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The secrets of lumbago

Did you know reflexology is really useful for lumbago? This holistic therapy is just one of the many services we provide at Stepping Stones of Greenwich, our expert reflexologist offers a comprehensive treatment programme for clients and back treatment is just one of the many problems they treat.

What exactly is lumbago though, what causes it and how can you alleviate the pain?

Please allow us to enlighten you.

Just what is lumbago?

Got a pain in the lower part of your back? This is commonly referred to as lumbago. The pain in the back might be moderate or it could be severe, this depends on the severity of the problem. Sometimes the pain is caused by minor ligament damage, in other cases the discomfort is due to slipped discs or a fracture of the vertebrae.

Lumbago is a general term referring to lower back pain and it can suddenly appear, disappear after a few weeks or turn into a chronic condition that lasts for months.

Have I got lumbago?

It’s easy to spot the symptoms of lumbago. Normally there’s a stabbing or aching pain in the lower back region. This is sometimes accompanied by muscle spasms, a limitation in the amount of spine movement and tingling sensations in the back, buttocks and legs.

If you experience any of these sensations go to see your GP, they might need to prescribe anti-inflammatory drugs.

Treatments for lumbago

As already mentioned, your GP might prescribe anti-inflammatory drugs if muscles have gone into spasm due to a back injury.

Other ways you can alleviate the pain and discomfort caused by back problems are to take general painkillers such as ibuprofen or paracetamol.

Heat treatments are a popular option too. They get right to the root cause of the pain.  And reflexology is another treatment that helps to alleviate pain, book a session through the site at Stepping Stones and start to feel the benefits straight away.

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