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Brian Walsh

Medium, Clairvoyant, Psychic Tarot Reader, Palm Reader, Reiki Healer and Psychic Surgeon.

Very genuine, truthful, very accurate, and generous. Thank you. 02/11/2013 - Ruthy M.

Brian Walsh is a Medium, Clairvoyant, Psychic Tarot Reader, Palm Reader, Reiki Healer and Psychic Surgeon. Featured twice in the ‘Expert’ section of Prediction Magazine, Brian is a genuinely talented Psychic and Healer.

About Brian:
"From the age of four, I could see ‘beings’ from the other side and have regular conversations with my long deceased grandfather. As I got older I became uncomfortable with my ‘gift’ and buried it as deeply as I could in an attempt to lead an ordinary life, until the day of my 26th birthday when I was stabbed through the heart in a senseless brawl.
When not only I survived this brutal wound, but also over a few days managed to somehow heal myself with no medical assistance, doctors couldn't believe their eyes.

Later on my father died in my arms and as I watched his spirit rise up from his body, I felt my resistance to the spirit world dissolve away. I could no longer hide from who I was, or what I was supposed to do with my life.

Aware of the fact that I had the ability to heal and a responsibility to use it, I began training as a Reiki healer and attained the level of Reiki Master three years later. When a relative of mine in Ireland was diagnosed with a fatal brain tumor I felt compelled to fly over there to be by his bedside, and to everyone’s astonishment a week later the tumor had completely vanished.

I also began to experiment with other forms of divination, I gave tarot readings to friends which turned out to be shockingly accurate, and one morning I woke up and saw the lines on the palm of my hand speaking to me – an ability which I now use on other people to give them clear, detailed information on their current situation and their future path in life.

To further advance spiritually, I travelled to India in search of answers where I spent three years and set up healing clinics in remote Indian villages, offering my services for free to anyone who needed them. I also travelled to the Himalayas to spend time with several gurus including the Dalai Lama, and then moved on to China, Hong Kong and Thailand, setting up healing clinics wherever I went.

The next step of my physical and spiritual journey took me to the USA, where I established a psychic surgery in the Catskill Mountains in upstate New York. When I finally returned to the UK in 2009, I set up a healing clinic in Ireland. There I would treat between 8 and 15 people a day, using my newly honed abilities to rectify their physical ailments, pass on messages from departed loved ones, and communicate guidance from angels and other beings from the spirit world.

My spiritual journey has now taken me to Stepping Stones in Greenwich, where I offer a range of spiritual services to anyone who feels drawn to contact me: Tarot Readings, Palmistry, Mediumship, Psychic Surgery and Reiki – all delivered in a straightforward, no-nonsense style that focuses on giving practical help and advice, not vague mysticism".

Fees:  30 minutes readings (Medium, Tarot, Palmistry etc.) £40 - 45 minutes readings £60 - 1 hour £80  

          Healing 1 hour £80




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Loved my reading with Brian. Will definitely come back. Thanks. 11.10.2018


My medium reading with Brian was really interesting and I received lots of information, I will definitely be coming again. Thank you. 20.06.2018

Carly M.

Brian Walsh exceeded all my expectations. He made contact with my loved ones immediately and gave me information that warmed my heart. Fantastic reading. 06.05.2018

Avril W.

I had a psychic reading with Brian during my visit to London. His gift is truly remarkable and I cannot recommend him enough. I left feeling inspired, uplifted and empowered. Stepping stones is a must visit. 01.05.2018

Aimee M.

Dear Brian, I just wanted to tell you that I am doing really good! In the days after our session I felt quite tired, needed a lot of sleep, but I am much better now, with lots of energy and drive, being almost "obsessed" (in a good way) with finishing everything - thank you for your amazing treatment and for showing me that there IS another, much better way!!! I look forward to our next session. Many Thanks, Miha 16.04.2018


This is my second reading with Brian and the experience has been amazing. He's friendly, understanding and truly gifted. I know I'll be coming to him for years to come. Thank you. 17.01.2018


I came for the first time for a reading with Brian in November 2017and I want to thank him for being so honest and saying it as it is and not sugar coating the grim details. Every prediction he said has happened very quickly and I am confident that the future events will eventually unfold too. I will be back again next year. 30.11.2017

Channel D.

