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Psychic Readings in London from Stepping Stones of Greenwich

Psychic Readings

At Stepping Stones Mind Body & Soul We have provided psychic readings and healing since 1993! Our reputation is one of integrity, accuracy and caring. Our readers and healers are the most talented, accurate and caring people. Discretion and accountability are guaranteed!

What’s a Psychic Reading?

Psychic readers have the ability to use their extra sense at will. They might use tarot cards oracle cards or a crystal ball as a focus for this sense to be turned on. Once this sense is turned on, it allows them to access information and ‚see‘ into your past, present and future. Often the information they access is fragmented and it’s relevant to the needs of the client; once the reading is over the expert psychic will turn this sense off.

What happens during a Psychic Reading?

The Reader may lay down tarot or oracle cards and will give you some evidence that she is tuned in to you, the seeker, by telling you something about your past and present. Once this connection is made it is advisable to ask questions so that the reading can focus on the areas of your life that you are seeking guidance for.

Whatever your questions, our Psychics are ready to offer their guidance and insight, bringing proof and validation about your life.

Who can benefit from a Psychic Reading?

Anyone can benefit from a Psychic Reading as they can help you answer so many different types of questions. A Psychic can help you clarify problems that have been troubling you  about love, relationships, health, career, finances or just advice and guidance.

Can telephone Readings and Email Readings be as good as a face to face reading?

Psychic readings usually occur in the presence of a Psychic, but as technology has developed over the years, so has the art of psychic readings. Thanks to the internet and modern telephone networks, Psychics can provide readings from great distances. Our true Psychics can make just as accurate readings over the phone and via email as they can from a one to one session.

• Psychic readings booked via our online system are paid in advance by Worlpay Credit Cards Payments or Paypal. We cannot guarantee that the time you choose to book will be available. Once received your order via e-mail, we let you know whether your chosen time and date is available, either by phone or by e-mail.
• When booking a psychic reading in person in our store or via phone, we require 50 per cent deposit. When booking a telephone reading, a full payment is required at the time of booking if the appointment is for the same day. If the client has previously showed to be unreliable we will require a full payment in advance.
• Once acknowledged our confirmation over the phone, in person or via email, you have entered into a contract with us. We promise to keep that space for you, you promise to turn up for your appointment at the agreed time and date.
• To cancel your appointment we require 24 hour notice. However, if you cancel within less than 24 hours but we are able to replace that appointment, we will give you a full refund.
• If you arrive five or ten minutes late you might be given a shorter reading unless the reader has enough time in his schedule to give you a full reading.
• If you fail to turn up, forget your appointment or turn up more than ten minute late, we will be under no obbligation to give you a reading, your payment may be retained and no refund may be given.


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First time I came to the shop and had my reading with Saira in June 2011 I could not see anything happening, but it all happened as she said, even within the time frame that she fore-caste! I am amazed! So, I came again for my reading for the new year. Happy 2012!

Debora B

It was a very good reading, Saira was understanding, compassionate and knew where I was at in my life. I became clearer about my purpose in life and had questions answered that were informative. Thank you.

Zakia K

Saira is an amazing healer. I am truly grateful for her help. Am everlasting bond in love and light. Thank you.

Dawn S.

Saira's reading is an unforgettable experience. Something I was slightly sceptical to start with and then I was truly blown away. Saira is an amazing psychic and knew personal things from my past along with specific details. Before the reading I removed my engagement ring and did not provide any details other then my name and birthday (which I provided in the reading). Saira predicted that I would be getting married in August and that sapphire is a very positive stone for me and my engagement ring should be made in this stone. I did not mention I am engaged! I was so shocked I pulled out my engagement ring and showed her that indeed my ring is a sapphire! Various other predictions were also made, some of them have already come true and I hope that the remainder will too! Truly a wonderful and positive experience. 21/03/12

Jess Sheena

Saira 's reading was very interesting, she was very intuitive and helpful. Very beneficial experience.

Emer B>

Saira was very helpful and answered all my questions in a very satisfying way. It was a very calming experience.


The reading was incredible. She could see so many things from my past that were holding me back and gave me advice for the future.I will definitely be back. Thanks a lot. 26/08/2012

Carmen S.

I saw Saira today. It was the first time that I have been to a Psychic Reader and I was filled with hopes and dreams. 06/08/2012

Stephanie F.

