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Ros's photo My excellent first reading with Ros this week provided me with an abundance of clear, useful information about where I'm at and my next steps. I left feeling amazing - the detailed insight provided was reassuring and encouraging, providing the clarity I needed to move forward with confidence. Ros was warm, welcoming, enthusiastic and empathetic - making the reading a wonderful experience. I would definitely see her again and recommend her to others.

Miranda A. (psychics - Ros)

Gabrielle's photo My psychic reading with Gabrielle was really good, it brought me clarity in a very accurate way. Very helpful! 09.07.2018

Maxine D. (psychics - Gabrielle)

Ros's photo I want to say a big thank you to Ros for my first face to face reading today. I've had a reading with her in the past over the phone and I've always felt a renewed sense of energy from her and today was no exception. I felt great after talking to her. Best Wishes. 09.07.2018

Gina L. (psychics - Ros)

Saira's photo My psychic reading with Saira was amazing. I fetl calm and hopeful. The reading felt real and I was shocked with how the information related so accurately to my life. 09.07.2018

Louise T. (psychics - Saira)

Ros's photo I came to see Ros for a psychic reading with no expectations, having never had one before. I 've been blown away by the experience and I was shocked by how in tune Ros was with where I am at. I'll definitely be back! 03.07.2018

Nadine (psychics - Ros)

Brian Walsh's photo My medium reading with Brian was really interesting and I received lots of information, I will definitely be coming again. Thank you. 20.06.2018

Carly M. (psychics - Brian Walsh)

Ros's photo A Google search by my daughter found Stepping Stones and I am delighted that she did. Ros and I bonded very quickly. Her reading was accurate and she delivered information with excitement, compassion and clarity. She identified issues that were salient and that I had not shared with anyone prior to our meeting. I wanted to see her a second time during my visit to London, but our schedules did not match. Ros is just wonderful and I hope to see her again!!!! 20.06.2018

Brenda M. (psychics - Ros)

Saira's photo I was visiting my daughter in London and found Stepping Stones where I had a psychic reading with Saira. Saira was brilliant and insightful, she understood me and the issues I wanted to be addressed immediately. She shared valuable information that was spot on — as if she was living life next to me. I feel that Saira’s reading provided information in my life that will make things better. It was truly a life changing experience. Thank you!!! I will continue to have readings with Saira long distance over the phone! I would recommend Saira without hesitation!!! 18.06.2018

Brenda M. (psychics - Saira)

Gabrielle's photo I would like to say a big thank you to Gabrielle, as her reading gave me a lot of clarity and understanding of my situation. Gabrielle was very warm and friendly and her reading very accurate and on point. Amazing. Love and light Tracy x 17.07.2018

Tracy R. (psychics - Gabrielle)

Ros's photo Oh my god, Roz is amazing. She has helped me so much over the past years. In times of joy and sorrow, she has been there and helped me see thing from different perspectives and given me a better clarity on many people and situations that have helped push me forward in my life and get a better understanding of the concept of how tarot works. She has helped with my self-esteem and confidence, she is been supportive, empathetic, and understanding in a non-judgemental and very accepting way. She sees things from every angle and blows me away on how accurate she is. Honestly! 08.06.2018

Joanna B. (psychics - Ros)

Ros's photo Ros is amazing and so scarily accurate. She does not tell you what you want to hear. She tells you what you need to do and what rings true. She is the real deal and is the most lovingly guiding person in her field I have ever met. I only see her now, she is accurate and guides you in a motherly or big sisterly way. 08.08.2018

Tii (psychics - Ros)

Gabrielle's photo I had a psychic reading with Gabrielle today and she was amazing, very spot on with everything she said. Her advice made me feel very focused on my issues. Thank you. 06.06.2018

Hayley J. (psychics - Gabrielle)

Lorraine Flaherty's photo During my Inner Freedom Spiritual Life Change Programme's sessions with Lorraine Flaherty, I got very deep inside into certain areas of my life and love the increased awareness that I got from it. Lorraine is excellent at her job and I loved spending time with her. 01.06.2018

Nina P. (psychics - Lorraine Flaherty)

