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The Emotion Code Healing

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Our subconscious mind stores all personal memories, good or bad. When we experience and suppress negative emotions from past hurt, traumas or distress, they can become blocked in our body. 

Although we may not be aware of these trapped emotions, they can manifest as physical pain, disease, depression, self sabotage and relationship problems.

Negative emotions can also be inherited from either parent and from past lives.

As a Qualified Healer for The Emotion Code, Ros can help dissolve emotional blocks that cause pain, and unwanted, negative patterns repeating themselves from past lives and this current life.

This allows for personal transformation and the freedom to embrace better relationships, more confidence, a total shift in perspective and to welcome new and healthier patterns.

Ros also uses her many years' experience of Clairvoyance, Psychotherapy, Colour Therapy and Manifestation skills to enhance her readings and enable great healing shifts with her clients.

She also offers rituals for house cleansing, healing of pets, personal protection, attracting love and prosperity, as well as reading auras and enabling disconnection from unhealthy attachment ties.

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