I want to express my gratitude to Saira for the help she has given me during the reading today, she has made me feel really at peace. Thank you. 27/10/2012


I found the whole experience with Francesca very helpful and even healing. Francesca has a deep empathy and understanding which allows her to give very insightful readings. 07/11/2012

Alex V.

Saira was warm, patient and kind. I felt very secure and comfortable in her presence.The generosity of time and advice was very appreciated. In all, it was a good session. Highly recommended. 21/11/12

Noorlinah M.

A very enlightening experience, positive feeling of clearing. Ros picked up on a number of current issues in my present life. 25/01/13

Sarah W.

I met Saira about a year ago for a reading. Every prediction she made came to pass point blank. Since then I have consulted her about every aspect of my life. 10/12/12

Gloria K.

I would like to thank Saira for giving me renewed hope for the future. I left my reading feeling warm, peaceful and the happiest I have been in 12 years! 13/12/12


Thank you for your clear and concise reading. I found it to be very accurate in terms of where I am in my life right now and what I should be doing to move forward. I really appreciated your suggestions of doing a life review and breaking down my goals into manageable chunks. I feel that you got to the heart of the matter and have given me guidance which I found very relevant. Take care. Peace. 15/02/2013


Thank you for this wonderful reading. You've delivered it in a very friendly manner transmitting positive energy, it was a pleasure listening to you. I also appreciate that you give such an extensive reading. You were spot on about the past! What you say about the present and the Tarot's advice makes a lot of sense.. Thanks again! 15/02/2013


Thank you for your reading. You are 100% accurate with how I have been feeling about everything, myself, work etc. Your reading was really helpful as it's given me something to think about, and say, be more positive about it all. . thanks again. 29/01/2013


Thank you for your lovely reading. It indeed resonates. Thank you for your time and for the use of your lovely gift. 29/01/2013


I had a reading from Canada via Skype with Saira and I want to thank her for a very informative, enlightening and educational reading. Saira I am very glad that I found you and look forward to implementing the things that we discussed. I will contact you again for a future reading to let you know how everything is going. Many and ((((HugggBlessingsgs))))) Thank you again. 19/12/2012

Pamela S.P.

I found Saira a most fantastic lady, she helped me so much to change my life for better. Thank you. 18/02/2013

Christiane O.

Ros was great. Very nice and very upfront about certain things, which made the reading clear and the experience worth every minute! I highly recommend her and will definitely see her again. 25/03/2013

Kyle K.

I was introduced to Saira through a very good friend in 2006. She had been to see Saira for a reading previously and been inspired by her accuracy. They say first impressions are important and I must say Saira left me feeling very humbled. I have always been open-minded about spiritual gifts but had never met anyone who could give such insight about my own life. In my first reading Saira was able to pick up on significant dates and people that she had no way of knowing about. And I was able to receive answers to questions that had been causing much difficulty. Having seen her for a number of times since our first meeting 7 years ago, up until now I am still amazed and inspired by how sensitive she is to receive and give the guidance that she does. All the while encouraging me to believe and trust in myself and God. Thank you Saira for using your gift to help others and I pray you continue grow stronger and stronger. Bless you. Sylvia A. 03/05/2013

Sylvia A.

I was referred to Saira a number of years ago thorough a friend of mine who she assisted with some personal matters and was told she IS THE BEST. Although sceptical I booked an appointment through her work and was amazed by the clarity of her reading and her understanding of my personal and professional need to meet with her. After my first reading which lasted an hour I felt such a huge sense of relief, wellbeing and calm come over of me and the knowledge that I am guided by something bigger. I have been fortunate to be able to travel to the UK every 6 months and arrange a meeting with Saira who always greets me with the great empathy and always seems to remember our past reading and point out how things have changed according to her reading. Her readings gave me clarity on my past relationships which failed before they even started and I am now lucky to have been in a loving relationship with someone she predicted I would (she even predicted the date) and professionally she predicted my promotion and I have consulted her ever since. Although my friend has drifted the one constant I have is Saira who has guided me through my lows and shown me how to appreciate the highs. Her guidance is a true gift. 07/05/2013

Shaan B.

Brian was recommended to me by a respected Reader. He was accurate, warm and filled me with confidence. His medium-ship and psychic ability were fantastic.22/06/2013

Linda M.

Brian was really spot on and made me feel really positive. I had a truly lovely experience. 22/06/2013

Joanna F.

