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Voice Confidence Oral & Aura Spray (25ml)

Voice Confidence Oral & Aura Spray (25ml)

Price: £10.50

Product Description: CONFIDENCE
Let your light, beauty and talent shine


+ express yourself with confidence

+ articulate and communicate clearly and freely

+ feel good about, and believe in yourself


- low self esteem and/or poor self image inhibits full self-expression

- fear of criticism, disapproval or making mistakes

- overconcern about what people think about you

Voice Confidence can help you to free your expression and let creativity flow. With trust, and the motivation to succeed, your performance reflects calmness, composure and self-confidence.

Voice Confidence is made by combining flower essences of Elecampane, Garden Pea,Holy Thorn, Lady’s Mantle, Rose Alba, Scots Pine, Sea Holly and Thistle