Alice's photo Dear Alice, thank you so much for my reading. Your description is beautiful. I enjoyed reading it and am happy to know about myself. You’re truly gifted. Thank you for your precious time and kindness. 01.06.2018

Moe T. (psychics - Alice)

Gabrielle's photo This was my first time having a psychic reading and it was a great experience. Gabrielle picked up a lot about my life and helped me think through things. Thank you! 20.05.2018

Nikki B. (psychics - Gabrielle)

Gabrielle's photo I phoned on the off chance and I was lucky enough to get an appointment with Gabrielle. Without asking or telling her anything she tuned in to why I was there (work and romance). Gabrielle also gave evidence about my mother who had passed and told me things that no one could know about. Very friendly lady, I will visit her again. 08.05.2018

Russell (psychics - Gabrielle)

Brian Walsh's photo Brian Walsh exceeded all my expectations. He made contact with my loved ones immediately and gave me information that warmed my heart. Fantastic reading. 06.05.2018

Avril W. (psychics - Brian Walsh)

Gabrielle's photo This was my first ever clairvoyant reading and Gabrielle touched upon a few issues I was dealing with, some very specific. I have work to do on myself and am very excited about it, I am really looking forward to seeing her again. 01.05.2018

Abi A. (psychics - Gabrielle)

Brian Walsh's photo I had a psychic reading with Brian during my visit to London. His gift is truly remarkable and I cannot recommend him enough. I left feeling inspired, uplifted and empowered. Stepping stones is a must visit. 01.05.2018

Aimee M. (psychics - Brian Walsh)

Julia Feeney's photo I had a spiritual reading with Julia, my first one ever. She was amazing and I can't wait to go back. Thank you Julia 21.04.2018

Asia L. (psychics - Julia Feeney)

Brian Walsh's photo Dear Brian, I just wanted to tell you that I am doing really good! In the days after our session I felt quite tired, needed a lot of sleep, but I am much better now, with lots of energy and drive, being almost "obsessed" (in a good way) with finishing everything - thank you for your amazing treatment and for showing me that there IS another, much better way!!! I look forward to our next session. Many Thanks, Miha 16.04.2018

Miha (psychics - Brian Walsh)

Gabrielle's photo I drove past and saw the shop. I had a psychic reading with Gabrielle and turned out to be an amazing one. First time with this wonderfully, talented reader and I walked out so happy. Everything Gabrielle said was spot on and helped me see and free myself from my worries of what's ahead. Thank you so much. 14.03.2018

Daria M. (psychics - Gabrielle)

Saira's photo Saira is amazing at what she does . I’ve seen her during the last ten years and she is always accurate at what she says. Saira truly has a gift that is very special. So I would recommend her to anyone who would like some clarity in there life on any issue. She always make you feel so relaxed . Thank you Saira. 13.03.2018

Rita J. (psychics - Saira)

Ros's photo Ros is an amazing psychic, honest, kind and warm. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her, try her and see for yourself. 02.03.2018

Marieta (psychics - Ros)

I love love love this shop. Every time I visit I am welcomed by the lovely girls that work there, they're always so helpful and friendly. It's impressive how extensive their knowledge on their crystals and likewise products is; and considering that I lack it, it's so helpful knowing that I can rely on the girls to help me choose which product to buy - with no pressure put on me to buy anything which is always great! I can't wait for my next visit so can add to my crystal collection. 26.02.2018

Kelly F. (shop)

Saira's photo I have been coming to Saira for 9 years! She is so accurate, her predictions come true and her wisdom is so inspiring. She has an amazing gift! xx 25.02.2018

Shannor D. (psychics - Saira)

Gabrielle's photo It was a very different session from the previous ones I had with Gabrielle, but it was exactly what I needed, she addressed the things that will help change the energies around me. 17.01.2018

Karen W. (psychics - Gabrielle)

Brian Walsh's photo This is my second reading with Brian and the experience has been amazing. He's friendly, understanding and truly gifted. I know I'll be coming to him for years to come. Thank you. 17.01.2018

Roxanne (psychics - Brian Walsh)