I had my first ever reading with Brian and spoke to him about a physical issue I have had since January 2017, I was able to identify where this had stemmed from in front of him; an emotional hurt I have been carrying which has manifested in physical form. He was able to tell me literally everything I wanted to know and more. And so I came back to see him to cut the emotional cord of attachment I had with a previous partner and my father. During both sessions, Brian has been comfortably welcoming and reassuring. He is so calm and knows his stuff for sure. He is certainly gifted - he has taught me a lot & helped me to realise so much. One thing I like about Brian is that he tells you everything that is important and swiftly moves on as he is not a dweller. He is a healer who cares and will help & heal without a doubt. I am now experiencing utmost positivity and peace. Thank you smile. 12.12.17


Brian was recommended by my partner. He made me feel relaxed and greatly relieved. I felt a real connection and real energy coming from him. I will be back for sure. 26.11.2017


Hi Brian, I just wanted to let you know that the healing on my husband has been very effective. I'm seeing you next week so will mention more then but thank you so much, it is all working. Vikki x


Brian made me feel at ease the moment I walked int and sat down. The reading has left me reassured about where I am now and where I' going. Would definitely recommend returning. 12.11.2017

Hayley J.

Brian was so warming and welcoming. I am so pleased with my psychic reading and I am shocked at his accuracy. I cannot wait to return for another blissful reading. 12.11.2017

Selina S.

I was really excited about having a reading with Brian and I was blown away of the extent of how amazing it was. I asked about my love life and was given a full picture, even the different culture to mine he will be. I then went to ask my second question and before I uttered a word, he began to talk about it! I had the most accurate and clear reading that I could have ever anticipated. My nan who I had never met came through – she died before I was born and I had the most incredible experience of her showing me how, as she had put it, been with me with every breath and given me her strength, as well as some of my particular traits. She had me laughing! I also felt her love for me so strongly. I would recommend Brian to everyone. I guarantee you will be blown away by this life transformational experience. 14.07.2017


I had a reading with Brian and it was so unbelieveably accurate. He is so kind and calm and made my visit so spiritual. Thank you so much. Brian. 22.06.2017

Laura W.

Brian is excellent. His readings had been accurate in the past and the information was correct today. I always feel better after the reading and would recommend Brian to new clients. 08.06.2017

Michelle M

Brian got everything about me spot on. I love how positive I feel about moving forward. I'm quite sceptical about readers but felt comfortable with Brian. 23.05.2017


I was very lucky to get an appointment with Brian in less than a week waiting period, based on a cancellation waiting list. I got in not knowing what to expect. His warm, humble, empathic and sincere reading was my best birthday present to myself in a very long time. He made me understand with such ease why everything in my life had to happen the way it did. He was right on the money in regards to my past, my present and future hopes and fears. He opened my eyes in all aspects of my life. And he reassured me that my life purpose was divinely guided and supported. I left him feeling absolutely confident about myself and my life. He's such a gifted and wonderful healer and psychic. He also told me messages from my departed ones and knew right then and there he is the real deal. I will most definitely go back to him and recommend him to my friends. Infinite blessings, Brian! 17.05.2017

Zen S.

I found Brian to be extremely warming and inviting. As my life is changing, I wanted some guidance and reassurance on what to do next. I have found this and feel a lot more calm and ready for new adventures. I would highly recommend Brian to anyone seeking guidance in life. 26.04.2017


Brian was spot on about the whole query. Since the reading the outcome predicted has already unfolded. I would highly recommend Brian's readings to all . Extremely accurate, abundant appreciation and respect. 22.04.2017


I had my first reading with Brian and everything was accurate, it surprised me so much and also gave me positive energy to go through this bad time of my life. I will recommend him to others seeking advise. Brian is truly skilled. Thanks. 22.04.2015


I recently had a healing session with Brian Walsh. I was prepared to undertake a 2 hour journey entailing 3 train changes such is my confidence in the calibre of Brian's readings and healing. I consulted Brian nearly ten years ago and everything he told me was completely accurate, his guidance giving me great hope and help through a long and particularly challenging period in my life. I was not disappointed last week when i went to see him again. Brian gave a brilliant reading followed by a healing session for my back and my emotional being. Days later and my back is in great shape and I'm feeling good. I highly recommend Brian if you are looking for a healer who is caring, compassionate and highly gifted. Enjoy!

