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Psychic Tarot Reader, Palm Reader, Numerologist, Spiritual Healer and Crystal Healer.

Saira gave me good guidance and she never failed to inpress me with her ability to relate to one's emotions and analyze my problems accurately. 23.05.2017 - Lily Y.

Since childhood Saira could predict future events through her dreams. Later with the help of her guru she learned to use her psychic ability at will and to use Numerology, Palmistry and Tarot cards to give accurate predictions. In her readings she combines her gifts while also receiving messages from her spirit guides.

Saira’s extra-ordinary abilities allow her to give accurate psychic readings and clairvoyance. She describes your past in details, which allows you to trust her predictions about the future. Saira also prescribes tailor made remedies to help you achieve love and success in your present. And incorporates the use of healing crystals, magical oils, prayers and healing tools suitable to your life circumstances and desires. 

Her healing is powerful and gives immediate results. Her unique healing sessions are extremely effective resulting in the release of negativity from your aura, relief from aches and pains, and the removal of obstacles to achieve a more balanced and happy life.

Fees: 30 minutes readings £40 - 45 minutes £60 - 1 hour £80

         Healing 1 hour £80

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I had a cord cutting with Saira. At first I was nervous but Saira was very reassuring and professional. I felt that she took care of my needs as a client and I feel hopeful and renewed for my future. I would recommend her to anyone, anytime (which I have done). 10.10.2018

Asha S.

Saira knew so much about me without me saying a word. She has a very encouraging, reassuring and calming nature. I definitely recommend her. 08.10.2018

Gill L.

My psychic reading with Saira was amazing. I fetl calm and hopeful. The reading felt real and I was shocked with how the information related so accurately to my life. 09.07.2018

Louise T.

I was visiting my daughter in London and found Stepping Stones where I had a psychic reading with Saira. Saira was brilliant and insightful, she understood me and the issues I wanted to be addressed immediately. She shared valuable information that was spot on — as if she was living life next to me. I feel that Saira’s reading provided information in my life that will make things better. It was truly a life changing experience. Thank you!!! I will continue to have readings with Saira long distance over the phone! I would recommend Saira without hesitation!!! 18.06.2018

Brenda M.

Saira is amazing at what she does . I’ve seen her during the last ten years and she is always accurate at what she says. Saira truly has a gift that is very special. So I would recommend her to anyone who would like some clarity in there life on any issue. She always make you feel so relaxed . Thank you Saira. 13.03.2018

Rita J.

I have been coming to Saira for 9 years! She is so accurate, her predictions come true and her wisdom is so inspiring. She has an amazing gift! xx 25.02.2018

Shannor D.

This is my second visit to Saira who is an amazing personality with a loving aura. I always feel calm after meeting her. She is accurate in what she says would happen in the future and her gifts are innumerable when it comes to telling me what i am currently concerned about and what is it that i have come to see her. Her guidance is clear and easy to follow and I look forward to my next visit soon. I have already recommended her to some of my friends who are probably looking for answers on certain aspects of their life. I am glad I found you Saira.04.12.2017

Bagyasree N.

I had a reading and a few healing seesions with Saira and can confidently say that her readings are very accurate and that she has amazing healing powers. I had immediate results with the healing sessions. Saira is very spiritual and sincere when healing people. She is extremely compassionate and a very caring person and I highly recommend her. Thank you very much Saira for healing me and helping me move forward. Abudance of blessings and well wishes to you. Love & light. Judy. 28.11.2017

Judy J.

Saira is an amazing person, a beautiful soul, not trying to be cheesy but I am so grateful that I had a psychic reading with her, she truly is special. I got given so much help and advice, I can't put it into words. Trust her. 16.09.2017

Anna J.

