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Injuries you can treat with a sports massage

Ever twisted your ankle whilst running or jarred your neck throwing a ball? These complaints are classed as sporting injuries, in some cases they can be treated with a sports massage and this blog explores common causes of injuries that need the hands-on approach.

Types of sporting injuries…

Back pain

Play golf or tennis on a regular basis? Take care when you are teeing off or just about to serve to your opponent, all that twisting and jarring could lead to problems in the lower back region. Failing to warm up properly will increase the risk of back problems, if you have pain in the muscle region have a sports massage, it’ll ease tension and help to reduce pain.

Neck pain

Like to go karting in your spare time? Those hot laps will start to take a toll on your body after a while, the force of steering through bends at high speed puts a strain on your neck, there’s a good chance it might stiffen up and need a little TLC. Have a sports massage, ease those neck muscles and condition your body to improve performance out on the track.

Shoulder pain

Play ten pin bowling, cricket or some other sport that involves underarm or overarm throwing? Don’t be too surprised if you pick up a few shoulder injuries from time to time. One way to tackle pain and problems in this area is to have a sports massage, get deep down into the root cause of the problem.

Leg pain

Take part in a game of football at the weekend, play rugby or simply go for a jog and it’s easy to pull a muscle, jar a knee or simply suffer from tired legs. Ease your way back to recovery with a sports massage, get deep down into the tissue, remove knots, improve circulation and leave your therapist feeling fabulous afterwards.  

Get in touch if your body is aching at the moment, a sports massage will soon have you feeling like your old self!

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