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Inner Freedom Spiritual Life Change Programme

The INNER FREEDOM Spiritual Life Change Programme includes:

1- Current Life
Inner Child - Ancestral Healing

2- Past Life Therapy
Clearing Blocks and Contracts

3- Life Between Lives
Discover who you really are and why you are here

4- Future Life
Creating the Life you deserve

Three sessions - 8 hours - Fee £480

Four sessions - 12 hours - Fee £720

These sessions can be taken all together, as a one day event, or can be spread out over time. However, if there is time, it is a good idea to spread these sessions out to allow the infomration to integrate before moving on to the next part.



Name Price Book
INNER FREEDOM Spiritual Life Change Program
3 sessions - 8 hours
£400 Book online
INNER FREEDOM Spiritual Life Change Program
4 sessions - 12 hours
£640 Book online

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Lorraine Flaherty's photo

Lorraine Flaherty

Hypnotherapist, NLP Master Practitioner, D.Hyp MBSCH.

Lorraine is available by advance booking only, on most Wednesdays, between 10 am and 7 pm. Please call us on 020 8853 2733 to check her available dates.


I have done the complete Inner Freedom Spiritual Life Change Programme which was made of eleven hours spread over two days. What I can just say is that Lorraine was amazing as she was able to dig into the problem and make me see things in a more positive way. The initial half an hour was explaining why I was there and Lorraine understood immediately my life story which other therapists took far longer to understand. Then the hypnosis started and even though it was my first time she was very good in guiding me and it just felt great. This programme could make a difference to many people and I am happy to have done it and I am very grateful to Lorraine and Stepping Stones for offering this. At the end of it I was given a lot of notes which are very helpful to read after the therapy is over. 05.04.2016

Alex S.