Steph C.

As always, Brian's clairvoyant session with me was fantastic. He reached my mum & dad instantly, with such true graphic details. Wonderful hour of love and guidance. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping me find my path. 02.04.2017

Frances N.

I came to see Brian at the end of May 2016. He provided readings regarding my career and relationships. His readings were accurate and precise. He mentioned that after many years of working in an area of law, I would finally specialise. I just could not see it happen, I had given up on that. However, after 10 months, I ended up getting a job in that area. His predictions regarding my financial situation was also entirely accurate. 16.03.17

Prakash P.

I tried for years to cut the cord of a destructive relationship, which was detroying me in every way. I went to many different healers but nothing worked. Then I came to Brian and immediately he keyed into what was wrong, he broke this bond and released me from a 4 year prison. Simply amazing, I wouldn't now go to anyone else. 22.02.2017


I have been seeing Brian for a number of years. Every reading has been an uplifting and positive experience. Brian gives very detailed readings and many of his predictions have come to fruition in the way Brian said they would. Without doubt the best psychic reader I have ever been to. 15.02.2017

Michelle B.

Brian was recommended to me by a friend at a point in my life when I felt quite lost. Brian pin-pointed everything in my life which needed some attention, and a year on from my reading with him and by following his advice, I am a completely different person and I found happiness. I cannot thank him and Stepping Stones enough and I would highly recommend to others.

Lauren C.

Brian's medium/clairvoyant reading was really good. Brian got a really good sense/understanding of what my life is right now and where it is going. Would definitely recommend. 11.12.2016

Rebecca O.B.

Brian was spot on with what has happened in my past and what is currently going on with my family. I will DEFINITELY BE COMING BACK! 27.11.2016

Vanessa L.

I came to see Brian as my daughter has had a few readings and all his predictions have come to reality. So I definitely wanted to see him as I knew what he tells you will come true. English is not my first language so my daughter had to accompany me. Brian had so much patience with us and going back and forth with my daughter translating. I never once felt as though he was rushing or felt uncomfortable with translations. Before I could even communicate the reason for my reading, he told me what issues I want clarity on. He assured me I will be happier and more stable. Brian told me that I should keep praying and he described the prayer book I use every day. I knew he would be amazing but I was unbelievably impressed and grateful. Brian has a divine connection and his readings are positively life changing. If you want clear cut predictions that will surface to reality and concrete guidance, see Brian. Brian is undoubtedly one of the best psychics to grace this world.08.11.2016

Kay K.

Last Thursday (3th Nov) I booked and saw Brian for the first time and made it a 45min appointment.Thinking maybe I had made it too long an appointment, but no, he really helped me and my mind. Thank You. Regards Marina 08.011.2016

Marina H.

I have used Brian for the past few years and he has never EVER failed in any of his readings on the accuracy,dedication and kindness. I started an educational course and it was very expensive, i felt an immense amount of pressure to do my utmost best. I came to see Brian and acquire advice how well I would do. He told me to not worry the slightest, I will achieve my goals. Three weeks before my exams, that all fell on the same week, I became extremely ill. I had not even began revising, The sciatic nerve in my back became trapped in my hip which left me unable to move. I was in incredible pain, I could not move, lie down, sit or sleep. I felt hopeless I broke down and all I could think of was Brian. I went to see him and Brian said to me, although everything's against you, you only have three weeks, you are going to come out of this fighting. He told me he sees me graduating with the results I want and if there was any failure he would tell me. Brian also offered healing on my trapped nerve, this still astounds me to this day. I felt the pain decrease almost instantly. I pulled myself together and studied hard in the short amount of time I had left. It was an excructiating experience but I believed in myself because of Brian. I received my results a short while ago and I nearly passed out at the results. I achieved the top marks despite the illness and the short time constraint. Everything that Brian said would happen, happened. As unbelievable as it seemed the reality was there. Brian is never vague and he will never provide false hope. Brian's predictions ALL CAME TO REALITY. I am forever indebt to Brian because I conquered my goal because of him. Without his guidance it would not have been possible. I truly believed my dreams were over and he made me believe in myself and to trust his reading. The proof is there. Brian sees the future and everything he predicts will come to reality. 08.011.2016

Niki R.

