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Crystal Healing & Chakra Balancing

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Crystal healing is the therapeutic use of crystal gemstones and their energy to harmonise and align the whole being; body, mind, emotions and spirit.  It is often described as a deeply relaxing experience.  In a session, crystals are placed on or around a fully dressed person. Once the energy field of the crystal is in contact with the electromagnetic energy field (aura) of the client this can help balance, detox, shift and dissolve harmful, misaligned or stagnant energies.  Crystalline energy is gentle and non-invasive yet it is also powerful.  Changes often happen in a subtle way and benefits can include feelings of wellbeing, feeling energised, feeling tension and stress has been released, experiencing a whole-body balance or connection with yourself and a sense of belonging.

Crystal healing can also provide a beneficial effect to those suffering from:

1-hour session– “I deserve a break” Balancing –  £80
For people with little time or new to crystal healing and curious

A possible combination of the following:
Chakra Balance, Subtle Body Balance, Aura Cleanse and, or Crystal Grid

1.5-hour session– “Feel good” – Star Treatment - £120
Recommended for maximum crystal healing benefits

In addition to Chakra Balance, Subtle Body Balance, Aura Cleanse and or Crystal Grid described above you will also have the opportunity to do deeper work with the crystals and rebalance other important areas that can very much affect our health, wellbeing, success, clarity, mood, confidence, relationships, body’s systems, etc. Additional areas to be worked on could be a combination of the Transpersonal Chakras, Minor chakras, Meridian Energy Lines, Holistic Spine, Neurological Balance, Brain Balance, Crystal Nets (combination of colour therapy, numerology & crystal grids), Crystal Visualisation or Crystal Meditation.

2-hour session– “Full pampering” – Self-Love and Aftercare Package - £160
Extended session - Recommended for maximum crystal healing benefits and a personalised shopping experience (optional)

EXTENDED crystal healing session with maximum healing benefits (2-hour session)
Crystal healing session with maximum healing benefits (1.5-hour session) AND a personalised crystal shopping experience (30 mins) with Renata and her pendulum in the Stepping Stones shop so you can take home the right crystals for your aftercare or development.

Here are few brief explanations of some crystal healing treatments:

Chakra Balance
Balance the energy centres in the body to encourage optimum health and wellbeing

Subtle Body Balance
Align the energy field of your aura (the energetic body that surrounds your physical body) to encourage optimum functioning of your chakras, health and wellbeing.

Aura Cleanse
Clear unhelpful, heavy, sticky or leaking energies in the aura and leave with a clear, strong and revitalised auric field.

Crystal Grids
Release stagnant energy or blockages and/ or direct beneficial energy in through the placement of crystals in precise geometric patterns around the body

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