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Crystal Healing in London from Stepping Stones of Greenwich

Crystal Healing

Crystal healings are beautiful, relaxing experiences.  The crystals are placed around the body in a matrix tailored to your own energy field, they then work to remove blockages and heal the body, mind and spirit.  Your healing may be combined with Reiki or other healing energies as appropriate.

Natural quartz crystals have their own energy, which is similar to the  vibration of the human body. By intensive positive thought they can be programmed to assist the healing process. They are excellent for unblocking negativity. Coloured crystals can be used to relate to the different Chakras.

What are the chakras? Chakra means wheel in Sanskrit. They are like a spinning vortex of energy, although like emotions we cannot see them but they a affect us physically. They interact with each other by spinning and turning, to help distribute energy for our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual functions. The 7 major one are the points of greater electromagnetic activity within the auric field.

A one hour session will include Chakra Testing and Balancing, Energy Healing, Visualization, Crystals and Colour.


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