Just wanted to say a massive thank you to Saira for her time and compassion when dealing with me. For being spot on and giving solutions to my issues. She is wonderful. 17.09.2017


I had the pleasure to meet Saira for a session of tarot reading and I frankly gotta say I felt in the right place at the right moment, as I entered her room! As soon as she introduced herself to me, she was able to establish a very deep connection: she managed to give me stunning details about my private life and create order in my mind providing me with a very complete vision of who I am! The only piece of advise that I feel like giving to her future guests is to be willing to open their mind: her visions can be so detailed and so miningful that your rational mind could struggle to accept it! Truth is only for brave hearts! 17.09.2017

Luca I.

Saira gave me a fantastically accurate reading with a caring disposition and guidance to help form a clarified plan for the future. I look forward to having another reading with Saira in the near future. 03.09.2017

Anne R.

Saira was incredibly psychic and accurate, the information she provided was really helpful and put my mind at rest. A beautiful, honest, amazing lady who couldn't have been more kind. Sincere appreciation Saira x 25.08.2017

Lisa L.

Amazing! Saira is a powerful woman sent to give you the message you deserve. If you like it or not the truth is within her. Always a blessing. 21.08.2017

Nicola H.

Saira has a beautiful ability to communicate her intuitive reading. Very compassion and accurate. 12.08.2017


Saira gave me a beautiful uplifting and encouraging psychic reading, very accurate. Thank you Saira. 13.07.2017

Carolyn P.

Saira was very warm and made me feel very comfortable. I left feeling positive and empowered. 06.07.2017

Letty M.

Saira gave me good guidance and she never failed to inpress me with her ability to relate to one's emotions and analyze my problems accurately. 23.05.2017

Lily Y.

I have been coming to Saira for years and always had great readings. Saira has an energy that you can't just get anywhere. She has a great way about her. I will always come to her if I feel I need it. 26.04.2017

Rita J.

I have been coming to see Saira for a number of years and always walk away with a better feeling, frame of mind, motivation and general wellbeing. Thank you. 22.04.2017

Mahnaz A.

I want to say thank you for giving me clarity. Thank you for giving me the confidence to believe in myself as life goes on. God bless.22.04.2017

Delaine S.

There are not enough words to express my gratitude to Saira. I honestly feel she was an angel sent to me in a darn time in my life. She is by far the best reader/healer I have come across. She knew exactly what to do regarding my situation. She helped me so much. I feel like a different person. I would highly recommend her. God bless. x 09.03.2017

P. Kaur

Met up with Saira today, what an amazing reader. She did an energy cleansing on me and I already feel positive. Would definitely recommend her. 04.03.2017

Ms Kum

Saira was very through and went out of her way to help me. 27.02.2017


Saira is an amazing spiritual healer and guide. I have coming to see her for over 15 years and she is the real thing. Saira is full of compassion, wisdom and love. You will be truly blessed to have her in your presence. I have sent all my friends and family to see her for healing and guidance. 27.02.2017

Nadine C.

OMG.... What can I say, Saira is an amazing and truly blessed lady. She knew the issues I was facing in life, told me good things were going to come very soon. Being in Saira's presence was relaxing and uplifting and warm. She is a true gift to those who visit her for a reading. Can't wait to be back xxx 27.02.2017

Dolly B.

Today I came to see Saira, she uplifted my spirit. It was so nice meeting her, I felt relaxed immediately. Saira is an easy person to talk to which is very important for me. She gave me some interesting predictions, and now I will watch and see what unveils. Thank you Saira. 29.12.2016

Patricia A.

Saira is very friendly and caring. She makes me feel comfortable and the information she provides in her psychic readings is accurate. Her guidance has helped me go through the difficult times in my life. 25.10.2016


It's always a great pleasure to consult Saira. Her psychic readings are very in-depth, accurate. Very talented, I have great regards for this special woman. 25.10.2016

Louise H.

Saira is totally accurate, spot on and insightful. Saira's psychic readings always help me making those important decisions. 25.10.2016


Saira was warm and intuitive. I loved her way of conducting the reading. I will be back again for sure. 04.10.2016

Miranda G.

