I have no hesitation in recommending Brian to family and friends.20.09.19

Maureen (Brian Walsh/ Reiki Healing & Chakra BalancingTarot Card ReadingsMedium ReadingsSpiritual Healing)

Firstly I regularly visit this shop for crystals and oracle cards and I always have a good feeling when I enter. It's a real escape from the busy, noisy outside world. Last week I decided, on a whim, to have a reading with Brian. From the very beginning he was in tune with my feelings of loneliness and lack of direction and he was very containing when I became upset. During the 30 minute session I had 2 very detailed readings and felt reassured and uplifted when I left. Brian is a very humble reader, he is clearly talented and spiritually connected. I will definitely have another session with him. Thank you. 17.08.2019

Maria (Brian Walsh/ Clairvoyant ReadingsMedium ReadingsPalmistryPsychic SurgeryReiki Healing & Chakra BalancingTarot Card Readings)

Over the past 3 years I have had many readings and healing sessions with Brian Walsh, he is truly a gifted man, his accuracy is amazing and has brought clarity and peace to everything I have had issues with. His healing is also phenomenal, I have seen Brian, for neck and back pain that I have suffered with for many years, the most amazing healing session was when I had been suffering with chronic toothache for over a month which had not been cleared by the dentist or antibiotics, Brian literally pulled the pain right out of my tooth and the pain was gone, never to return. He has always been professional, kind and understanding at all times and I would recommend Brian to everyone. 08.08.2019

Bonnie C. (Brian Walsh/ Clairvoyant ReadingsMedium ReadingsEmotional Cord CuttingTarot Card Readings)

I recently had a Cord Cutting session with Saira, she was fantastic throughout and recommended crystals to use in future. I was so delighted with the feeling I got and after the session a booked a palm reading with her and the reading was great too. Saira is so knowledgeable. 08.08.2019

Rebecca (Saira/ Email readingsClairvoyant ReadingsNumerologyPalmistryTarot Card Readings)

Ros is brilliant. She has this energy that radiates the whole room and you can just see how passionate and supportive she is. She was completely honest with me and made me feel so welcomed and comfortable to be able to release all the worries on my mind. She gave me tons of recommendations and journeyed with me to help me uncover what's really been holding me back. I will definitely be seeing her again! The store is very beautiful filled with all sorts of crystals and aromatics topped with wonderful friendly staff. 19.07.2019

Tra-my Ngwyen (Ros/ Clairvoyant ReadingsAngel ReadingsTarot Card ReadingsThe Emotion Code Healing)

Our special thanks to Gabrielle, who helped us on two occasions - first meeting in October 2017 and recent on 26.06.2019 . Gabrielle is very good as spiritual medium. She gave us many useful information, some of which we couldn't verify initially, but after consulting family members things were clear and we felt reassured that the right spirits were speaking with Gabrielle. It was a big relieve to know that our family member and relative are fine on the other side. Anna Maria and Ella - twin sisters from South London (Croydon.19.07.2019

Anna Maria D. (Gabrielle/ Angel ReadingsClairvoyant ReadingsEFT Emotional Freedom TechniqueMedium Readings)

Ros' insight, energy, support and kindness has given me strength. Thank you! Love & Light. 09.07.2019

Eliza (Ros/ Angel ReadingsClairvoyant ReadingsTarot Card Readings)

I want to thank Ros for the reading the other day. I feel so much better for it and all the advice she has given me. I feel empowered to step into my purpose and confident. That seed I've planted will come good and abundant. Ros is supreme at what she does and I feel blessed to have been guided to her. Thank you so much again for all the messages and guidance.09.07.2019

Clare (Ros/ Angel ReadingsClairvoyant ReadingsPsychometryTarot Card Readings)

Gabrielle got the heart of my question immediately and helped me see the answer was what my intuition had been telling me. She also was contacted by my father who is guiding me, which is good to know. 30.06.2019

Donna E. (Gabrielle/ Angel ReadingsClairvoyant ReadingsMedium Readings)

I had a clairvoyant reading with Brian and he picked up on everything. I got a lot of answers in the reading. I then had a lovely healing session. After that I saw amazing results beginning with my marriage, healing of pain that I had carried for a long time. I can only say that if you need balance, love and healing Brian really does work! 18.06.2019

Samantha C. (Brian Walsh/ Clairvoyant ReadingsMedium ReadingsSpiritual HealingTarot Card Readings)