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Why giving up smoking is brilliant – part 3

Okay, by now if you have read parts 1 and 2 of our quitting smoking guide you’ll know how bad nicotine is for your body, the types of diseases you could contract through smoking and the impact it has on your appearance. This should be all the encouragement you need to try hypnotherapy as a quitting aid, if not, read part 3, it showcases the plus points of quitting for good.

Pack in smoking and you…

….and more money  

Once you quit you’ll start to notice a massive cash injection, work out how much you spend on cigarettes right now and think about what you could do with that money in the future. Put the money you normally spend on cigarettes away for a rainy day, before you know it you’ll have large pot of cash.

Hopefully you’ve found our three-part guide to stopping smoking informative. Hypnotherapy is a good place to start if you want to quit for good, break the habit instantly, for more details take a look at our stop smoking hypnotherapy and NLP services.

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