Myself and a friend had a psychic reading today with Saira. I just wanted to say how utterly pleased we were and that we will definitely be coming back in the future. We loved the shop and the girls couldn't not have been more helpful if they tried. Thank you. 17.09.2016

Kate S.

I had an Emotional Cord Cutting session with Saira and I am feeling so much better now. It's a fantastic feeling! 12.08.2016

Lorraine H.

Saira is a warm and accurate psychic reader. She provided me strength and understanding in my situation. Her advice and insights will stay with me forever. 11.08.16

Darnel J.

Saira has been fantastic. Made me feel much better about my future and I now believe that I can go through these difficult times with no fear. Big thank you to her. 06.08.2016


Saira is a gifted healer. She radiates peace and cares for everyone who come to her for help. 01.08.2016


Saira's reading was very insightful. She confirmed some of my thinking which was re-assuring. She helped clarify my path and was kind and compassionate. I cannot recommend a reading with Saira enough.21.07.2016

Louisa M.

I am always reassured when I see Saira, she is accurate in her psychic readings, spot on with information. She is a blessed person and I have been seeing her for many years. She is the best! 12.06.2016

Claudette H.

Having had a few sessions with Saira I can confidently say she is extraordinary, one of a kind and most defiantly worth a visit. Saira is a no nonsense, honest, person that will tell you how it is as supposed to tell what you think you need to hear with utter compassion and sympathy, Just being in the same space as Saira lifts the spirits, Saira is a believer of the almighty and has a remarkable way of healing with prayers. If you are reading this testimony and are in two minds on who to see, I urge you seek Saira, if only for half an hour, she will give you clarity, guidance and most importantly prayers. Truly thankful. 10.06.2016


My friend recommended Saira to me a year ago, Saira gave me a very accurate reading and answered all my questions (summer 2015), it has taken me a long time to leave feedback, however, things have worked out so well for me (as Saira had predicted they would) that I felt the need to write a thank you note, I highly recommend Saira and will surly visit her again. 10.06.2016

R. Patel

I have had a few readings with Saira, and each time, the experience was magical. She was able to read with extreme accuracy, and sense such intimate details about what is happening in my life, that it really made me feel as if she had been in my life, has seen everything that I can see and a lot more. Her predictions have materialized one by one. Saira is a very warm person, but at the same time, very definite, and never vague, in what she says. She is compassionate and sympathetic, and although I have so far done done my all readings over the telephone, each time I really feel that she is holding my hands, leading my way out of confusion, and giving me clarify and confidence. I feel so lucky to have found Saira, and definitely will come to her whenever I need guidance in my life.05.05.2016


Saira is a very good psychic and in my experience she gives you very accurate readings. She is the best psychic ever! 05.05.2016

Lashman S.

I have been receiving psychic readings from Saira for over ten years. She has been providing guidance and support which has helped me and my family. She is truly a blessing and always reveals the truth in what is occurring. If you want guidance from someone who has a true heart, the you should definitely seek Saira. Blessings. 20.04.2016

Lisa R.

I had an Emotional Cord Cutting with Saira a short while ago. She got out the final thing that was not allowing me to have a relaxed life. It was a unique and deep session involving a consultation at the beginning after which she used various techniques (including prayers) to get out what was blocking me from moving on and cleared the suffering connected to my past. 20.04.2016

Alex S.

Saira is truly wonderful, I have been coming to see her for 4 years and she is always right. She makes me feel better about everything, words cannot describe how much she does for me, she is my angel on earth. 21.03.2016

Manpreet K.

Saira gave me a psychic reading and predicted that money would come in although I was not expecting it. And it happened exactly as she said. Very magic. She has the gift and she is always very friendly. 05.03.2016

Emiko Y.

First time I met Saira was in July 2015. I was blown away with the accuracy of he psychic readings regarding past, present and to my amazement even future events and dates. She is truly gifted and a superb guide and adviser. 20.02.2016

Drakens M.