Brian Walsh's photo I came for the first time for a reading with Brian in November 2017and I want to thank him for being so honest and saying it as it is and not sugar coating the grim details. Every prediction he said has happened very quickly and I am confident that the future events will eventually unfold too. I will be back again next year. 30.11.2017

Channel D. (psychics - Brian Walsh)

Brian Walsh's photo I had my first ever reading with Brian and spoke to him about a physical issue I have had since January 2017, I was able to identify where this had stemmed from in front of him; an emotional hurt I have been carrying which has manifested in physical form. He was able to tell me literally everything I wanted to know and more. And so I came back to see him to cut the emotional cord of attachment I had with a previous partner and my father. During both sessions, Brian has been comfortably welcoming and reassuring. He is so calm and knows his stuff for sure. He is certainly gifted - he has taught me a lot & helped me to realise so much. One thing I like about Brian is that he tells you everything that is important and swiftly moves on as he is not a dweller. He is a healer who cares and will help & heal without a doubt. I am now experiencing utmost positivity and peace. Thank you smile. 12.12.17

Anon (psychics - Brian Walsh)

Saira's photo This is my second visit to Saira who is an amazing personality with a loving aura. I always feel calm after meeting her. She is accurate in what she says would happen in the future and her gifts are innumerable when it comes to telling me what i am currently concerned about and what is it that i have come to see her. Her guidance is clear and easy to follow and I look forward to my next visit soon. I have already recommended her to some of my friends who are probably looking for answers on certain aspects of their life. I am glad I found you Saira.04.12.2017

Bagyasree N. (psychics - Saira)

Saira's photo I had a reading and a few healing seesions with Saira and can confidently say that her readings are very accurate and that she has amazing healing powers. I had immediate results with the healing sessions. Saira is very spiritual and sincere when healing people. She is extremely compassionate and a very caring person and I highly recommend her. Thank you very much Saira for healing me and helping me move forward. Abudance of blessings and well wishes to you. Love & light. Judy. 28.11.2017

Judy J. (psychics - Saira)

Brian Walsh's photo Brian was recommended by my partner. He made me feel relaxed and greatly relieved. I felt a real connection and real energy coming from him. I will be back for sure. 26.11.2017

Dolly (psychics - Brian Walsh)

Ros's photo My psychic reading with Ros was amazing. I understood everything she was saying, everything was spot on. She showed me that I need to change my path if I want to become the person I would like to be. I loved Ros' energy and will be back to her for more guidance. 24.11.2017

Dominique (psychics - Ros)

Gabrielle's photo Gabrielle understood me on another level. All the things she said to me were extremely accurate. Her guidance is something I can put into practice, and use in my everyday life. Thank you so much! You're wonderful. 22.11.2017

Trish (psychics - Gabrielle)

Brian Walsh's photo Hi Brian, I just wanted to let you know that the healing on my husband has been very effective. I'm seeing you next week so will mention more then but thank you so much, it is all working. Vikki x

Vikki (psychics - Brian Walsh)

Brian Walsh's photo Brian made me feel at ease the moment I walked int and sat down. The reading has left me reassured about where I am now and where I' going. Would definitely recommend returning. 12.11.2017

Hayley J. (psychics - Brian Walsh)

Brian Walsh's photo Brian was so warming and welcoming. I am so pleased with my psychic reading and I am shocked at his accuracy. I cannot wait to return for another blissful reading. 12.11.2017

Selina S. (psychics - Brian Walsh)

Gabrielle's photo Gabrielle gave me the advice I needed to hear, which was extremely empowering and inspiring. She is an extremely intuitive, gifted reader - a blessing. Thank you.08.11.2017

Emma J. (psychics - Gabrielle)

Gabrielle's photo Gabrielle was so honest, and gave me words of wisdom that were true and on point to my situation. Very practical advice and a very accurate reading. Highly recommended. 26.10.2017

Julie (psychics - Gabrielle)

Saira's photo Saira is an amazing person, a beautiful soul, not trying to be cheesy but I am so grateful that I had a psychic reading with her, she truly is special. I got given so much help and advice, I can't put it into words. Trust her. 16.09.2017

