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Ros is a Clairvoyant, Clairsentient, Psychic Tarot Reader and Qualified Practioner of The Emotion Code Healing.

Thank you for this wonderful reading. You've delivered it in a very friendly manner transmitting positive energy, it was a pleasure listening to you. I also appreciate that you give such an extensive reading. You were spot on about the past! What you say about the present and the Tarot's advice makes a lot of sense.. Thanks again! 15/02/2013 - Vicky

Ros is a Clairvoyant, Clairsentient, Psychic Tarot Reader,
Visionary, Intuitive Coach And Qualified Healer of The Emotion Code.

As a child Ros has been able to see colourful auras around people, which gave clear information about them.

Her curiosity led her to trust her Spirit Guides, and so with them, she can sense your past, present and potential future. She answers any personal questions with clarity, and will give insightful, positive and practical suggestions.

She can also help clear emotional blocks, whether from this life or inherited.  This enables her clients to develop their own inner power, go beyond any self imposed limits, and attract happier, healthier relationships with themselves, their partners and their potential partners.  This healing vibration will then attract many other blessings,
aligning her clients with the life that they want to live. As she has had many years experience of psychotherapy, and clairvoyance, this is a very safe and healing process.

She offers rituals for elemental space clearing, absent healing of pets, crystal and angel oracle readings, colour magic, personal protection, attracting love and abundance, as well as enabling disconnection from unhealthy attachment ties.

All her readings are given with honesty, clarity and warmth.

Ros is a Certified Tarot Psychic with The Tarot Association of The British Isles, and a Qualified Practitioner of The Emotion Code, by Dr Bradley Nelson.


  • Psychic and Clairvoyant Tarot Readings
  • Spirit Guide Readings
  • Spiritual and Emotional Healing
  • Absent Healing for Pets
  • Healing Rituals
  • Email Readings

Ros is available on Tuesdays and Fridays from 11 am to 6 pm. To book call 020 8853 2733 or (0800 1601061 free from mobile phones), our phone lines are open Monday to Sunday from 10 am to 7 pm. Altenatively you can book online by scrolling down this page.

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Had a reading by the beautiful Ros... wonderful lady with a wonderful gift. 09.10.2018

Tracey G.

Roz is the greatest, most natural, authentic Psychic I've ever met! 07.10.2018

Romolo R.

My excellent first reading with Ros this week provided me with an abundance of clear, useful information about where I'm at and my next steps. I left feeling amazing - the detailed insight provided was reassuring and encouraging, providing the clarity I needed to move forward with confidence. Ros was warm, welcoming, enthusiastic and empathetic - making the reading a wonderful experience. I would definitely see her again and recommend her to others. 14.09.2018

Miranda A.

I want to say a big thank you to Ros for my first face to face reading today. I've had a reading with her in the past over the phone and I've always felt a renewed sense of energy from her and today was no exception. I felt great after talking to her. Best Wishes. 09.07.2018

Gina L.

I came to see Ros for a psychic reading with no expectations, having never had one before. I 've been blown away by the experience and I was shocked by how in tune Ros was with where I am at. I'll definitely be back! 03.07.2018


A Google search by my daughter found Stepping Stones and I am delighted that she did. Ros and I bonded very quickly. Her reading was accurate and she delivered information with excitement, compassion and clarity. She identified issues that were salient and that I had not shared with anyone prior to our meeting. I wanted to see her a second time during my visit to London, but our schedules did not match. Ros is just wonderful and I hope to see her again!!!! 20.06.2018

Brenda M.

Oh my god, Roz is amazing. She has helped me so much over the past years. In times of joy and sorrow, she has been there and helped me see thing from different perspectives and given me a better clarity on many people and situations that have helped push me forward in my life and get a better understanding of the concept of how tarot works. She has helped with my self-esteem and confidence, she is been supportive, empathetic, and understanding in a non-judgemental and very accepting way. She sees things from every angle and blows me away on how accurate she is. Honestly! 08.06.2018

Joanna B.

