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Therapies in London from Stepping Stones of Greenwich


Massage can be a relaxing treat or help with specific problems, such as tension headaches or frozen shoulder. By using a variety of techniques, massage:

  • Encourages muscles to relax and lengthen, relieving tightness, tension and reducing toxins.
  • Aids circulation and strengthens the immune system.
  • Improves skin tone and appearance.
  • Promotes well-being and reduces stress.

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I'm a local journalist and tour guide and my work often leaves me in the need of a good therapeutic massage. I've been going to Stepping Stones for some years now and all my aches and pains float away under the expert hands of the friendly and expert staff.

Geoff Garvey, Blackheath

Brilliant as ever. Joanna gives an outstanding level of service, she really knows her stuff and makes me feel great!

Helen F

I cannot recommend Raffaella highly enough.I have known her at Stepping Stones for years. I had reflexology with her when I had my daughter and before when I wanted to get pregnant. I found it very beneficial, it balanced me and made me feel so much better. She is fantastic.

Pamela L

I have been coming to Stepping Stones for several years. The massages are always excellent and staff are very friendly and professional.20/02/12

Andy G

I had a Pregnancy Massage with Lina today and it was superb! I felt completely refreshed and relaxed afterwards. It was just what I needed and would recommend it to anyone. Lina checks for any health problems and tailors the treatment to suit you. I wish I could afford one everyday. 13/08/12

Carrie D.

Fantastic therapist! Lina is very experienced and knowledgeable. Gave good advice. 17/03/2013


I have been having massages with Lina for the last few years, she is so professional and thorough. Lina goes well beyond giving you a massage, she put her heart in it, I love her. 10/10/2013

Marsie B.

I have had my first pregnancy massage with Lina and I am very pleased with the experience. 26/01/2014

Elisabeth V.

I am a sufferer of sciatica and have enjoyed much relief since coming for massages with Lina at Stepping Stones. 07/02/2013

Marco N.

I have been coming for massage with Lina for many years and will continue to as my treatment has been exceptional in every visit. I can thoroughly recommend her. 28/01/14

Colin WB

I have been visiting Raffaella for Reiki for a long time and more recently for Reflexology as well. I am always very comfortable with Raffaella, she gives me a feeling of trust and comfort. During Reiki healing I get the feeling of been cradled and held, I experience different feelings in each sessions but this time I saw vivid purple colours, rays of light and afterwards I felt lighter and left feeling like floating. Thank you.

Eileen H.

I have been going to Stepping Stones for massages for the past five years and I have never been disappointed. Lina is fantastic and all the staff is very welcoming. 14/06/2014

Nicola H.

Lina is a great masseuse and always applies good pressure with very good technique. I always feel very refreshed and renewed by her massages. 14.06.2017

Erika K.