Anna J. (psychics - Saira)

Saira's photo Just wanted to say a massive thank you to Saira for her time and compassion when dealing with me. For being spot on and giving solutions to my issues. She is wonderful. 17.09.2017

Andrea (psychics - Saira)

Saira's photo I had the pleasure to meet Saira for a session of tarot reading and I frankly gotta say I felt in the right place at the right moment, as I entered her room! As soon as she introduced herself to me, she was able to establish a very deep connection: she managed to give me stunning details about my private life and create order in my mind providing me with a very complete vision of who I am! The only piece of advise that I feel like giving to her future guests is to be willing to open their mind: her visions can be so detailed and so miningful that your rational mind could struggle to accept it! Truth is only for brave hearts! 17.09.2017

Luca I. (psychics - Saira)

Saira's photo Saira gave me a fantastically accurate reading with a caring disposition and guidance to help form a clarified plan for the future. I look forward to having another reading with Saira in the near future. 03.09.2017

Anne R. (psychics - Saira)

Amazing energy and environment; positive energy; focus in my isses and problems; very good advice and ways of thinking. 03.09.2017

Andreia J. (shop)

Saira's photo Saira was incredibly psychic and accurate, the information she provided was really helpful and put my mind at rest. A beautiful, honest, amazing lady who couldn't have been more kind. Sincere appreciation Saira x 25.08.2017

Lisa L. (psychics - Saira)

Gabrielle's photo My medium reading with Gabrielle was a great experience and I learned a lot about myself. Really helpful with life choices. 21.08.2017

Helene (psychics - Gabrielle)

Saira's photo Amazing! Saira is a powerful woman sent to give you the message you deserve. If you like it or not the truth is within her. Always a blessing. 21.08.2017

Nicola H. (psychics - Saira)

Saira's photo Saira has a beautiful ability to communicate her intuitive reading. Very compassion and accurate. 12.08.2017

Suky (psychics - Saira)

Gabrielle's photo My girlfriend and I loved our reading. We didn't know what we wanted to talk about when we went in to see Gabrielle, but she was so spot on with what we needed to hear. 06.08.2017

Steve B. (psychics - Gabrielle)

Gabrielle's photo Excellent and uplifting reading, gave me the confidence and energy to find my heart once again. Truly a gift sent down from God. 06.06.2017

Alycia B. (psychics - Gabrielle)

Gabrielle's photo I had a medium reading with Gabrielle. I have to say, it is rare to find someone who is really able to access the higher realm and bring unbiased information. A privilege. 16.07.2017

Emma (psychics - Gabrielle)

Saira's photo Saira gave me a beautiful uplifting and encouraging psychic reading, very accurate. Thank you Saira. 13.07.2017

Carolyn P. (psychics - Saira)

Brian Walsh's photo I was really excited about having a reading with Brian and I was blown away of the extent of how amazing it was. I asked about my love life and was given a full picture, even the different culture to mine he will be. I then went to ask my second question and before I uttered a word, he began to talk about it! I had the most accurate and clear reading that I could have ever anticipated. My nan who I had never met came through – she died before I was born and I had the most incredible experience of her showing me how, as she had put it, been with me with every breath and given me her strength, as well as some of my particular traits. She had me laughing! I also felt her love for me so strongly. I would recommend Brian to everyone. I guarantee you will be blown away by this life transformational experience. 14.07.2017

Anthea (psychics - Brian Walsh)

Ros's photo I had a great session with the gifted Ros, who was lovely, very intuitive, insightful and helpful. The vibe of the place was great and I would recommend Ros and Stepping Stones to anyone smile 06.07.2017

James G. (psychics - Ros)

Ros's photo Excellent reading! Ros was spot on about many thing going on in my life presently, without giving any clue as to what was happening! Ros has given me firm hope in the near present and I look forward to what unfolds. 06.07.2017

Leigh (psychics - Ros)

Saira's photo Saira was very warm and made me feel very comfortable. I left feeling positive and empowered. 06.07.2017

Letty M. (psychics - Saira)