Ros is amazing and so scarily accurate. She does not tell you what you want to hear. She tells you what you need to do and what rings true. She is the real deal and is the most lovingly guiding person in her field I have ever met. I only see her now, she is accurate and guides you in a motherly or big sisterly way. 08.08.2018


Ros is an amazing psychic, honest, kind and warm. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her, try her and see for yourself. 02.03.2018


My psychic reading with Ros was amazing. I understood everything she was saying, everything was spot on. She showed me that I need to change my path if I want to become the person I would like to be. I loved Ros' energy and will be back to her for more guidance. 24.11.2017


I had a great session with the gifted Ros, who was lovely, very intuitive, insightful and helpful. The vibe of the place was great and I would recommend Ros and Stepping Stones to anyone smile 06.07.2017

James G.

Excellent reading! Ros was spot on about many thing going on in my life presently, without giving any clue as to what was happening! Ros has given me firm hope in the near present and I look forward to what unfolds. 06.07.2017


I had an amazing experience with Ros. Lovely lady, she was spot on about everything and a big help. 23.05.2017


I came to see Ros early in March and wanted to wait and see how things worked out before recommending her. The reading I had was detailed and all encompassing. I was pleased Ros was able to use her talent as both Medium and Clairvoyant to help and advise. I would definitely like to see her again. 21.04.2017

Becca P.

Ros has an amazing energy. She is very intuitive and immediately picks up on what's going on. She has a wonderful energy and she is full of light and love. She's very empowering, and can deal with delicate situations with gentleness. Take the time to see her, you won't be disappointed. 04.03.2017.

Manjinder J.

I had my first ever reading today, Ros was very welcoming and kind, she was able to tell me accurate information about myself and loved ones, will be coming back in 6 months to see her! 13.01.2017


I have found Ros to be a very warm hearted lady, and she was spot-on on my psychic reading. Very grateful. 15.11.2016

Julie W.

Ros was amazing! Everything she said was spot on. I have never had a psychic reading that was so accurate. She made me feel so uplifted and she is 100% the only person I will have a reading from again. 04.10.2016

Kiran M.

I would like to leave a review for the Psychic Reading that I had with Roz a few weeks ago. The Reading felt more like a conversation with a long lost friend, her energy was very gentle, empathetic and welcoming. Her Reading style was befitting and thorough. We did a 360 degree look into my past, present and future, which provided some guidance and reassurances to some of the difficult decisions I had to make, which are serving me positively now. She accurately described the different types of relationships I encountered, which I had consciously transcended and outgrown. Moreover, I was able to observe the life lessons that were taught through certain situations and experiences. The Reading was not scary as I though it would be. I have had Readings before, but you never really know if you are going to 'click' with the energy of another person. We had lots of laughs which helped me to relax and take in the insights that were being shared. We also talked about how individuals can shape their lives with the decisions they make, nothing is set in stone. We covered a variety of topics such as my career and house move. But, I was really impressed by Roz's advise regarding my lack of sleep. I am glad that she encouraged me to get proper rest and take care of myself. She also told me about a holiday that she could see coming up soon, which I did not tell her about. I had been planning this break for a while, but kept putting it off. I had booked to go in the next few weeks. She also told me about the holiday I took a few months ago. I am not someone who goes on holiday frequently, but this year has been a little stressful. I didn't have any holidays at all in the 2015, so I thought it was good that she picked up on these ones. I would like to thank Roz for the Reading and hope to speak with her again in the near future. 30.09.2016

Angela D.

Ros is just lovely! Go for it! She will make you feel much better! 26.09.2016


Ros is very lovely and caring, inspirational and a very skilled and gifted psychic. I am so happy with my reading, I feel positive and uplifted. Thank you! 26.08.2016

Greta J.

My psychic reading with Ros was amazing, she was friendly and accurate. Felt comfortable and was made to feel like my custom was important. 17.05.16

Kelly B.

My reading with Ros was amazing. She has such a joyful loving spirit and immediately tuned into the things in my life which are changing. Great insight, has helped me clarify my true path. I can definitely recommend her! 29.04.2016

Leigh MC

I just had a very good psychic reading from Ros, she is brilliant! Spot on, I loved it! 22.04.2016

Margaret F.

