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Seasonal Affection Oral & Aura Spray (25ml)

Seasonal Affection Oral & Aura Spray (25ml)

Price: £10.50

Product Description: SOOTHE
Strengthen your resilience and tolerance to irritants


+ resilient and adaptable to seasonal changes

+ raise your tolerance levels and strengthen your defences

+ be patient and stay calm in adverse conditions


- sensitive to the adverse effects of seasonal changes

- intolerance aggravated by environmental conditions

- emotional congestion, discomfort and irritation


Seasonal Affections can help you to release emotional congestion, discomfort and irritation. Feel protected and supported, no matter what the season or prevailing conditions.

Seasonal Affections is made by combining flower essences of Birch, Elder, Globethistle,Gorse, Ragged Robin, Scots Pine, Snowdrop, Sycamore and Watercress.