Amazing!! What more can I say, Brian has given the greatest gift to my sister-in-law, by contacting her mum in spirit. Words cannot describe how pleased we are! Coming back again for longer next time! 22/06/2013

Tasha & Ellie

Very accurate reading. Brian's energy made me feel very relaxed and safe. He tuned in to all that was going on in my life very quickly and gave guidance on what I should do next. Wonderful!! 22/06/2013


It was very interesting to know how much someone can help you when you reach out. The reading with Francesca was lovely. 28/06/2013

Marcia R.

Brian is a truly talented psychic. His reading was accurate, in depth and all from the heart. I came away feeling uplifted and inspired and will carry his words with me for a long time to come. I would highly recommend him! 30/06/2013

Claudia O.

The reading with Brian was a totally amazing experience, it blew my mind. And what a warm and loving guy! 30/06/2013

Deborah P.

I contacted Stepping Stones after a recommendation. I chose Saira when I saw her kind face on their website. I didn't know what to expect but I knew I needed help. I was battling depression bought on by very challenging family members. At that time my work mirrored the drama with my family. Saira helped me to identify my strengths and what needed to change. Her readings were very accurate and insightful. I could ask any question and obtain a straight no nonsense answer. I met Saira face to face for a reading then started to book shorter telephone readings about once a month. The readings helped to coach me through very difficult changes I had to make. I had no choice sink or swim. A year later I'm very happy. I survived the worst period of my adult life with Saira's help. I let go of very old patterns and by letting go I could focus on the new. I am married with a son yet all my energy was spent on old dramas and seeking approval from my birth family. It wasn't easy but my telephone readings gave me the strength to keep moving forward and letting go. Now I'm happily married and my son is thriving in our chosen school. I have resigned from my old workplace and have a wonderful new job with easier travel. I have let go of old negative patterns and no longer have daily drama sapping my energy. I was meant to meet Saira. She is truly gifted. My day job is in policy and research. I have no data to explain Sara's gifts. I can only think she has been blessed to help others. I still call Saira for a telephone reading every few months. Life will always change and modern living can be stressful. I recommend Saira as a spiritual coach and guide. My telephone readings help to calm and restore balance. As a busy working mother I'm very grateful I can access support when I need it. Saira helped me focus on me, my marriage and child. Today we are a loving unit free from drama. I cannot put a price on what I have now and recommend Saira highly. 01/07/2013

S.B. Kent

Francesca's reading was great and insightful, with useful pointers and information to help me through the next few months. Much appreciated. Lovely, friendly and kind lady. 05/07/2013

Sarah W.

Fantastic! Will definitely recommend a reading with Brian to anyone! He is real, knowledgeable and insightful! A breath of fresh air. 07/07/2013

Hazel A.

Ros gave me an amazing reading, very insightful and true. A lovely person and has given me a clear direction and belief in myself. Highly recommended and will definitely come back. Thank you! 16/07/2013


My reading was absolutely fantastic and incredibly accurate, I can't recommend Brian highly enough. Such a lovely guy, the best psychic medium reading I've ever had. 15/07/2013

Fay T.

Brian is a brilliant Medium. He is fantastic and provided me with instant proof. He helped me so very much and as time went very quickly I will see him again soon! 20/07/2013


My reading with Brian was absolute incredible, he is such a lovely guy. It was possibly the best psychic and medium reading I have ever had in a long time. He was very accurate in his descriptions of thing and very real and I love that. I would highly recommend him to anyone! I will definitely come back! 21/07/2013

Jo-Ann C.

Brian was incredibly positive whilst reading me and amazingly accurate. He knew and confirmed things that I had not told anyone else. His predictions set my mind at rest because if he is right about the past then the future is good. His accuracy was scary! Thanks so much. 21/07/2013

Suanne C.

Brian gave me an amazing reading, totally blew me away and his mediumship skills are awesome. Best reading I have ever received. I have no hesitation in recommending Brian. Lovely man too. 28/07/2013

Michelle H.

Brian gave me a fantastic reading. He was able to contact my late father and pass on messages from him. There was no doubt that it was my father communicating through him. I left with a renewed sense of purpose and hope for the future. 28/07/2013

Diane S.

An absolutely spot on reading. I am leaving feeling reassured and positive regarding the information given to me by Brian. Will be back! 29/07/2013

Roisin G.

