Renata Spinelly

Renata’s dual nationality British Brazilian has been the backdrop to her colourful life. She moved to England when she was 2 but would spend the summer holidays in Brazil with her maternal grandmother who opened Renata to another reality.  Renata grew up as a spectator of drumming circles, Afro-Brazilian rituals and the spirit world.  As a little girl she watched in awe and wonder the magic she saw unfold before her eyes.  As a teenager her grandmother bought her a pendulum and officially introduced her to mother moon and her energies.  This mysticism wasn’t just a fad.  A beautiful seed was planted

Little did Renata know that later she would be eternally grateful for the pendulum her grandmother gave her and would use it in her future healing work.  A “chance” meeting in 2016 led Renata to intuitively dowse about her grandmother’s health and she came to know that her grandmother was soon to pass over despite not having any imminent life-threatening conditions.  Thanks to this Renata and her mother were able to fly to Brazil to say their good-byes.  Much as the pendulum predicted Renata’s grandmother died by the end of the year near Christmas. 

Renata had already trained as a Counsellor and from then on it was hard to ignore her intuition and things slowly started to unfold naturally in a more spiritual direction.  Energy Theta Healing training and Crystal Healing training followed.  

Renata has been working intuitively with crystals for some years and is now sowing the beautiful seed her grandmother planted by continuing her on going Crystal Healing training and spiritual development as a clairsentient and intuitive. 

By following her passions Renata has found that her interests naturally compliment her professional training as a Counsellor, Theta Energy Healer and Crystal Healing Therapist. Combined, all these qualities have equipped Renata with a varied and unique set of skills, gifts and experience which she is now offering at Stepping Stones Mind Body & Soul Centre.

Saturdays only, from 2 to 6 pm.

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