Thank you so much for today Brian, I'm really grateful and appreciate your advice, will definitely follow it all. Feel so much better after the Reiki healing too. I don't know what we would do without your guidance. Look forward to seeing you again soon. xx


Hi Brian, I appreciate this is probably the weirdest feedback a client has given you but I think I just need to do it. Maybe some context - you read for me in jan. I don't normally allow all my barriers down ever let alone readings but at the time I clearly needed to. You were spot on, even with the stuff that I forgot about until afterwards so just wanted to acknowledge that too. Anyways, you've crossed my mind .. A few times recently .. To cut a long nutty story short, I ended up doing some psychic art last week to make sense of it, only to conclude that I was supposed to action some stuff following the reading. As I'm not really sure energetically speaking that I had your permission, (I'm sure if I didn't my page would've been rather blank) I'm sending it to you to do as you please lol Not entirely sure why the death/Santa/Moses dude felt he needed to come to the party, but I feel that the acorn is you and your wisdom being infinitely guided by spirit. Thank you Brian, you reminded me how a great teacher can be truly inspirational and transform lives. All the best, Joanna 11.10.2016


I had a psychic reading with Brian because I'm going through a very difficult situation at the moment, I needed some answers and I was drawn to talk to Brian in particular. Brian did not know anything about me, he never met me before but his reading was very, very much accurate. I'm very grateful for this meeting and for the answers he helped me to reach, I really needed them. Thank you so much and hope to see you soon! Much love.10.10.2016

Zuzana M.

Excellent support and very accurate psychic reading. Would recommend and definitely come again. 17.09.2016

Kirandeep U.

Brian has an extremely friendly approach. Spot on and direct, open and honest. Felt assured and guided, very clear with what I wanted without me saying anything. Definitely coming back. 03.09.2016

Diane G.

Really insightful reading with answers to all of my questions, thank you! Would recommend.

Katherine S.

Brian is fantastic, very personable and extremely in tune and great at what he does, 10 out of 10! Thank you, I will be back again soon. 25.08.2016


This has been one of the most powerful and accurate readings that I've had. Brian is warm, honest and assuring, and guides with confidence. I left a better , happier person. 21.08.2016

B. Emmanuel

Wow! I loved my psychic reading with Brian. He is so wonderful and I have had many readings but nothing ever like this. 18.08.2016

Daria M.

Brian was absolutely amazing. I cannot express how much he really helped me to get a bit more direction in my life. I am forever grateful and now less confused. 01.08.2016

Veerpal L.

Brian was understanding, brilliant, absolutely amazing. Would highly recommend. 23.06.2016

Joyce O.

Brian made me feel completely relaxed and welcomed. He has a beatiful soul and this translates through his readings and healing. Today his insight has put my mind at ease and his healing has helped me to address ongoing chronic pain. I would advise anyone to try Brian's healing, he knows what best works for you and guides you on to the right path. Thank you. 18.06.2016

Simone P.

My psychic reading with Brian was lovely and incredibily accurate. Lots of good advice, very relevant. Would recommend to anyone , thank you so much! 12.06.2016

Andrea T.

I had a great reading with Brian and felt very calm and relaxed at the end. I was very nervous and anxious to begin with. 12.06.2016


Brian is the best reader. Everythiing he said in my last reading came true and I came back for another one. He is a fantastic reader. 07.06.2016


I have been to Brian a few times. He has always been so positive, and told me things about myself that he could not know and has given me accurate predictions every time. I always leave feeling better and uplifted. 04.05.2016


Brian is a fantastic and compassionate reader. He is excellent at building the rapport with the client and more importantly he is highly focused at answering the question instead of going round them. His predictions are very accurate and there is not one single occasion where I have been disappointed with the quality of his readings. Many thanks. 02.05.2016

Hanisha U.

