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Ancestralite Healing

Ancestralite is a master of letting go of the past and living in the now.

What does it mean to feel called to a crystal? Let us say that you’re in-store, you could have come with intention or perhaps you’re free-flowing. You’ve walked around a lot and chatted with the staff, then your attention is drawn to the Ancestralite. You notice the vivid mahogany stripes in-between the sparkling silver and dark grey. You close your eyes and look around the room with your third eye, the glow coming from these pieces are the brightest. You open your eyes and hover over it, feeling a strong, vibrational pull. This is confirmation of your connection to this crystal.

Choosing the piece for you. In-store, we have Ancestralite tumbled stones. If you don’t immediately know what tumbled stone you want or how many, it is a good idea to choose from an energetic viewpoint. Now is the time you put your hand into the box and get a feel for the crystal. Pick the one you ‘like’ the most. How does it feel against your fingers, on your palm? It is the size you like? Can you feel a slight or even heavy pulsation in your palm? If the connection is very strong you will feel it through your third eye and throughout your body. This is the companion for you!  F.Y.I These techniques and ways of observation work for ALL crystals.

A brief history of Ancestralite. It is a grounding stone aligned with your root chakra (Mūlādhāra) and your Earth Star chakra. It is found in Brazil’s Minas Gerais area, and has traces of Martite (a variety of Haematite). It has been brought to light by crystal enthusiasts in the past 10 years, deemed a ‘new crystal on the block’, however, is an iron oxide based mineral that has been around since the beginning of time.

Ancestralite Healing;

Making you acknowledge any ancestral trauma, old stories and karma built up in this lifetime or previous ones. It pulls memories to the surface that need to be let go so it no longer affects your present, or future generations.

As a grounding stone it encourages stillness, bringing your problems back to Earth to be transmuted.

Protective, bringing out the negative energies within yourself, whilst shielding you from others.

Sharpening your third eye, with rapid visions and creating an open channel for communing with your guides.

Finding balance in survival. Ancestralite helps you to embrace the now, whether it is ‘good or bad’ making you feel more at peace. This will assist you to create less karma and live a more conscious life.

Great for meditation. The best placement for this crystal is close to the body, by the chakras it is associated with.

Great support crystal for those suffering with Dementia, ADHD, anxiety or blood disorders. You can carry a piece in your pocket, or wear it as jewellery.


It is important to cleanse Ancestralite, especially if working with it on a regular basis. This can be done using sage or crystals with cleansing properties, such as citrine which can be found in our shop. Click on the link to browse. https://shop.steppingstonesgreenwich.co.uk/

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