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Gabrielle is a Psychic, Medium, Clairvoyant, Clairaudient and Clairsentient, Angel Reader and Healer.

My psychic reading with Gabrielle was amazing, most of the stuff she said was incredibly accurate. She told me that my boyfriend would propose. I took every inch of advise and guidance she gave me and shortly after the reading he did. I was so shocked, thank you Gabrielle. 06.01.2017 - Chloe L.

Gabrielle is a natural psychic and medium, clairvoyant, clairaudient, clairsentient, a Law of Attraction Coach and EFT (Emotional Freedom Tapping Technique) Practitioner.

As a psychic, Gabrielle uses Angel Cards as a tool to “tune into” the energy of her clients, in order to identify current life challenges and help to offer solutions, clarity, and guidance.

As a medium, Gabrielle aims to reconnect her clients with Loved Ones who have passed to Spirit, for evidence of survival and messages of love and support.

In her consultations, she combines her mediumship and psychic abilities and works closely with her Spirit Guides to ensure the relaying of accurate information and guidance from a higher, guided Source.

In addition, Gabrielle specialises in the Law Of Attraction & Energy Management, and is also an EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) Practitioner. Whereby she helps her clients become aware of thought, belief, and energy patterns that create and attract their own reality (circumstances, relationships etc) and intuitively guides them in transforming limiting beliefs, clearing emotional blocks, releasing the past, and making positive changes towards a happier, more fulfilled life.

She is passionate about helping people discover their own connection to their Inner Guidance and Power so that they can create the future they desire and learn to turn the theory of spiritual knowledge into everyday practice.

Gabrielle’s aim is to provide each client with a healing, empowering and uplifting experience.

Her gifts were developed at the SAGB (Spiritual Association of Great Britain), The College of Psychic Studies, The School of Intuition & Healing, in seminars with Abraham-Hicks, as well as privately with leading teachers in the field.

- Psychic and Medium
- Clairvoyant, Clairaudient, Clairsentient
- Angel Card Reader (Archangel Michael)
- Law of Attraction Qualified Practitioner
- EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)
- Telephone Readings


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Gabrielle was very helpful in giving me an insight into who I am and what really is important to me . Many thanks. 31.10.2018

Alex B.

Gabi was absolutely amazing, I was blown away by the accuracy and felt at ease with certain situations in my life. 24.10.2018

James C.

My psychic reading with Gabrielle was really good, it brought me clarity in a very accurate way. Very helpful! 09.07.2018

Maxine D.

I would like to say a big thank you to Gabrielle, as her reading gave me a lot of clarity and understanding of my situation. Gabrielle was very warm and friendly and her reading very accurate and on point. Amazing. Love and light Tracy x 17.07.2018

Tracy R.

I had a psychic reading with Gabrielle today and she was amazing, very spot on with everything she said. Her advice made me feel very focused on my issues. Thank you. 06.06.2018

Hayley J.

This was my first time having a psychic reading and it was a great experience. Gabrielle picked up a lot about my life and helped me think through things. Thank you! 20.05.2018

Nikki B.

I phoned on the off chance and I was lucky enough to get an appointment with Gabrielle. Without asking or telling her anything she tuned in to why I was there (work and romance). Gabrielle also gave evidence about my mother who had passed and told me things that no one could know about. Very friendly lady, I will visit her again. 08.05.2018


This was my first ever clairvoyant reading and Gabrielle touched upon a few issues I was dealing with, some very specific. I have work to do on myself and am very excited about it, I am really looking forward to seeing her again. 01.05.2018

Abi A.

I drove past and saw the shop. I had a psychic reading with Gabrielle and turned out to be an amazing one. First time with this wonderfully, talented reader and I walked out so happy. Everything Gabrielle said was spot on and helped me see and free myself from my worries of what's ahead. Thank you so much. 14.03.2018

Daria M.

It was a very different session from the previous ones I had with Gabrielle, but it was exactly what I needed, she addressed the things that will help change the energies around me. 17.01.2018

Karen W.

Gabrielle understood me on another level. All the things she said to me were extremely accurate. Her guidance is something I can put into practice, and use in my everyday life. Thank you so much! You're wonderful. 22.11.2017


Gabrielle gave me the advice I needed to hear, which was extremely empowering and inspiring. She is an extremely intuitive, gifted reader - a blessing. Thank you.08.11.2017

Emma J.

Gabrielle was so honest, and gave me words of wisdom that were true and on point to my situation. Very practical advice and a very accurate reading. Highly recommended. 26.10.2017


My medium reading with Gabrielle was a great experience and I learned a lot about myself. Really helpful with life choices. 21.08.2017


My girlfriend and I loved our reading. We didn't know what we wanted to talk about when we went in to see Gabrielle, but she was so spot on with what we needed to hear. 06.08.2017

Steve B.

Excellent and uplifting reading, gave me the confidence and energy to find my heart once again. Truly a gift sent down from God. 06.06.2017

Alycia B.

I had a medium reading with Gabrielle. I have to say, it is rare to find someone who is really able to access the higher realm and bring unbiased information. A privilege. 16.07.2017


I had a reading with Gabrielle today, I went in confused, which I thought affected everything. I am leaving feeling positive and confident that my future is bright. Thank you very much. 23.05.2017

Tanisha E.