Brian has such great insight and he knows intuitively what's happening in any situation without me saying a word. I appreciate his gift immensely. 17.04.2016

Alycia N.

In his psychic reading Brian showed me what I had felt in the past but didn't know what it was. I feel a sense of peace and an understanding of myself. It was a wonderful experience. 10.04.2016

Jenny B.

Everything Brian said was spot on, I am very impressed with the things he knows about me and what he sees in my future. He also addressed the issues and worries I have. 09.04.2016

Stephanie B.

The emotional cord cutting sessions with Brian were just unique and amazing. Brian was able to get out all my tension and anxiety and I felt way better as soon as it finished. At the end of the session the amazing thing is that the body is tired but all the negative emotions have gone. And in his psychic readings Brian is very precise. You can ask him questions about anything and he will give you clear answers. He can also read and understand past issues also involving other people. He’s quite amazing! 06.04.2016

Saverio A.

Fantastic. Brian really did give me some great advise having identified a number of things which affected my journey to date. I will definitely be back for some more guidance. 03.04.2016

Carrie W.

Very emotional experience, got the important stuff right. I had many questions, but will take heed of the advice given.31.03.16

Adrian N.

I have had psychic readings with Brian for a while. I was skeptical at the beginning, but I can tell you, it was just amazing, not because it was positive but because it was true and he saw what matter. Thank you so much. 14.03.2016

Clemence M.

This is my second visit to see Brian. He has been so accurate with both psychic readings. Very calm and easy talk with. 18.02.16

Ama E.

I saw Brian this evening expecting a bit of guidance and reassurance and boy did I get it. Brian is a warm and welcoming spirit and definitely pays attention to details in his readings. He does not rush and can cover vast amount of your past, present and future. God bless you Brian, you use your gift well. 08.02.2016


I had such a wonderful reading with Brian today. I left feeling so content and uplifted. He was able to assure me about the future of my life path and all the good things that I have to look forward to. And knowing about my soul mates from previous life was so interesting. Brian also got through to my two good friends who had passed away six months away from each other in 2015 and knowing that they were okay and both still around me, gave me so much comfort. Thank you Brian for your time "God Bless you". 14.01.2016

Serena L.

Brian gave me an excellent psychic reading. I came to see him three months ago and after that all his predictions manifested into reality - an insightful experience. 04.01.16


Great experience! Brian is a very talented psychic. His readings have always been insightful and very spot on! 24.12.2015


I just had a very detailed telephone reading with Brian. He managed to read me really well and answered many of my questions. I fully recommend him to anyone who is in two minds, he gave a lovely reading with some accurate facts and I can’t wait to hear more from him at a later date. I look forward to the near future to see things come together. Thank you. 16.12.2015

Tina P.

Wow, what an incredible psychic reading I had with Brian Walsh. I laughed and I cried and I got answers that touched my heart. I will definitely be back again. xx

Vicotira D.

Brian Walsh is the best, he is coming from God. I had a healing session with him because I was suffering from panic attacks and irregular heart beating and was constantly worried. I felt like I had no hope and did't believe much in spiritual healing. But when Brian did the healing, praying for me, I felt so lifted and blessed and comfortable. I came back especially to thank him. 21.11.15


It was my first experience and I must say I feel much more confident in my doings. Brian's reading was accurate about my past and present circumstances therefore I feel confident about his predictions about my future. 14.11.2015

Magdalena F.

I want to thank Brian from my heart and soul for his unique gift and amazing healing ability. Namaste. 29.10.2015

Jenny T.

Great psychic reading, open and honest and comforting. Brian knew so much about how I was feeling. To an amazing novel. Thank you Brian. 24.10.2015

Debbie H.

Brian gave me a great psychic reading. He was very accurate in describing those who have passed on in my life. Very uplifting experience. 18.10.2015

Chloe K.

