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Weight loss and ways to beat the battle of the bulge

Putting on weight is easy. Losing it again afterwards is the difficult part. When clothes start to feel a little snug and you find yourself avoiding mirrors for fear of what you might see, it’s time to do something about your expanding waistline.

This leaves you asking one question. How are you going to lose weight and stick to it this time?

Dieting might have been a disaster in the past but that shouldn’t put you off trying it again in the future. The secret to losing weight is getting in the right mindset. This is where hypnotherapy helps.

How does it work?

Your mind has a certain perception to food and dieting. Your sub conscious is preventing you losing weight and this pattern of behaviour needs to change. Hypnotherapy and Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) help to clear negative thoughts from your mind, they change the way you think and the way you feel about yourself. 

Hypnotherapy creates a positive mind. You do away with the negative and replace this with the affirmative instead.

Used for weight loss, hypnotherapy is a powerful tool. It empowers you with a different way of thinking. You make changes and they have a positive impact in your life.

Don’t just rely on hypnotherapy though. This will be the catalyst that helps you lose weight but you can support a healthier lifestyle in general using some of these suggestions.

Gradually reduce your daily intake and this should have a clear impact on your waistline. Start to monitor the amount of calories you consume in the day and try to cut down on meal sizes.

Ditching fizzy drinks, sugary food and high levels of fat will improve your BMI. Eat smaller portions but slow down when eating and chew items thoroughly, this should make you feel more satisfied and there’s less chance you’ll still feel hungry when you have finished eating.

By making subtle changes to your diet and lifestyle you can make a difference. Support this with weight loss hypnotherapy and be prepared to see a new you in the mirror before long.

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