Brian was kind, reassuring, incisive. He knew things that astounded me! 29/07/2013

Julia N.

Ros's reading was absolutely brilliant. She was spot on. She identified the problem immediately and was very accurate. 31/07/2013

Yasmine B.

I had a reading with Saira today which I can only describe as life changing. She is amazing and showed such insight into matters past and present. Saira was so accurate in her reading that I have a renewed confidence in what I have to do moving forwards to manifest my dreams. I will never forget today, it was like a new beginning and I will be back again. I am ever grateful to Saira, her gift is magnificent. 01/08/2013

Jacqueline G.

"Had a brilliant reading with Ros, came away happy and positive about my situation. I highly recommend her”. 06/08/2013

Karen C.

Brian told me lots of things that made sense to me. Very honest reading and using lots of skills - Palmistry, Spirit and Tarot. Interesting and very warming. Thank you. 04/08/2013

Kylie C.

My reading with Brian on Sunday 11th August at 2.30 was amazing, what a lovely warm person. He tuned in to my current situation very quickly, and gave me some uplifting news and good advice. He also contacted my dear Mother who died when I was 12. It was the first time anyone had done that, it was such an emotional and uplifting experience to know she has been with me through all these years, he described her perfectly, even down to her accent! Thank you Brian, God Bless you. 11/08/2013

Carolyn P.

Incredible, Brian gave me an awesome precise and very positive reading. I left feeling very happy and with my route in life much clearer. A fantastic experience. Thank you.19/08/2013

Ross H.

I've just had a first reading with Brian and not only did he see my situation with enormous clarity but his empathy and calm helped me to see beyond it and accept it. I am walking away feeling healed. He was empathetic and warm with amazing insight. A wonderful experience.Thank you. 31/08/2013

Rowan F.

Brian is a genuine, experienced Psychic. His warmth and openness is comforting and reassuring. Brilliant reading. 01/09/2013

Sidonie W.

"Brian is very accurate. He predicted I would move to Australia, without knowing I had applied for a scholarship there. He has helped me move on from a heart-break. He is sincere and genuine, 100% recommended". 07/09/2013

Cici N.

I am simply blown away by my reading with Brian. Both the level of detail and the clarity of delivery were stunning. When I had the reading initially, the concepts shown to me seemed impossible and improbable. Yet within a few days - which I was told to expect - they have come into reality with precision. My reading with Brian was profound, unexpected and life changing! 23/09/2013

Stephanie B.

Ros is an amazing reader, she guided me in the right direction and advised me what to do. Thank you so much, you are a blessing from God. Lots of love. 24/09/2013

Davinder L.

Brian was fantastic, he told me things that were buried deep (brought it all to the surface). He even picked up on my mother who has passed on earlier this year. Brian felt like an old friend, he is warm and friendly, I could have stayed talking with him for hours. I loved him. Thank you Brian. 30/09/2013

Bev M.

Saira is super good! She told me all the things that did happen and exist in my life, I was very impressed. Thank you and looking forward to seeing you again. 05/10/2013

Tanya C.

Brian was very thorough and hit the nail on the head every time. Brian was everything I hoped he would be and more importantly he was a treaure and helped me on my path in the best way. 12/10/2013

Yasmin F.

I had a reading with Brian today. It was an amazing experience. He was very accurate and skillful. I will definitely come back. I highly recommend him. 21/10/2013

Marcela H.

I had a reading with Brian today which helped me gain a clear understanding of myself, my past and my future. He helped me to understand many things which are so important for me and also made contact with my beloved grandfather. I had shivers at the strength of the reading. Thank you so much! 21/10/2013

Jacqueline G.

Saira is a very good Psychic and a lovely person.She made me feel positive about life! I really enjoyed my reading with her. 24/10/2013

Sandra B.

I have already given a testimonial but felt compelled to give another after this week. I saw Saira in August and she absolutely changed my life for the better with such accuracy. She even went as far as giving a date for a change and it happened exactly so. I saw Brian this week and he spoke of changes in my business life and what was needed and said it would take a year, in the last three days I have been presented with a business opportunity which exactly mirrors his words. I was told the successes would begin immediately but be optimised within a year! How wonderful are these two gifted people! Thank you both, I feel strong and ready to embrace all. I will return x 26/10/2013

Jacqueline G.