Brian Walsh's photo I had a reading with Brian and it was so unbelieveably accurate. He is so kind and calm and made my visit so spiritual. Thank you so much. Brian. 22.06.2017

Laura W. (psychics - Brian Walsh)

Lina Bartuseviciene's photo Lina is a great masseuse and always applies good pressure with very good technique. I always feel very refreshed and renewed by her massages. 14.06.2017

Erika K. (psychics - Lina Bartuseviciene)

Brian Walsh's photo Brian is excellent. His readings had been accurate in the past and the information was correct today. I always feel better after the reading and would recommend Brian to new clients. 08.06.2017

Michelle M (psychics - Brian Walsh)

Saira's photo Saira gave me good guidance and she never failed to inpress me with her ability to relate to one's emotions and analyze my problems accurately. 23.05.2017

Lily Y. (psychics - Saira)

Gabrielle's photo I had a reading with Gabrielle today, I went in confused, which I thought affected everything. I am leaving feeling positive and confident that my future is bright. Thank you very much. 23.05.2017

Tanisha E. (psychics - Gabrielle)

Ros's photo I had an amazing experience with Ros. Lovely lady, she was spot on about everything and a big help. 23.05.2017

Karlie (psychics - Ros)

Brian Walsh's photo Brian got everything about me spot on. I love how positive I feel about moving forward. I'm quite sceptical about readers but felt comfortable with Brian. 23.05.2017

Jasmin (psychics - Brian Walsh)

Brian Walsh's photo I was very lucky to get an appointment with Brian in less than a week waiting period, based on a cancellation waiting list. I got in not knowing what to expect. His warm, humble, empathic and sincere reading was my best birthday present to myself in a very long time. He made me understand with such ease why everything in my life had to happen the way it did. He was right on the money in regards to my past, my present and future hopes and fears. He opened my eyes in all aspects of my life. And he reassured me that my life purpose was divinely guided and supported. I left him feeling absolutely confident about myself and my life. He's such a gifted and wonderful healer and psychic. He also told me messages from my departed ones and knew right then and there he is the real deal. I will most definitely go back to him and recommend him to my friends. Infinite blessings, Brian! 17.05.2017

Zen S. (psychics - Brian Walsh)

Gabrielle's photo Gabrielle is a wholly sensitive but practical lady, with much common sense and very deep important guidance through a difficult situation. Lovely energy. Very helpful reading. Huge appreciation Gabi! 29.04.2017

Lisa L. (psychics - Gabrielle)

Julia Feeney's photo I recently came to see Julia for a combined reading and healing session. OMG, Julia is an extraordinary medium and exceptional healer. She is the real deal who is empathetic and empowers you to stand in your own power. Julia's reading was accurate, to the point and she took the time to deliver the message in a compassionate and understanding way leaving one feeling equipped with enough information to make informed decisions. As for the healing, what I can say, I am still trying to comprehend the "magic" she possesses. Having had a number of healing sessions before, Julia's session is like no other. Firstly, the time she spends with you tuning in and getting a sense of what's going and secondly the feedback she gives at the end of the session along with actions to be taken are like no other. With her healing and guidance I have been able to deal with all sorts of emotions and historic issues that I had suppressed for a long time. A positive shift has occurred in both me as an individual and my life; communication is better, relationships are better. The work she does is simply amazing and nothing like I have ever experienced before. Julia is truly special, she is not only a special medium and healer but really cares and that comes through every time. I will definitely be returning to see Julia again and again. 28.04.2017

Nadine W. (psychics - Julia Feeney)

Saira's photo I have been coming to Saira for years and always had great readings. Saira has an energy that you can't just get anywhere. She has a great way about her. I will always come to her if I feel I need it. 26.04.2017

Rita J. (psychics - Saira)

Brian Walsh's photo I found Brian to be extremely warming and inviting. As my life is changing, I wanted some guidance and reassurance on what to do next. I have found this and feel a lot more calm and ready for new adventures. I would highly recommend Brian to anyone seeking guidance in life. 26.04.2017

Assunta (psychics - Brian Walsh)