I had a wonderful psychic reading by Saira, very insightful and helpful. I would definitely return again. Thank you. 18.02.2016


Thank you Saira for such an amazing reading. You have shone so much light and clarity into my life. I already feel the healing straight after the reading. Thank you for giving me the answers that I have been searching for, I feel a weight lifted. Much love to you and can’t wait for my next reading. 10.02.2016


I had an amazing psychic reading with Saira! It was my first time and she proved these things are very worthwhile and extremely true. 25.01.2016

Raja H.

Saira is such a wonderful lady. On two occasions I have seen her she has been very accurate with all aspects of my life. Both times I have been very sad and hurt and walked away feeling lighter and more positive. Saira has a very special gift. x 16.01.2016

Lucy D.

Saira's psychic reading was so accurate regarding my past that I am confident her predictions will come true for me. I look forward to a bright and happy future. Thank you Saira. 07.01.2016

George G.

Saira is the most beautiful, amazing reader with a wonderful heart. Her psychic readings are so true and accurate and all recommendations are precise and correct. I love her. 28.12.15

Mandy B.

Saira is such a gifted psychic! I have had many readings with her over the years and she never fails to impress me with her wisdom, knowledge and ability to see exactly what is going on in my life. She is full of compassion and kindness and I always leave my sessions with her feeling uplifted and positive about life. I am so grateful to have met her xx 27.11.2015

Fiona D.

I had a session with Saira and even if you are not a believer you cannot deny that the power of her kindness is unforgettable. To walk in to her room and feel such power and light is breath-taking! Her prayers are mesmerizing She is the best protection I can give my family. 21.11.2015

Selina S.

Saira's psychic reading are always great. She blows me away every time with her accuracy and makes me feel at peace. 05.11.2015


Every time, after I spent time with Saira, I feel like my shoulders have dropped, my head is high and I'm smiling. She has supported, guided and given her most insightful wisdom to guide me through the most challenging times. She is a most gifted psychic, a wonderful spirit. 05.11.2015

Fiona G.

This is my second visit to see Saira who is absolutely amazing, so wise, so loving, so caring, so insightful. Today's session has helped me to be more calm. Saira's psychic readings are so true and accurate and she has super healing qualities. A wonderful woman, can't wait to see her again. Thank you. 31.10.2015

Mandy B.

Saira is very much in tune with your energy. Some of the things she told me would happen, have come to pass in a positive outcome. I will continue seeking her wisdom. 24.10.2015


I have known Stepping Stones for the last 22 years but I had never had a psychic reading with Saira before. When I entered the room she said: 'Hello, you're a writer and you've got a book coming out. It will be very successful!' All that came absolutely true. Also much of the other information she gave me turned out to be accurate and helpful. A rare talent! Excellent! 22.10.2015

Jack Gale

Saira is the best psychic reader I have ever known. Over the years she has been a great support to me. Her accurate predictions and invaluable insights have helped make my life what it is now. I am forever grateful. Thank you Saira. 19.10.2015

Vivian R.

Saira was excellent, she picked up all my negative energy and answered all my questions. 01.10.2015

Sibel K.

My psychic reading with Saira was compassionate, accurate and very intriguing. It brought thing up that I didn't know possible. Saira is a really great reader! 26.09.2015

Helen S.

Saira has read for me on several occasions and never failed to astound me with her accuracy and the way she hones in on the issue at hand. Saira gives fantastic advice and is very warm. I highly recommend her. 23.08.2015

Leigh F.

I connected with Saira, felt peace and strength. Belief and compassion and inner wisdom. I begin my journey with faith. Love & Light. Thank you so much. 15.08.2015


I have consulted Saira on many occasions and she has always been tremendously helpful and most importantly, accurate! 15.08.2015

Pauline R.

I was very impressed with Saira psychic reading. It was my first time, She told me things about my life without me saying much at all, and she was very accurate. 15.08.2015

Sandrine D.

