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Energy Shield Oral & Aura Spray (25ml)

Energy Shield Oral & Aura Spray (25ml)

Price: £10.50

Product Description: PROTECTION

Neutralise the effects of electromagnetic stress

+ protect from sensitivity to electrical fields and bio-electrical pollution

+ transform emotional effects of radiation

+ clear static energies and strengthen inner defences


- fear of radiation exposure

- sensitivity to electromagnetic fields

- feeling helpless, despairing, no hope for the future

Energy Shield helps you to stand in strength and create the positive energy that you need to feel more confident to handle detrimental vibrations that affect you.

Energy Shield is made by combining flower essences of Scottish Primrose, Watercress, Wild Pansy and Wintergreen; gem essences of Diamond and Hematite, and element essences of Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Ether.