I have already given a testimonial but felt compelled to give another after this week. I saw Saira in August and she absolutely changed my life for the better with such accuracy. She even went as far as giving a date for a change and it happened exactly so. I saw Brian this week and he spoke of changes in my business life and what was needed and said it would take a year, in the last three days I have been presented with a business opportunity which exactly mirrors his words. I was told the successes would begin immediately but be optimised within a year! How wonderful are these two gifted people! Thank you both, I feel strong and ready to embrace all. I will return x

Jacqueline G.

Ros really hit the nail on the head, told it as it is and made it all clear. Lovely lady! 27/10/2013

Fiona W.

"Roz, you could not have been more accurate, 100% spot on and just the guidance I was looking for. There are no guarantees in life but for now it's what I need and you have confirmed it.Thank you so much. 27/10/2013


It was brilliant, Brian was so clear and precise. Told me exactly where I need to go in life. Great!!! 03/11/2013

Angella H.

Very genuine, truthful, very accurate, and generous. Thank you. 02/11/2013

Ruthy M.

I had a really good reading from Saira. She really gave me great insights into my life before now and what is on currently. I already knew some, but was amazed at what she shared with me and about my family. She has given me the extra validation I needed to move forward and to trust in a positive chapter that awaits me. Thank you Saira for your warmth and will see you in the near future. Love & Light. 10/11/13

Christine L.

Absolutely amazing. I cannot believe the issues Ros picked up on. I gave no clues, simply said yes or no. I will be back because she is a beautiful and gifted lady who speaks much sense. Thank you. 10/06/2013

Sarah W.

My reading with Brian was more than exceptional from start to finish. Everything was spot on. I was drawn to choosing him and I am glad I followed my intuition. The healing too was great. I enjoyed how he talks a bit about himself and incorporates his different knowledge. Second to none reader and healer. Thank you. 09/11/13

Caleta W.

I spent a great 45 minutes with Brian, he made me feel at ease and talked sense throughout. I am very pleased to have met him and will certainly keep in touch! 23/11/2013

Daniel D.S.

Brian's reading was a totally moving experience. Incredibly genuine and truly unforgettable reading. What a gifted and talented man. Thank you. 23/11/2013

Sharron S.

The most amazing experience. Brian was a wonderful guide, he contacted my husband and gently led me through my reading. Full of details and information. Such a kind generous medium. 23/11/13

Dana A.F.

I had a one hour session with Brian. Honestly speaking I was very frightened and anxious on my way to the shop. I was afraid people would judge me and think I am doing a nonsense thing. But I was so depressed and sad and I really did need someone understanding to talk to and help guiding me through this dark motion and confusion about life. Brian came in and he was surprisingly sweet and helpful. He calmed my nerves down so much that I was even comfortable crying out loud in front of him. Wise man, very professional and gifted. I don't know what you might be going through at this stage of your life, but i strongly recommend you to give yourself a chance and stop by at Stepping Stones once. As far as I know, I won't regret for going there myself. All the best to Stepping Stones and people who deserve love and a happy life. Thanks a lot. 30/11/2013

Yaru G.

This was my first reading with Brian, he was spot on with so many things and made me feel relaxed. A really cool guy! 08/12/2013

Sam G.

Brian is a very good psychic. He picked up on many things without me telling him anything, for example, he told me what I did for a living. I will recommend him to my friends and family. 08/12/2013


Best and easiest money I have spent all my life, Brian was fully engaging and answered all my questions and queries with clarity and meaning! Highly recommended. 07/12/2013

Aaron W.

I would like to say a very big thank you to Saira for my reading yesterday. Before I left home I asked to receive confirmation about my own ability as a psychic, as at times I have doubted myself about it. Upon meeting Saira she picked up on it very quickly! So once again THANK YOU SAIRA! 14/12/2013

Nicola K.

Ros knew immediately that I needed more self confidence and kept telling me that I am a beautiful person and gave me plenty of invaluable advice. In this session she has really boosted my confidence and helped me in more ways than one. 16/12/2013

Phanh Ly

Saira is a breath of fresh air. I am very pleased with my reading. From the moment I walked in I felt familiar with her energy and I knew I was meant to be here. I am very grateful, Thank you Saira and God bless you. 16/12/2013

Patricia M.

Brian was excellent! Tuned into all the different aspects of the question before I asked! He was also able to transmit his enthusiasm and brightness! Fully recommend him and will send my friends! 22/12/2013

Lena T.

