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Light Being Oral & Aura Spray (25ml)

Light Being Oral & Aura Spray (25ml)

Price: £10.50

Product Description: LIGHTHEARTED
Lift your spirits and feel more connected and joyful


+ strength and patience to rise above your troubles

+ keep a positive attitude and identify with a greater sense of purpose

+ live in the present moment with peace of mind


- desolation of loneliness, isolation and despair

- losing the sense of meaning and lack of purpose in your life

- feeling like you can’t go on

Light Being can help to uplift your spirits when feelings of despair, sadness or hopelessness weigh down on your soul. Identifying with a greater sense of purpose and nurturing an optimistic outlook on life, contentment and happiness can be achieved in the present moment.

Light Being is made by combining flower essences of Gorse, Holy Thorn, Rose Water Lily, Snowdrop, Spotted Orchid, Valerian and Wintergreen.