Saira is a fantastic psychic reader. Over the years she has provided invaluable advice - advice that has helped me to overcome challenging obstacles and serious emotional upheavals. I am seriously blessed to know her! 10.08.2015

Emmanuel A.

Saira is absolutely wondeful, a truly amazing and beautiful person with a heart of gold. And her psychic readings are so true and accurate. 20.07.15

Mandy B.

I had a healing session with Saira and it was a life changing experience to me. My health improved and my life started moving forward since then. I am most grateful to her. 29.06.2015

Marcia B.

Saira is simply the best, I have been going to see her for 4 years now and she is 100% right every time! (published on Facebook 14.06.2015)

Kelly R

Saira’s gifts and thought-provoking insights have transformed my own spiritual path over the last few years. Saira, ‘you’re a true Seer of Light and Guru’.Thank you. 25.05.2015

Ignacio A.

This was my first reading with Saira but most definitely will not be my last. I wasn't sure what to expect but I wasn't disappointed. She was spot on throughout my whole reading and gave me true, honest and priceless advice about making a better life. And once again I want to thank her from the bottom of my heart. 30.04.2015

Lenisha T.

Saira is not only a warm, caring and compassionate person, she has the most incredible psychic gift and correctly predicted that my daughter would be successful in obtaining a scholarship to her secondary school, and she did! Amazing! Thank you so much Saira x 04.04.2015

Rosalind F.

I visited Saira, for the 1st time on 19th February. I am very pleased with her reading and she is very accurate and I shall be visiting Saira in the very near future. Saira, thank you so much. 26.02.2015

Catherina S.

Saira's psychic readings are always very accurate and precise. Her ability to read cards and perform healing allows her to offer multi service and advise that meets my needs and questions, brilliant service. 21.02.2015

Seagia S.

I would like to highly recommend Saira, who I have seen on a number of occasions, The accuracy is perfect, and she is honest and kind. I always leave my readings from Saira with hope for the future. 21.02.2015

Tracy P.

'I highly recommend Saira, she is absolutely fantastic!. I have seen Saira a several and every time I'm blown away with how accurate she is and her ability to give a true insight to what is going on in my life. Not only did she give me the information needed she also taught me the skills to enrich my life. In just one hour with Saira my life changed instantly for the better. Her love, compassion and commitment to what she does is inspirational. Saira is a deeply religious and spiritual person, what she has is a natural talent and a gift from God, her knowledge on palmistry, numerology, tarot and healing is phenomenal. Saira has made a significant positive change to my life, a true blessing. Thank you Saira!

Ishya S.

I have visited Saira three times now for psychic and clairvoyant readings and the advice she has given me has made a significant change in my life for the better. I have managed to deal with depression and other obstacles with her help, which I am forever grateful for. She is positive, caring and understanding. I will definitely recommend her to a friend. 22.12.14

Chandri S.

I had a reading with Saira yesterday, it was my fourth reading and every time the experience gets better and better. Saira is so generous in the way that she sees things clearly and so accurately. After a disturbing event on the weekend, I knew that I needed clarification and that Saira is one of only two people in this world that I would accept this from. She has helped me over the years in connecting with my spirit, she has healed me of some very difficult matters and I feel ever grateful to be able to receive her gift which she so readily shares. 09.12.2014

Jacqui G.

Saira knew immediately why I had come to see her and got straight to the route of the problem. She helped me to see clearer and told things that no one else knew. She helped me with seeing that things will improve in my life. 06/12/2014


I went to visit Saira for a reading (she used a mix of cards, numerology and palm readings) and it felt like she actually knew me. She knew my current work situation, my current housing predicament, the gender of my unborn child (I hid my pregnancy from her) and she even knew the exact traits of my first child. She gave me plenty of advice on ways to stop holding back and to embrace things that I find so hard to let go of and she nailed all the things that I am so worried about. I came away feeling like a weight had been lifted and she gave me ways to focus on looking to the future with positivity and not to see things as such a challenge. I cant wait to embrace the changes that are ahead and I will be going back in a few months to have a follow up session. I highly recommend her and wouldn’t think twice about booking a reading with her. Thank You Saira, you have no idea how much you have helped. 16/11/2014

