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Mery Pyramid (Small)

Mery Pyramid (Small)

Price: £55

Height  8cm - Base 12 x 12 cm. Meru Pyramids are the perfect Light Tools for the home, office and sanctuary. They combine two ancient energy devices - the Pyramid and Shri Yantra - which have been used for thousands of years to raise vibrations and consciousness to the highest levels. When the pyramid and Shri Yantra are joined to produce the Meru Pyramid, a powerful double generator effect is created, with the Yantra radiating positive life enhancing energies upwards, magnifying and merging with the energy vortex of the pyramid. The elegant copper pyramid is handmade to the scale of the Great Pyramid of Giza, Egypt, a structure that continues to astound researchers with its mysterious power and unfathomable potential. Pyramid structures gather in and magnify what is known by different cultures as prana, chi, orgone, or life force. Positive and life enhancing properties are also generated within a pyramid via resonance. Russian researchers continue to experiment with pyramid structures and have found that pathogenic bacteria are greatly reduced, the immune system is strengthened, the health index of newborns improved when given solutions that had been placed within a pyramid, and that even at temperatures of -40°C, water left untouched within did not freeze. Seeds kept inside from 1-5 days had up to 30-100% increased productivity. Fruit etc. will not decay but instead will dry out without decomposing. Ionization of the surrounding atmosphere was also recorded. It is well documented with kirlian photography that pyramids increase the quality and strength of one's aura. These experiments used only a pyramid structure without the added benefits of the Shri Yantra.

SMALL MERU PYRAMID Pyramid size is 10 cm at base. Total width including wood base is 12 cm. Handmade in copper with a 3.5 cm activated Shri Yantra. Pyramid rests in grooves on the wooden base and is detachable. Suitable for energizing crystals, jewellery, essential oils, vitamins, herbs, etc. Feng Shui tool to raise vibrations, shift stagnant energy, neutralize electromagnetic pollution.