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How your body recovers as soon as you stop smoking

Your body is amazing. As soon as you stop smoking it begins to heal itself almost immediately. 

How you quit smoking is up to you. We recommend stop smoking hypnotherapy at Stepping Stones Greenwich, it’s been proven as one of the most successful interventions and it delivers positive and fast-acting results.

To spur you on we thought we’d list some of the immediate benefits of quitting smoking. Decide to quit and…

Your heart rate reverts back to normal levels

After only 20 minutes of stopping smoking your body is already in recovery mode. Your heart rate lowers, it slows down to more acceptable levels, within less than half an hour you are starting to feel the benefits.

Blood pressure drops

Within 2 hours of stubbing out a cigarette your blood pressure starts to drop to acceptable levels. Heart rate and blood pressure decrease and circulation within the body begins to improve.

The risk of heart attack reduces

Just 24 hours after your last cigarette you have already reduced your chances of having a heart attack. Congratulations! Now keep up the good work. The heart attack rate is significantly higher for smokers. Stay off the cigs if you want to minimise the chances of a coronary thrombosis.

Circulation improves

Steer clear of cigarettes for two weeks and your lung function will improve along with circulation levels as well. You’ll notice you are breathing easier and by this stage most of your withdrawal symptoms should disappear, plus physical activity will be less of a strain.

Lungs start to repair

Stick to your guns for a month or so and your lungs will start to function with greater efficiency. Tiny organelles within the lung start to repair naturally. This improves lung performance and you should notice symptoms like shortness of breath starting to disappear.

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