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I had my first Reiki healing session today with Raffaella, it was very relaxing and I felt at peace and in tune with my body. I am looking forward to my next session. Stepping Stones is a very warm and welcoming place and I would recommend a visit to anyone looking for an alternative to conventional medicine. (10/03/2012)

Marcia F.

I had psychic surgery with Brian because of a problem with my right ear. After a few sessions the hearing came back and I was left feeling much better. 14/07/2013

Eve M.

I had a spiritual healing session with Brian yesterday.Brian has left me feeling as if my mind, body and soul have had a deep clean. I am rejuvenated and feel re-assured that I am on the right path in life. I will definitely be seeing him again in the near future! 16/12/2013

Janelle C.

I found Saira very helpful. I now feel that I can move on with my life for a better and brighter future. 08/03/2014


Very lovely session with Brian, he explained everything clearly to me. I felt a great energy during the session and all went well. I am very grateful. Thank you Brian and thanks to all at Stepping Stones. 07/04/2014


Alexandra is a fantastic teacher.I took her Angelic Reiki Courses level 1 & 2, 3 & 4 Practitioner diploma and Master/Teacher level. I totally enjoyed all of it. More than a great teacher, Alex is a totally lovely person and created such a positive energy throughout.

Kirsty C.

Brian is an amazing healer. The experience I had can only be explained as peaceful and divine. Bless him for doing this work. A very worthwhile experience. Highly recommended. 26/07/2014


I have had a few readings with Brian including a healing session. I first went to Brian as I was in a very dark and difficult place in my life. I really needed guidance in relation to my career, love and family life. Brian picked up on my issues straight away and I felt like he was literally reading my mind as he spoke. He told me that moving area to a new house is the right choice, he elaborated on my career choices and told me the necessary steps to take to ensure I am successful. He also told me what to expect about my love life and the appropriate attitude to take. He was also able to contact my grandmother which I found incredibly remarkable as he provided so much correct information about her that I knew it was true. Brian was so lovely, kind and warming I felt so comfortable and told him things I had never shared with any other psychics. Most of all Brian does not judge anyone and does his utmost best to help. I always leave feeling uplifted and have an immense sense of clarity. Brian is undoubtedly one of the best Psychics/Mediums out there. 28/07/2014

Niki R.

Brian Walsh is a truly gifted healer who worked very hard on my issues. Amazing energy of love. Could feel the Angels in the room working with Brian. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. 01.03.2015

Jenny T.

I had a healing session with Saira and it was a life changing experience to me. My health improved and my life started moving forward since then. I am most grateful to her. 29.06.2015

Marcia B.

Brian Walsh is the best, he is coming from God. I had a healing session with him because I was suffering from panic attacks and irregular heart beating and was constantly worried. I felt like I had no hope and did't believe much in spiritual healing. But when Brian did the healing, praying for me, I felt so lifted and blessed and comfortable. I came back especially to thank him. 21.11.15


I had a session with Saira and even if you are not a believer you cannot deny that the power of her kindness is unforgettable. To walk in to her room and feel such power and light is breath-taking! Her prayers are mesmerizing She is the best protection I can give my family. 21.11.2015

Selina S.

I have done the complete Inner Freedom Spiritual Life Change Programme which was made of eleven hours spread over two days. What I can just say is that Lorraine was amazing as she was able to dig into the problem and make me see things in a more positive way. The initial half an hour was explaining why I was there and Lorraine understood immediately my life story which other therapists took far longer to understand. Then the hypnosis started and even though it was my first time she was very good in guiding me and it just felt great. This programme could make a difference to many people and I am happy to have done it and I am very grateful to Lorraine and Stepping Stones for offering this. At the end of it I was given a lot of notes which are very helpful to read after the therapy is over. 05.04.2016

Alex S.

The emotional cord cutting sessions with Brian were just unique and amazing. Brian was able to get out all my tension and anxiety and I felt way better as soon as it finished. At the end of the session the amazing thing is that the body is tired but all the negative emotions have gone. And in his psychic readings Brian is very precise. You can ask him questions about anything and he will give you clear answers. He can also read and understand past issues also involving other people. He’s quite amazing! 06.04.2016

Saverio A.

I had an Emotional Cord Cutting with Saira a short while ago. She got out the final thing that was not allowing me to have a relaxed life. It was a unique and deep session involving a consultation at the beginning after which she used various techniques (including prayers) to get out what was blocking me from moving on and cleared the suffering connected to my past. 20.04.2016

Alex S.

