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Effortless ways to change your sleep pattern

You have to feel sorry for anyone that suffers from a poor sleep pattern. A lack of sleep is a killer, you can’t seem to function the next day and your performance in general is severely affected as a result.

What can you do to change a sleep pattern though? One solution is reflexology. Take the holistic approach with a soothing foot massage, relieve tension, stress and drift off to sleep at night.

Other options designed to enhance your bedtime sleep pattern include:

1. Getting a comfy bed

Loll about on a lumpy bed and how are you supposed to drift off to sleep? Check your mattress. Can you feel a few springs digging into your back? If so, it’s time for an upgrade!

Buy a decent mattress, it’ll be worth the expense to get a good night’s sleep, plus it should last a few years as well.

2. Avoiding alcohol and caffeine

Try to steer clear of stimulants before you go to sleep. Too much wine, beer or spirit will keep you awake at night, so will mugs of tea and coffee due to their high levels of caffeine.  

If you fancy a hot drink just before you hit the hay, make a mug of chocolate, cocoa or warm milk.

3. Darkening the room

How dark is your bedroom? Got to bed at 9pm during the summer months and can you see chinks of light filtering through the curtains? Light bedrooms are difficult to sleep in.

Consider investing in heavier curtains or fit blackout blinds to plunge the room into darkness.

4. Getting the temperature right

Bedroom too hot or too cold? That’s not going to help either. Use hot water bottlers or electric blankets in the winter and pick a heavy togged duvet as well. During the summer use fans or air conditioning where possible, open the window and let in fresh air as well.   

The temperature of the bedroom is critical if you want to sleep soundly at night.

Done all of the above?

Night night!

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