Brian is as legit as they come. I've never done anything like this before and I was a bit nervous about getting a reading, but the instant I stepped into the room with him I instantly felt all my worries leave and his energy had me feel calm instantly. Anyway, we went into the reading and the things he said were insanely accurate. Overall, the reading was fantastic and I will definitely be back in the future and I wouldn't feel confident in getting anyone else but Brian to do my readings. The readings were just the start of the story with Brian... So I had been experiencing some health issues and this also lead me into a state of depression/anxiety. I decided after the reading that I was going to do a healing session with Brian. The days after I felt greatly relieved about my mental issues. But here's the icing on the cake, I had a kidney stone which was officially scanned and confirmed by a urologist. After a healing with Brian, it mysteriously disappeared!!! So nice one for that Brian! Don't think about visiting Brian, just do it.

Sam G.

Just a massive thank you to Brian for my psychic reading today. Absolutely amazing, he was so right in all that he told me, I felt so much relief and feel so blessed to be given the message from spirit through him. I can't wait for my healing on Saturday, it is a honour to have spoken to him. I told all my my friends and will book to see him as well . God bless you and thank you. xox


My psychic reading with Brian Walsh was excellent and I felt really connected. What I had in mind was exactly what I heard and the analogy was splendid. He was amazing and passionate about the reading. 04.10.2015


My psychic reading with Brian was straight forward and I loved it. I felt that I could trust him and what he was saying. I feel lifted. 27.09.2015

Undine V.

I had a psychic reading with Brian recently. He told me that I would be offered a place on the MA acting course by the East 15 Drama School and I did! It's unbelievable! I was due to start my course with another school today and I did not believe it possible. Brian said that they would leave it to the very last minute and they did. I am nonetheless elated. Thank you Brian. 24.09.2015

Andy P.

I feel encouraged and uplifted after my reading with Brian. He comes across as very genuine and personable, and helped me to feel relaxed. The experience was invaluable and I would definitely recommend him to my friends and family. I hope to return again. 07.09.2015

Risikat A.D.

Brian, what can I say? I have seen you a few times now. Every time I see you, you are so spot on, on everything, job and other issues as well. I am always gob smacked after visiting you. Thanks again. 02.09.2015


I came for a reading around February time this year primarily because I was having some work issues which were affecting my health and I was looking for some guidance on how to deal with the situation. Brian read my cards and instantly told me the exact situation that I was in without me saying a word! Brian told me how things would turn out and that I had nothing to worry about and I got confirmation that my plan of action was the correct one. This gave me the confidence to follow my heart and I can confirm that indeed everything has worked out exactly as Brian said it would! I have never had such an accurate reading before and I would recommend Brian to anyone looking to get a reading.Thank you Brian, you are a very special and talented psychic. 27.08.2015


Without doubt one of the most connected & heart centred psychic readings I've had. Brian's insight & accuracy is incredible (and I've been to many readers over the years). Guidance & direction on some very tough situations is what I needed & I have that now. Bless you Brian, hope you always have the opportunity to excel & continue your wonderful work. God bless! 28.08.2015

Sameera W.

I visited Brian and found his reading to be exceptionally informative and reassuring. I felt genuinely uplifted by Brian's positive comments and very personable nature. I will be back to see him in the future. 23.08.2015

Rita B.

I came to your lovely store today for a reading with Brian Walsh and just wanted to leave some feedback... I had an excellent reading with Brian. He was very intuitive and accurate with the things he told me and I left feeling inspired and full of hope for the future. I felt very much at ease during the reading and I will 100% come back for another reading in the future. I'd recommend him to everyone. 17.09.2015

Laura C.

Brian was very serene in his approach. Put me at ease and was very thorough. It was an absolute

Vanessa S.

Brian was amazing, warm and friendly. He has helped me tremendously in the decisions I needed to make. I highly recommend for a psychic reading. 13.08.2015

Jan L.

Brian was very accurate about my partner and my work situation. He knew already that my work had been extended before I had the chance to tell him. He gave accurate description of my partner and his background and gave good predictions about our future together. 09.07.2015

Anastasia B.

Brian is a lovely person and the psychic reading went very well. I look forward to seeing him again. 01.08.2015

Lucy R.

Brian gave me a psychic reading which was to the point, accurate and moving. The information was exactly what I needed at exactly the right time. Lovely to hear from my nan too! 25.07.2015

Tracy G.

