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Psyhometry from the Greek words: psyche “soul or spirit” and metron “measure”. Most Psychic Readers can “feel” an object and perceive details of the history of that object or of the person the object belonged to.

Some of our Psychics and Mediums have the ability to give you information about places or people simply by holding an object that belongs to that place or person. The same thing can be done with photographs. Simply by tuning in, they can give you information about a person’s health, attitude or compatibility. If the person in the picture or the object belongs to someone dear to you in spirit, a Mediium may be able to connect with their soul and channel any message they may want you to receive.

*  Contact with a specific person in spirit can never be guaranteed especially in the first few months after their departure, but it is usually possible to make contact with the help of spirit guides if it serves the good of everyone involved.

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