Gabrielle's photo Gabrielle is the most wonderful, loving, insightful reader. Everything she said made perfect sense. Seeing her made a massive difference in my life. 25.04.2017

Marianne R. (psychics - Gabrielle)

Gabrielle's photo Grabrielle has the love and compassion in her eyes! She makes you feel calm and welcome and brings loads of insights and inspiration into her readings. She inspired me to want to get out and move on in my life and take in her words of wisdom properly. Thanks you. 25.04.2017

Nikola B. (psychics - Gabrielle)

Saira's photo I have been coming to see Saira for a number of years and always walk away with a better feeling, frame of mind, motivation and general wellbeing. Thank you. 22.04.2017

Mahnaz A. (psychics - Saira)

Saira's photo I want to say thank you for giving me clarity. Thank you for giving me the confidence to believe in myself as life goes on. God bless.22.04.2017

Delaine S. (psychics - Saira)

Brian Walsh's photo Brian was spot on about the whole query. Since the reading the outcome predicted has already unfolded. I would highly recommend Brian's readings to all . Extremely accurate, abundant appreciation and respect. 22.04.2017

Lisa (psychics - Brian Walsh)

Brian Walsh's photo I had my first reading with Brian and everything was accurate, it surprised me so much and also gave me positive energy to go through this bad time of my life. I will recommend him to others seeking advise. Brian is truly skilled. Thanks. 22.04.2015

Diana (psychics - Brian Walsh)

Ros's photo I came to see Ros early in March and wanted to wait and see how things worked out before recommending her. The reading I had was detailed and all encompassing. I was pleased Ros was able to use her talent as both Medium and Clairvoyant to help and advise. I would definitely like to see her again. 21.04.2017

Becca P. (psychics - Ros)

Brian Walsh's photo I recently had a healing session with Brian Walsh. I was prepared to undertake a 2 hour journey entailing 3 train changes such is my confidence in the calibre of Brian's readings and healing. I consulted Brian nearly ten years ago and everything he told me was completely accurate, his guidance giving me great hope and help through a long and particularly challenging period in my life. I was not disappointed last week when i went to see him again. Brian gave a brilliant reading followed by a healing session for my back and my emotional being. Days later and my back is in great shape and I'm feeling good. I highly recommend Brian if you are looking for a healer who is caring, compassionate and highly gifted. Enjoy!

Steph C. (psychics - Brian Walsh)

Brian Walsh's photo As always, Brian's clairvoyant session with me was fantastic. He reached my mum & dad instantly, with such true graphic details. Wonderful hour of love and guidance. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping me find my path. 02.04.2017

Frances N. (psychics - Brian Walsh)

Julia Feeney's photo I had a great session with Julia, not only she is really professional but you also see the truth in what she says and her connection with other forces. She was a great help, putting things into a perspective that I couldn't see or understand, giving me clarity and confidence in my future. She is also a lovely person. I definitely recommend her. 02.04.2017

Danielle S. (psychics - Julia Feeney)

Gabrielle's photo I had such a lovely psychic reading with Gabrielle. It left me with a clear insight on how to progress in my jouney. Highly recommend! 01.04.2017

Ryan L. (psychics - Gabrielle)

Gabrielle's photo Gabrielle was very very accurate and very conforting. Her psychic insights have helped me getting more perspective on my situation and helped me a lot with what I'm going to do next in my life.01.04.2017

Evan V. (psychics - Gabrielle)

Julia Feeney's photo Julia's reading was very intuitive and thoughtful. I felt heard and empowered to make positive changes in my life. Thank you. 27.03.2017

Jacy K. (psychics - Julia Feeney)

Gabrielle's photo Gabrielle's reading was fantastic, so accurate. It brought a lot of comfort and answers. Will definitely come again. 24.03.2017

Cristina (psychics - Gabrielle)

Gabrielle's photo I really enjoyed my psychic reading with Gabrielle, I feel that she was very thoughtfull and considerate and shared some very accurate insights about my life and how to move forward. 24.03.2017

Nadine J. (psychics - Gabrielle)