My psychic reading with Ros was overwhelming and emotional. Definitely life changing, just clarified all my indecision. Very happy! 22.04.2016

R. Daniel

I have been coming to Stepping Stones for a couple of years now, you know you can trust the readers. Ros was very intuitive and very precise. I came with questions and feel that I have left with definitive answers. 22.03.2016

Debbie A.

Ros was fantastic, she immediately knew all about me, my energy and how I felt from the moment I walked in. She went in depth about the areas I wanted to talk about and helped me to clearly resolve everything. Would highly recommend her and will certainly be back. 15.01.16

Rebecca M.

Ros has a very warm and welcoming energy. She is very precise in her psychic readings and has a great personality. My session with her was very relaxing and left me feeling very positive and upbeat about myself and my situation. 22.12.2015

Lisa N.

I really enjoyed my psychic session with Ros. She made me feel at ease and everything that she said was factual and I was given some amazing information. 24.11.2015

Verony S

I had a brilliant psychic reading with Ros today. She has such a lovely energy and enthusiasm. I love to see her, she makes me feel so great all the time. She re-affirm my thinking. Thank you Ros. 3.11.2015

Fay W.

It felt as if Ros had been my best friend for years, she knew so much about me and was so accurate. My psychic reading with her was an amazing and very helpful experience. 27.10.2015

Csaba V.

An absolutely wonderful psychic reading with Ros. She totally understood everything that was relevant in my life and also gave me excellent advice and guidance. 21.08.2015

Wendy W.

I had a fantastic clairvoyant reading with Ros, so insightful and so detailed. I will be coming back. 14.07.2015

Claire C.

I had a lovely reading with Ros and I think she is a fantastic psychic tarot reader, she picked up all that was happening around me. She gave me a very good reading and I recommend her warmly. 10.07.2015

Trevor A.

Ros is truly excellent. She makes me believe in the unbelievable and myself. Thanks. 01.05.2015

Anu P.

I have been going to see psychic readers for years but this is the best reading I have ever had. Ros is an amazingly gifted psychic and clairvoyant. 08.12.14


I just wanted to leave a positive feedback to the staff at Stepping Stones and a special thanks to Ros who took my reading. I was quite nervous prior to the reading but the staff and Ros set me at ease. I have never felt so comfortable even over the phone. The reading was insightful, extremely helpful and struck me to the core. She gave me a wealth of information and advice all in such a short space of time. I cannot express my gratitude for the guidance given. Thank you, Diana 02/12/2014

Diana O’G

Ros is an inspiring and caring reader. She tunes in and then gives advice which corners both spiritual and practical suggestions to help move forward in a really positive way. 25.11.2014

Jane M.

Ros really engaged my reading, she was warm hearted and very positive. I will see her again. 21.11.2014

Lorraine R.

Ros was amazing, in her psychic session she really tapped into how I was feeling, she has made me focus on what I want and being positive and that I am a good person who deserves the best from life. 21.11.2014


I visited Stepping Stones for the first time today. As soon as I had stepped into the shop I felt my heart rush with warmth from the beautiful atmosphere. I had a 30 minutes reading with Ros and those 30 minutes gave me back my life. THANK U ROS you beautiful lady so spot on and so gifted. God bless, and love Xxx 30/09/2014

Reena B.

I have been to Ros twice. After the first time a huge shift occurred in my life, and now after I have turned my life around thanks to her initial guidance, and after our second session ten months late, I am so excited for my future. I cannot recommend Ros enough. Ever grateful. 05/09/2014


I came to see Ros without expectation. I had not planned to have a psychic reading. The reading found me. Ros and the experience left me energised, motivated and blessed. 19/08/2014


I had two psychic readings with Ros, which were very accurate, inspirational and encouraging. I am now looking to the future with renewed confidence, thanks to Ros. I will be back again soon. 19/08/2014


My psychic session with Ros was such a helpful and tuned-in reading. I found it very positive and constructive on both spiritual and practical levels. I now have ideas of how to move forward. 18/05/2014


Today it was my first time at Stepping Stones and I saw Ros for a psychic reading. I am so happy to have found this place and Ros. I leave feeling so much better than when I arrived and will be back! Thank you, Ros and Stepping Stones. 15/05/2014

Lisa D.