A very inspiring reading. Hit all the nails on the head. I've seen her for the first time and I will be seeing her again. I highly recommend her. Thank you Ros. 24/12/2013

Mark MG

Ros speaks from a place of light. Her words surrounded me like a protective arm, they inspired me and nourished me. She was accurate, nurturing and I can't recommend her highly enough. 24/12/2013

Fiona V.

Brian has a very beautiful energy, felt like I've known him for years. Very accurate, empathyc and sensitive. I felt comfortable and more confident about my future when I left. Definitely coming back. 30/12/2013


Brian is a truly gifted psychic. Helped me to understand what I was looking for. Gave me accurate information regarding my nan. I never believed she would come through. I am leaving today clearer and optimistic about life. 30/12/2013


Brian was very warm and insightful! I felt very re-assured after his reading and he was very accurate in describing how I had been feeling. 29/12/2013


Ros is accurate, easy-going and a lovely person to talk to. Analyses the scenario logically and gives clear, straightforward insights. Highly recommended! 19/01/2014

Yvette L.

Brian was great! He spoke to my guides and used the tarot cards to give me a clearer picture of my situation. I've walked away feeling 100% better. I'm so glad I chose to have a reading with him. 16/01/2014


To Alice, many thanks for the lovely email reading I received smile My girlfriend is especially pleased with it smile Kind regards. 21/01/2014

Rob W.

I had an appointment with Brian yesterday. I just wanted to say thank you to him from the bottom of my heart. I was so speechless and when I did come down to write my testimonial I was still lost for words. He has given me so much peace and clarity. He has a truly incredible gift. Brian was very kind, warm and genuine. If you're reading this and unsure of who to choose, pick Brian. 27/01/2014

Nikki R.

I met Ros today and instantly felt like we knew each other, and had been friends for years! She was insightful and helped answer specific questions I had about my life. I feel like Ros knew my whole story and she helped me understand how my recent and future actions will affect important people in my life. 16/02/2014

Sheri R.

Amazing! Brian is 100% accurate! He has made me feel so much happier. Thank you. 22/02/2014

Gillian T.

Brian is a very down to earth and interesting man. He touched on a few things that made a lot of sense to me from the past which I hadn't understood. It's a lot clearer now. Excellent all around. 22/02/2014

Barbara J

Brian was remarkably accurate, warm and friendly, put me at ease straight away and answered all my questions without me saying a word. I feel totally renewed and at peace. 22/02/2014

Amy M.

I had an excellent reading with Ros. She was warm, friendly, insightful and very reassuring. I felt able to ask questions which were answered honestly and openly. Ros was able to put me at ease and guide me. Would highly recommend her! 23/02/2014

Linda H.

Brian was amazing. I am blown away by his psychic surgery! 02/03/2014

Mairead G.

I attended a reading with Brian on Monday 24/02/2014 and I forgot to leave a testimonial as I was leaving. I would just like to say: 'A big thank you to Brian, I was amazed by the accurate reading and left feeling hopeful and renewed at a very confusing time in my life. Best Wishes'.

Tracy R

I would like to provide a personal thank you to Brian who has helped me immensely. Today I walked into the session feeling completely lost and walked out with real answers. He completely put me at ease, it was as if he could read my soul and knew exactly what I was thinking and going through.For anyone having hesitations, please don't, open your mind, it really has helped. Thank you Brian. 08/03/2014

Stephanie G.

I would like to provide a personal thank you to Brian who has helped me immensely. Today I walked into the session feeling completely lost and walked out with real answers. He completely put me at ease, it was as if he could read my soul and knew exactly what I was thinking and going through. For anyone having hesitations, please don't, open your mind, it really has helped. Thank you Brian. 08/03/2014

Stephanie G.

I had a reading with Brian today. I am so happy with my reading, he was spot on in every way. God bless and thank you. 10/03/2014

Gloria D.

Everything has become so much clearer to me now; I accept I am on the right path. Losing my grandad almost 2 years ago has been tough but he came through thanks to Brian and I feel at peace that he is close to me. And the only answer I was after was that he is proud of me. And he is. Thank you! 10/03/2014

Steff D.

Saira is inspiring! Her readings are accurate and have blown me away. I would recommend her highly! 10/03/2014

Vanessa P.