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Theta Energy Healing

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Theta Energy Healing uses the theta brainwave and the energy of unconditional love to tap into your subconscious mind in order to remove negative or limiting beliefs that can prevent you from achieving your full potential in life – from career and finances to love, health and relationships. Theta Energy Healing works on all levels of your being by clearing blocks, limiting beliefs and old programmes on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level.

Your thoughts, beliefs and feelings create your current life and the circumstances within it every moment of every day. Your empowering and positive thoughts, beliefs and feelings can create fulfilment, abundance, love, etc. however, your limiting ones can create difficulties, blocks, self-sabotaging behaviour and often attract what you don't want or most fear. They can also create bad habits, phobias and even serious illness.

Theta Energy Healing can release deeply ingrained and limiting programmes from childhood, fears, negative beliefs and feelings hidden within your subconscious mind and substitute these with positive and enhancing ones in their place.  The process is like a meditation and can be very cathartic and therapeutic.  This is what Theta Energy Healing is most famous for but there are so many other incredible things you can do with it, why not try a session and see for yourself.

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