I have taken three of Alexandra's Angelic Reiki Workshops and each time I was guided gently into what I can only describe as a deep spiritual experience. Since each workshop, I have not only healed, I have manifested positive experiences and gained the ability to face difficulties with a calm, loving and open mind. In short, she has guided me to understand and change my life for the better and will always be grateful. Thank you Alex! 28.04.2016

Jo H.

The Crystal Healing Workshop with Alexandra Wenman was fantastic. It was my first workshop with her and found it to be emotional, healing and wonderfully uplifting. After the workshop I felt alive and energized. Brilliant. Thank you. 02.05.2016

Imani A.

My first meeting with Alexandra was to receive Angelic Reiki healing. Alexandra listened to why I was there with a very open and loving heart. The healing was amazing and when I left I felt on top of the world. The angels blessed me with wonderful messages of love and encouragement for moving forward in my life. Alexandra is a fantastic channel for the Angelic Realm and their healing. Subsequently I went on to study Angelic Reiki under her tutelage. She is a patient and caring teacher and with her guidance I was able to connect with the Angelic realm and complete my studies to become an Angelic Reiki practitioner. Alexandra is a truly gifted reader, healer and teacher. 09.06.2016

Monika F.

I had an Emotional Cord Cutting session with Saira and I am feeling so much better now. It's a fantastic feeling! 12.08.2016

Lorraine H.

Thank you so much for today Brian, I'm really grateful and appreciate your advice, will definitely follow it all. Feel so much better after the Reiki healing too. I don't know what we would do without your guidance. Look forward to seeing you again soon. xx


I came to see Lorraine for spiritual release I found the whole experience to be wonderful. She was so lovely, peaceful and patient. I found the session so helpful and feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. She was so amazing. Thank you so much Lorraine, appreciated. 14.12.2016

A. Ward

Alex was spot on with her reading and her angelic reiki healing session. I found her to be very intuitive. I would definitely recommend her. 11.01.2017

Lesley B.

I came to see Alexandra Wenman for a Cord Cutting session as I had a very negative outlook of myself since being in a very negative relationship. Alex was wonderful helping with cutting the cord that connected us. I instantly felt one hundred times better. I definitely recommend her. 26.01.2017

Sarah A.

Monica is very intuitive and truly gifted. Her experience and insights during my healing session really resonated with me and I felt great energy shifts. I felt safe, cared for and comfortable. I've already booked a session with Monica for my Mom! 08.01.2017

Liz F

I tried for years to cut the cord of a destructive relationship, which was detroying me in every way. I went to many different healers but nothing worked. Then I came to Brian and immediately he keyed into what was wrong, he broke this bond and released me from a 4 year prison. Simply amazing, I wouldn't now go to anyone else. 22.02.2017


Saira is an amazing spiritual healer and guide. I have coming to see her for over 15 years and she is the real thing. Saira is full of compassion, wisdom and love. You will be truly blessed to have her in your presence. I have sent all my friends and family to see her for healing and guidance. 27.02.2017

Nadine C.

Met up with Saira today, what an amazing reader. She did an energy cleansing on me and I already feel positive. Would definitely recommend her. 04.03.2017

Ms Kum

I had my first ever reading with Brian and spoke to him about a physical issue I have had since January 2017, I was able to identify where this had stemmed from in front of him; an emotional hurt I have been carrying which has manifested in physical form. He was able to tell me literally everything I wanted to know and more. And so I came back to see him to cut the emotional cord of attachment I had with a previous partner and my father. During both sessions, Brian has been comfortably welcoming and reassuring. He is so calm and knows his stuff for sure. He is certainly gifted - he has taught me a lot & helped me to realise so much. One thing I like about Brian is that he tells you everything that is important and swiftly moves on as he is not a dweller. He is a healer who cares and will help & heal without a doubt. I am now experiencing utmost positivity and peace. Thank you smile. 12.12.17


Ros is an amazing psychic, honest, kind and warm. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her, try her and see for yourself. 02.03.2018


During my Inner Freedom Spiritual Life Change Programme's sessions with Lorraine Flaherty, I got very deep inside into certain areas of my life and love the increased awareness that I got from it. Lorraine is excellent at her job and I loved spending time with her. 01.06.2018

Nina P.