I have had several readings with Brian Walsh and I have had wonderful insight and upliftment. Brian is a lovely person, very warm and welcoming. Keep on going, Brian! 20.07.2015

Hazel A.

'Thank you so much Brian for the wonderful healing session'. He was so warm and caring and I am so pleased I came. I will be definitely coming back for a psychic reading. 19.07.2015

Carrie-Anne D.

Such an amazing experience and such a warm person. He provided great insight and got so many things spot on. 06.07.2015

Chloe D.

This was the third time that I has a psychic reading with Brian Walsh and he was very accurate every time. Positive reading and an overall feeling of comfort and trust that Brian knows what he is doing. 04.07.2015

Rebecca P.

Brian Walsh is a very caring reader, accurate and encouraging. Brian emanated an amazing energy and was able to connect with me instantly. His clairvoyant reading was fantastic, I highly recommend him. 20.06.15


I had a reading with Brian Walsh this morning and I am gobsmacked. Brian just said: "You work for the Tourist Office". I had not said anything yet. He also said that I will be doing a lot of travelling which is also true. Brian you are a brilliant psychic! 20.06.15


Brian is the most down to earth yet intuitive psychic reader I have met. Any cross roads in my life is always answered perfectly, he guides me to my true path. I would recommend him to anyone. 14.06.2015


Brian is a fantastic psychic. Not only has he told me about my relationship situation but he has given me sensitive and practical advice. A lovely man. 13.06.2015

Andy P.

I have full confidence in everything Brian says, he always gets it right. I feel so inspired after his psychic readings. 13.06.2015

Andrea C.

I wanted to leave Brian some feedback for my healing last week, but the experience is beyond describable I can't seem to find the words. It has helped me more than I can even imagine and I know this is just the beginning. Please can you express my sincere gratitude to him, he is absolutely amazing and I will be in contact soon for another reading with him. Kindest regards. 12.06.15

Georgina R.

I came to see Brian Walsh a few weeks ago with a lot of uncertainty, and he picked up on everything. During his psychic reading I was given a lot of answers and then I had a lovely healing session after which I saw amazing results begin to happen in my marriage. And the healing of pain that I carried for over 15 years began to happen! I received so much balance from seeing Brian, his healing is amazing. Thank you. 14.05.2015

Samantha C.

Brian was very accurate with my reading. He picked up on every aspect of what I was feeling and thinking. Very positive man and it would be my pleasure to meet with him again. 19.05.2015

Jade S.

This was my second clairvoyant reading with Brian. He again made me feel uplifted and feeling positive. Being given a time scale of when the positive changes will take place has given me that emotional lift that was so needed. Brian is a charming and generous human being. 30.04.2015

Serena L.

I would like to say thank you to Brian for a fantastic reading, he was spot on with everything and he has given me comfort and the reassurance I needed. Thank you once again. 28.04.2015

Nicola B.

I had two clairvoyant readings with Brian Walsh and he was really spot-on. Last time I was in, Brian said I would be travelling abroad and I did. He said I would be promoted in my job, and I was. He also said I would be taking up a course to do with tourism and again he was right. I will definitely be back. Many thanks. 06.04.2015

Mathilda S.

Brian gave me a very accurate reading in a very concise and to the point way. He had all of the answers to a great deal of dilemmas and gave me insightful information into a few issues that had been bringing me down. I entered the reading feeling disillusioned and confused with my current situation and outlook but left with great advice, answers and feeling completely relieved. Thank you very much and God bless. 29.03.2015


I had a one-hour Spiritual Healing session with Brian last week and can highly recommend it. I expected the treatment to be just about relaxation, but it actually resulted in sustained feelings of joy and happiness which was a real surprise to me. Thought I would return today for just one more session to receive a Tarot reading. Many of the things Brian brought up strongly resonated. Furthermore, he took the time to reach out to a recently departed loved one and the resulting conversation was utterly authentic. With my scientific background and naturally sceptical outlook, I am left in no doubt that Brian has genuine skill which he applies compassionately and generously. Thank you so much. 19/03/2015

Alistair J.

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