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The key benefits of pregnancy massage

As baby grows inside your tum it’s a good idea to consider a regular massage, it’s good for you and great for the little one as well. You’ll find details about massage during pregnancy on our website at Stepping Stones and just to whet your whistle we’ve highlighted some of the positives in this article.

Lower anxiety

It’s understandable if you feel anxious during pregnancy, you’re about to bring a new life into the world, you have the stress of the birth to consider, you’ll wonder if you’ll make a good parent and the sheer scale of becoming a mum is bound to make you feel a little nervous. Have a massage, it’ll reduce those anxious feelings and help you to feel calmer as well.

Improve sleep patterns

Having trouble sleeping during pregnancy? It’s a common complaint. All that extra weight and your general increase in size will make it hard to sleep, why not try a massage and see if that helps?   Symptoms of sleeplessness are known to decrease following a body massage. If baby is keeping you awake at night soothe them to sleep, try a massage and you’ll soon be in the land of nod.

Reduce pain

Gentle stimulation on the back and the legs can help to alleviate pain as well. Back pain in particular is a common problem associated with pregnancy yet a course of massage treatments has been known to reduce pain in these areas. Ease away those aches and enjoy a specialised massage, it’s a treat for you and a treat for baby as well.

Decrease stress

As the weeks pass and you get closer to baby’s due date your stress levels are going to rise. There’s so much to arrange and not enough time to get everything done, this is sure to increase stress no matter how relaxed you feel.  Take away the tension with a massage. Give your back, shoulder and neck region extra attention or go for broke with a full body massage. You’ll feel good, baby will be happy and you’ll both be looking forward to the birth!

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