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Common reasons diets are prone to failure

Why is it you can’t seem to get along with diets, what hurdles are put in your way that prevent you from reaching your weight loss goals? The battle of the bulge is often lost after the first week, planning a diet is fine, sticking to it is a totally different story.

We recommend hypnotherapy as an appropriate measure to assist your diet at Stepping Stones Greenwich, try hypnosis and Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and you have every chance of success.

Still, it doesn’t do any harm to look at the common factors associated to failed diets, let’s look at the evidence and see where people go wrong.

Eating at the wrong time

Okay one of the worst things you can when you are on a diet is eat at the wrong time. It’s better to eat smaller, healthier meals more often than trying to squeeze in three main meals at set times during the day. Eating late in the evening is the worst thing you can do, your body doesn’t have time to burn the calories before you retire to bed.

Slipping up with snacks

It’s okay to snack as long you eat healthy items. Don’t give into temptation and tuck into a bag of crisps or munch on biscuits during tea breaks, try snacking on fruit, chopped up vegetables or a small packet of seeds and nuts if you are overcome with an attack of the munchies.

Setting expectations too high

Don’t expect to lose 3 stones in weight during the first week of your diet. Losing too much weight too quickly can have a damaging impact on your body, and there’s a good chance you’ll pile it all back on again. Set a realistic target, if you want to be slim for the summer start to diet straight after Christmas, look at a long-term plan, set sensible weekly or monthly targets and when you see the weight start to drop off gradually it’ll give you extra motivation.

Lack of exercise

Eating healthily is an important part of dieting but exercise is vital as well. Find an exercise you like and stick with it whether that’s cycling, swimming, yoga or Pilates, as long as you are performing some type of exercise on a regular basis your diet has every chance of success.

Not being in the right frame of mind

Be honest here. Are you 100% certain you want to lose weight? This is the biggest reason people fail with diets, they’re not in the right mind-set from the beginning, they start the diet half-hearted and it’s no wonder the weight loss plan fails.

One way to tune your mind into your body is try weight loss hypnotherapy. You’ll find more details on our site at Stepping Stones Greenwich, if you want to lose weight this could be the stepping stone you need!

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