My psychic reading with Ros was very accurate, the warmest reading I have experienced in ten years. She summed up my experience as if she knew me in the past, which allowed me to be confident in her predictions. I would recommend her all day every day. Thank you. 06/05/2014

Preston M.

Ros is a very intuitive and very open, straightforward reader. She does not sugar coat anything and yet she will deliver the message in the most loving and truthful way. Without hurting you but allowing you to realize the truth. 25/03/2014

Jackie N.

I had an excellent reading with Ros. She was warm, friendly, insightful and very reassuring. I felt able to ask questions which were answered honestly and openly. Ros was able to put me at ease and guide me. Would highly recommend her! 23/02/2014

Linda H.

I met Ros today and instantly felt like we knew each other, and had been friends for years! She was insightful and helped answer specific questions I had about my life. I feel like Ros knew my whole story and she helped me understand how my recent and future actions will affect important people in my life. 16/02/2014

Sheri R.

Ros is accurate, easy-going and a lovely person to talk to. Analyses the scenario logically and gives clear, straightforward insights. Highly recommended! 19/01/2014

Yvette L.

Ros speaks from a place of light. Her words surrounded me like a protective arm, they inspired me and nourished me. She was accurate, nurturing and I can't recommend her highly enough. 24/12/2013

Fiona V.

A very inspiring reading. Hit all the nails on the head. I've seen her for the first time and I will be seeing her again. I highly recommend her. Thank you Ros. 24/12/2013

Mark MG

Ros knew immediately that I needed more self confidence and kept telling me that I am a beautiful person and gave me plenty of invaluable advice. In this session she has really boosted my confidence and helped me in more ways than one. 16/12/2013

Phanh Ly

Absolutely amazing. I cannot believe the issues Ros picked up on. I gave no clues, simply said yes or no. I will be back because she is a beautiful and gifted lady who speaks much sense. Thank you. 10/06/2013

Sarah W.

"Roz, you could not have been more accurate, 100% spot on and just the guidance I was looking for. There are no guarantees in life but for now it's what I need and you have confirmed it.Thank you so much. 27/10/2013


Ros really hit the nail on the head, told it as it is and made it all clear. Lovely lady! 27/10/2013

Fiona W.

Ros is an amazing reader, she guided me in the right direction and advised me what to do. Thank you so much, you are a blessing from God. Lots of love. 24/09/2013

Davinder L.

"Had a brilliant reading with Ros, came away happy and positive about my situation. I highly recommend her”. 06/08/2013

Karen C.

Ros's reading was absolutely brilliant. She was spot on. She identified the problem immediately and was very accurate. 31/07/2013

Yasmine B.

Ros gave me an amazing reading, very insightful and true. A lovely person and has given me a clear direction and belief in myself. Highly recommended and will definitely come back. Thank you! 16/07/2013


Ros was great. Very nice and very upfront about certain things, which made the reading clear and the experience worth every minute! I highly recommend her and will definitely see her again. 25/03/2013

Kyle K.

Thank you for your lovely reading. It indeed resonates. Thank you for your time and for the use of your lovely gift. 29/01/2013


Thank you for your reading. You are 100% accurate with how I have been feeling about everything, myself, work etc. Your reading was really helpful as it's given me something to think about, and say, be more positive about it all. . thanks again. 29/01/2013


Thank you for this wonderful reading. You've delivered it in a very friendly manner transmitting positive energy, it was a pleasure listening to you. I also appreciate that you give such an extensive reading. You were spot on about the past! What you say about the present and the Tarot's advice makes a lot of sense.. Thanks again! 15/02/2013


Thank you for your clear and concise reading. I found it to be very accurate in terms of where I am in my life right now and what I should be doing to move forward. I really appreciated your suggestions of doing a life review and breaking down my goals into manageable chunks. I feel that you got to the heart of the matter and have given me guidance which I found very relevant. Take care. Peace. 15/02/2013


A very enlightening experience, positive feeling of clearing. Ros picked up on a number of current issues in my present life. 25/01/13

Sarah W.

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