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Aromatherapy massage in London from Stepping Stones of Greenwich

Aromatherapy massage

This is a full body massage including face and scalp. It is a holistic treatment that can help combat a wide range of physical and emotional problems. It has been shown to be effective not only in the treatment of stress related conditions but also with muscular, circulatory, respiratory, digestive and skin problems. This is done through the use of essential oils that provide an invaluable aid to relaxation, stress relief, and to the improvement of health and well being.

The combination of essential oils and bodywork brings along relaxation and healing. Extracted from aromatic plants, each essential oil has unique therapeutic characteristics. As each of us is also unique it is necessary to blend the oils specifically pertaining to individual needs. Therefore the aromatherapy practitioner asks relevant questions to assess individual needs, then dilutes the essences in a carrier oil and applies them to the skin via massage.

The innate healing power of these natural essences is effective on many levels: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Through absorption and the influence of their pleasing aromas they facilitate self healing, re-establish harmony and revitalize body system and organs where an imbalance is present. Some essential oils are contra-indicated to certain conditions and this is normally assessed during the consultation.

Like other forms of massage aromatherapy has many other benefits:

  • It eases muscle tension and knots.
  • It encourages the release of endorphins (the body’s natural opiates which reduce pain and produce a feeling of well-being)
  • It improves circulation
  • It prevents the build up of toxins


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This was an amazing Reflexology and Aromatherapy massage. Quite simply, one of the best I've ever had. Absolutely to be experienced. Thanks Raffaella. (March 2012)

Caroline S.