Gabrielle is a wholly sensitive but practical lady, with much common sense and very deep important guidance through a difficult situation. Lovely energy. Very helpful reading. Huge appreciation Gabi! 29.04.2017

Lisa L.

Gabrielle is the most wonderful, loving, insightful reader. Everything she said made perfect sense. Seeing her made a massive difference in my life. 25.04.2017

Marianne R.

Grabrielle has the love and compassion in her eyes! She makes you feel calm and welcome and brings loads of insights and inspiration into her readings. She inspired me to want to get out and move on in my life and take in her words of wisdom properly. Thanks you. 25.04.2017

Nikola B.

I had such a lovely psychic reading with Gabrielle. It left me with a clear insight on how to progress in my jouney. Highly recommend! 01.04.2017

Ryan L.

Gabrielle was very very accurate and very conforting. Her psychic insights have helped me getting more perspective on my situation and helped me a lot with what I'm going to do next in my life.01.04.2017

Evan V.

Gabrielle's reading was fantastic, so accurate. It brought a lot of comfort and answers. Will definitely come again. 24.03.2017


I really enjoyed my psychic reading with Gabrielle, I feel that she was very thoughtfull and considerate and shared some very accurate insights about my life and how to move forward. 24.03.2017

Nadine J.

Gabrielle@s reading was extremely useful, practical and warm. And helped me making things clearer, thank you. Definitely recommend her. 04.03.2017


Gabrielle gave a brilliant reading with clear messages and encouragement. I left the reading with determination, I can only recommend her. 19.02.2017

Sandra F.

My psychic reading with Gabrielle was amazing, most of the stuff she said was incredibly accurate. She told me that my boyfriend would propose. I took every inch of advise and guidance she gave me and shortly after the reading he did. I was so shocked, thank you Gabrielle. 06.01.2017

Chloe L.

I had a very interesting psychic reading from Gabrielle. Felt very comfortable as I've not had a reading in a very long time. She picked up on events in my life correctly and made me feel positive about my future.04.12.2016

Julia E.

Thank you Gabrielle. Something good has come to me already which is more money and less time consuming, just as you predicted. 21.11.2016

Cheryl D.

I enjoyed the coincidence that brought here to have a psychic reading with Gabrielle. And getting once more the confirmation that I need to let go, enjoy the process and go with the flow. Thank you. 09.10.2016

Amin P.

Thank you Gabrielle. After your psychic reading I feel that my energy has come back and I can overcome my situation. 05.10.16

Miyuki K.

I was a walk-in and was amazed at Gabrielle's level of intuitiveness and perception. She even answered questions before I asked them! She also intuitively discuss items I did not know I needed to be aware of! 03.08.2016


Gabrielle's reading really helped me clarify my feelings and mind-set. Helped me with some very difficult times and desires. Great psychic reading. 03.08.2016

Katherine H.

I had the most fantastic psychic reading with Gabrielle today. I feel like a lot of unanswered questions have now been answered. Would recommend Gabrielle to everyone. Thank you. x 10.07.16

Eunice C.

My psychic reading with Gabrielle was very good, uplifting first session. I found it helpful and she was very understanding of me. 23.06.2016

Danny M.

I found Gabrielle to be warm, sincere, direct and honest. I didn't expect my father to come through, or certainly not to the extent he did. I left the appointment feeling lighter and more positive about the future which is exactly the outcome I had hoped for. Thank you Gabrielle. 18.06.2016

Lianna H.

Thank you for a lovely reading! Gabrielle is very warm and friendly. Her psychic reading was very uplifting and now I have more focus about my life and what I need to do! 18.06.2016


I really enjoyed my psychic reading with Gabrielle. It was very relevant to how I have been feeling. Gabrielle had a nice, comfortable manner. 12.06.2016


Very thoughtful and calming. Gabrielle provided an excellent & very comforting reading, connecting two very close relatives of mine who are both deceased. Would definitely recommend! 12.06.16

Clara H.

Gabrielle was very clear, open, sensitive and honest. Her reading was very perceptive and to the point. I will certainly recommend Gabrielle to others. 22.05.16

Valerie P.

Gabrielle was very accurate and re-assuring. Walked in very confused and burdened but have left feeling very optimistic about the future. Thank you so much. 29.05.16

Jennifer H.

In Gabrielle's psychic reading everything was so correct and every question was answered. Honestly the most amazing experience of my life - I feel complete. 16.04.2016

Imigeon O.

Gabrielle gave me an amazing reading, really spot on, can't take in how correct she was about everything. Thank you again, amazing!


Gabrielle honestly, authentically and gently tells you what you need to hear as opposed to what you want to hear. She is connected and wonderful. 10.04.2016

Sophia G.

My psychic reading with Gabrielle was very accurate, really enjoyed it. Thanks, I will be back! 07.04.2016

Jessica L.

Gabrielle was very gentle and I felt immediately at ease with her. She provided very helpful guidance in regards to my concerns and questions. Her medium skills were also really good. 03.03.2016

Manuela S.

Just had a very accurate reading from Gabrielle, so impressed that I had to extent the reading to one hour instead of half. She picked up on some very significant things I've been working on with great clarity and exactly detailed. 31.03.16

Preston R.

Gabrielle's psychic reading was very relevant and topical - gave clarity to the way forward in several areas of my life. Reassuring and affirming. 28.03.2016

Rachel M.

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