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Massage for pregnancy

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Massage is a very important tool to help maintain good health and well-being, relieving anxiety, tension and stress, and encouraging a profound sense of ease which can be particularly beneficial during pregnancy and will benefit both the mother and her developing baby. Our pregnancy massage lasts one hour and is recommended as often as possible, monthly or even weekly, during your pregnancy, especially during the last three months.

Is Pregnancy Massage safe for my baby?

Many women stop having treatments during their pregnancy due to fears that it may ’harm’ their baby. Infact there is never a better time to have a massage.

At a time when walking and moving can become difficult, Pregnancy Massage can help improve breathing, muscle tension, water retention, blood and lymph circulation, anxiety, sleeplessness and fatigue.

In addition it can induce a sense of calm and relaxation to you and also to your baby.

Towards the latest stages of pregnancy, treatments can be adapted to bring on labour.

Our professional therapist will address any concerns you may have during the consultation prior to the treatment.

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