L. Patel

Saira is a great psychic. She helped me gain great understanding into my situation and has given me the courage and tools to gain confidence and reach my goal. 06.11.2014

N. Tchotchoe

I had a fantastic psychic reading with Saira. I didn't mention I was looking for a new job, she picked it up straight away. Saira is very accurate with dates and a genuine Psychic. She is very approachable and makes you feel comfortable. I look forward to my next reading. 06/11/2014

Khushi S.

Saira is a compassionate and informed reader who is adept at using numerology and the tarot to pick up on what is going on in your life. I find her to be accurate, and helpful whenever I go to visit her. She is very clear, concise and straight to the point; and I always leave the session feeling uplifted, optimistic and positive. - J (27.10.2014)


Saira is an amazing psychic reader! I only see her and she is never been wrong in all the years that I've been coming to see her. 23/10/2014

Zarina H.

Saira is the greatest psychic ever. She is also 100% accurate and very spot on. I have been to many psychic readers all across the world, but they were nothing compared to Saira. 20/10/2014

Virag S.

I was fascinated by the way Saira uses numbers and tarot. She was so accurate about everything that is going on in my life. 13/09/2014

Rob T.

I have been coming to see Saira for quite some time when I need serious advice regarding professional and personal problems and her readings have always been extremely accurate and helpful. She listens to your queries and works her answers using Tarot cards and Numerology in a precise and to the point way. Her insight is certainly gifted and her clear advice has helped me to find solutions and to understand really tricky problems. Saira has a capacity to understand and clarify all and her readings are proof of her amazing psychic abilities. She is practical, encouraging and will tell you exactly how it is. On top of that she is an honest, friendly and warm person, ready to help you to find real solutions to any problem. Thank you Saira for all you help. You are an incredible reader! 06/09/2013


I had a wonderful experience with Saira today. It was my first psychic reading ever. She answered many of my questions and I left feeling more hopeful and positive about the future. 06/09/2014


I have been seeing Saira for psychic readings for sometime now, whenever I have a problem. All my readings with Saira have come true. I hope to continue to see her at the shop (Stepping Stones). 04/09/2014

K. Williams

My psychic reading with Saira was wonderful. I went in feeling very dark, came out feeling very light and totally positive. Much love. 28/08/2104

Karen C.

Saira is patient, kind and has a sense of humor that will put anyone at ease. She listens and is always encouraging, making you hopeful for the future. 21/08/2014

Michelle O.

Saira is a very gifted psychic and clairvoyant, who has an amazing ability to pick up on exactly what's happening in your life and what might be needed to fulfil your purpose. 09/08/2014

Kirsten D.

Saira homed in on my doubts and questions like a guided missile. She was accurate and empathic and encouraging. I will be back. 26/07/2014


I have been coming to Stepping Stones for many years to see Saira. She is loving and very honest and concise in her reading. She is all warm and very helpful, she strives to resolve your issues in any way she can and gives clear advice. I love her and recommend her. 30/07/2014

Esther B.

As always Saira is positive and uplifting. Her predictions are always accurate. 26/07/2014


I would like to thank Saira for her reading. It was a real pleasure to meet her.It is not only that she is accurate in detailing your past events and present situation, but she is also a person who gives really good advice and obviously an expert in several reading techniques. You can feel her amazing healing energy when you are with her. Half like a mother, half like an angel.God bless you. 19/07/2014


Saira is fantastic! Her predictions are spot on - Highly recommended. 30/06/2014

Seamus S.

Saira is amazing! Her readings are always so spot-on and insightful. She has a wonderful way of seeing right to the heart of the issue, and her wisdom and guidance is always heartfelt. Thank you for a brilliant reading! 21/06/2014

Seema D.

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