Julia Feeney's photo Julia was very accurate in her psychic reading. I did not have to tell her anything, she went straight to the point I wanted to discuss without asking any questions. I highly recommend her and will definitely be back. 23.03.2016

Fadila H. (psychics - Julia Feeney)

Brian Walsh's photo I came to see Brian at the end of May 2016. He provided readings regarding my career and relationships. His readings were accurate and precise. He mentioned that after many years of working in an area of law, I would finally specialise. I just could not see it happen, I had given up on that. However, after 10 months, I ended up getting a job in that area. His predictions regarding my financial situation was also entirely accurate. 16.03.17

Prakash P. (psychics - Brian Walsh)

Saira's photo There are not enough words to express my gratitude to Saira. I honestly feel she was an angel sent to me in a darn time in my life. She is by far the best reader/healer I have come across. She knew exactly what to do regarding my situation. She helped me so much. I feel like a different person. I would highly recommend her. God bless. x 09.03.2017

P. Kaur (psychics - Saira)

Saira's photo Met up with Saira today, what an amazing reader. She did an energy cleansing on me and I already feel positive. Would definitely recommend her. 04.03.2017

Ms Kum (psychics - Saira)

Ros's photo Ros has an amazing energy. She is very intuitive and immediately picks up on what's going on. She has a wonderful energy and she is full of light and love. She's very empowering, and can deal with delicate situations with gentleness. Take the time to see her, you won't be disappointed. 04.03.2017.

Manjinder J. (psychics - Ros)

Gabrielle's photo Gabrielle@s reading was extremely useful, practical and warm. And helped me making things clearer, thank you. Definitely recommend her. 04.03.2017

R.M. (psychics - Gabrielle)

Alexandra Wenman's photo Alexandra Wenman is amazing! I've been seeing her for a while but she always helps me and encourages me. Thank you for all the time!! 01.02.2017

Saori (psychics - Alexandra Wenman)

Saira's photo Saira was very through and went out of her way to help me. 27.02.2017

Jascina (psychics - Saira)

Saira's photo Saira is an amazing spiritual healer and guide. I have coming to see her for over 15 years and she is the real thing. Saira is full of compassion, wisdom and love. You will be truly blessed to have her in your presence. I have sent all my friends and family to see her for healing and guidance. 27.02.2017

Nadine C. (psychics - Saira)

Saira's photo OMG.... What can I say, Saira is an amazing and truly blessed lady. She knew the issues I was facing in life, told me good things were going to come very soon. Being in Saira's presence was relaxing and uplifting and warm. She is a true gift to those who visit her for a reading. Can't wait to be back xxx 27.02.2017

Dolly B. (psychics - Saira)

Brian Walsh's photo I tried for years to cut the cord of a destructive relationship, which was detroying me in every way. I went to many different healers but nothing worked. Then I came to Brian and immediately he keyed into what was wrong, he broke this bond and released me from a 4 year prison. Simply amazing, I wouldn't now go to anyone else. 22.02.2017

Annabelle (psychics - Brian Walsh)

Brian Walsh's photo I have been seeing Brian for a number of years. Every reading has been an uplifting and positive experience. Brian gives very detailed readings and many of his predictions have come to fruition in the way Brian said they would. Without doubt the best psychic reader I have ever been to. 15.02.2017

Michelle B. (psychics - Brian Walsh)

Gabrielle's photo Gabrielle gave a brilliant reading with clear messages and encouragement. I left the reading with determination, I can only recommend her. 19.02.2017

Sandra F. (psychics - Gabrielle)

Monica Fizelle's photo I highly recommend Monica. She is very engaging and has a wonderful positive energy, which immediately puts you at ease. She brought through messages with accuracy and compassion and offered guidance on how to work with the information given. I left feeling, calm, uplifted and more positive about the future. 30.01.2017

Jo H. (psychics - Monica Fizelle)

Monica Fizelle's photo Monica is very intuitive and truly gifted. Her experience and insights during my healing session really resonated with me and I felt great energy shifts. I felt safe, cared for and comfortable. I've already booked a session with Monica for my Mom! 08.01.2017

Liz F (psychics - Monica Fizelle)

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